The Emperor’s Angels – Part 9

One more for the road! I’m going to be focussing my creative energies onto Necromunda for the next little while, barring one smaller project that I should get finished tonight, but whilst pondering all things Goliath I found myself kitbashing another space marine. Most likely he’ll end up serving as the veteran sergeant of one of the tactical squads.

Space Marine Convert Or Die (1)Space Marine Convert Or Die (2)Space Marine Convert Or Die (3)Space Marine Convert Or Die (4)

As usual nothing is set in stone at this stage so if you’ve got any feedback I’m all ears.

12 responses to “The Emperor’s Angels – Part 9

  • Alex

    Ooh, I really like the posing on this guy – nicely done mate!

  • Azazel

    Looks really nice to me, I did something similar that I’d hoped to finish last month, though your conversion is much more extensive. Just need to find some pouches for that spot on his belt/hip and you’re golden!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – looking forward to seeing yours once it’s done 🙂 Good suggestion re the pouches, I’m sure I’ve got something that would cover the gap.

  • imperialrebelork

    Nice stance. It has a lot of motion which is cool. Shooting mid stride wouldn’t be easy but makes for a very cool pose.

  • Faust

    Interesting, never seen the horse hair deco turned the other way, but it’s pretty cool. I kind of like the pose, but then I get a nervous twitch about holding a chain sword like that next to a pistol. Though I doubt there is really a good way to fight with a chainsword and shoot at the same time. But I also didn’t study Gun-Fu, which probably would have been a better survival skill and landed me some lead roles in movies! 😉

    Looks great, but you know me…I want to see that Necromunda candy! Though I might cry and break my Goliaths apart after seeing yours. When my Wife sees them laying on the floor in small little bits, I’ll just blame the Toddler, haha!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I think I prefer the side-to-side crest over the front-to-back but there’s a few of each in the range. That one’s just an unmodified head from the Mk IV marines. As for the position of the pistol and the sword I think seeing anyone fighting with a chainsaw is quite worrying enough. No wonder the space marines regard themselves as being created just to die in the Emperor’s service – they’d have finished re-conquering the galaxy long ago if they weren’t all walking health and safety disaster areas!

      As for the Goliaths I’m working on one as we speak 🙂 Not sure there’s going to be any need to go breaking your models after seeing mine (complimentary though it is I feel terribly wobbly up here on this pedestal!) Indeed I insist you don’t because I really like your Goliaths. At the moment I’m just trying to recapture the style I used on the first Irondog back in January, and reminding myself (once again) that I really must keep better notes when I’m painting 😉

      • Faust

        Don’t worry about that pedestal, we’re all here to hold it steady! 😃

        Yea note taking can be hard, but so nice when done right.

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