The Emperor’s Angels – Part 8

So enthused am I by all things Space Marine following the successful completion of my first tactical squad that I decided to break into the bits box and assemble the rest of the assault marines. Last time we saw them (back in – gulp – November) two of the assault squad were done and looking for paint. By way of a quick reminder here they are;

Assault Marine Convert Or Die (1)

And here we have the new additions, starting with this chap in his traditional assault marine corvus pattern helm.

Assault Marine Convert Or Die (1)Assault Marine Convert Or Die (2)

Here’s another of his battle brothers.

Assault Marine Convert Or Die (3)

Finally here’s the squads sergeant, a suitably bellicose and angry looking man ready to dish out the Emperor’s mercy with a damn big sword.

Assault Marine Convert Or Die (4)Assault Marine Convert Or Die (5)

No promises on when these chaps will see paint, as I’m juggling quite a few other projects (as per usual) but having the whole squad ready to go may help give me a push.

20 responses to “The Emperor’s Angels – Part 8

  • Alex

    Nice – nothing says ‘fuck you’ like an enormous chainsaw, wielded by a 9 foot power armoured sociopath with a jetpack! Awesome 🙂

  • James

    These look amazing. One suggestion: that corvus head looks too small for the body

    • Wudugast

      I’ve actually been thinking that myself. Somewhere in the bits box I’m pretty certain I’ve got another corvus head, would like to use one of that pattern if possible because it’s so ironically associated with the assault marines but if that one doesn’t look right either (assuming I can even find the damn thing when I need it!) then I might go for something different. It’s faintly annoying as that’s a forgeworld head that I got my mitts on somehow and I wanted to use it for something a bit special but never mind, I’ll think of something 🙂

      • Azazel

        Yeah, I think it might just be that that resin corvus is that bit smaller than the standard plastic ones. I’m sure I can dig up a spare of the plastic sculpt if you need one. I’ve forgotten which country you’re in, though?
        On a brighter note, the builds look bloody amazing. If I were you I’d hit them with the old black spray and then the silver/leadbelcher spray while you’re doing other stuff. Knock up the bases while you’re basing some other models, black wash while you’re doing some other models… and then before you know it, they’ll be 30%-40% done before you’ve even “properly started”. (That’s one of my tricks that helps me get so much painted, btw.)

      • Faust

        I’m pretty sure Wudugast lives in another dimension. 😉

      • Wudugast

        Even better – Scotland! 😀

      • Faust

        Scotland…where have I heard of that place before…

      • Wudugast

        Thank you for the offer but I’m in Scotland which is about as far away as I can get (if I’m remembering your geographical location rightly). Postage would be a real gouge and I know the bit I need is in a box somewhere within a meter or so of me right now – I just need to find it!

        Good tips on speeding up the painting, I hadn’t thought of hitting them with a bit of leadbelcher spray but the way the scheme has ended up that would actually work nicely. Cheers 😀

  • Alexis West

    I’ve always liked Assault Marines. They make no damn sense, but that’s part of what makes them such an iconic part of 40K. I was kind of disappointed that the Primaris Marines don’t seem to include any real equivalents (The Inceptors are a mobile firepower Unit, not an Assault Unit), and even more so with these guys showing off how great the Primaris can look with that setup.

    I think the issue with the Corvus head is that it doesn’t fit as closely to the gorget. Maybe shave down the neck a little and see if it looks better without the big gap there?

    • Azazel

      Even starting by pointing his eye line a little lower.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, the whole concept of Assault Marines is just utterly ridiculous but then so very, very many things in 40k are – it’s part of what makes it wonderful! I too was hopeful that the Primaris range would just replicate the space marines but bigger. At least true-scale assault marines can be made from intercessors but some bigger terminators would be really nice.

      Good suggestions re the Corvus head, will have a mess around with it and see what I can come up 🙂

  • Faust

    I do like the beaked sort of helm not the Corvus though. Bet these will turn out great when you get to painting them!

  • imperialrebelork

    Very nice especially that mean old Sergeant!

  • heretic30k

    Cool work -I much prefer to think of the Primaris kits as a nice base set of bits for Truescale kit bashing rather than a separate thing in their own right. Keep up the great work 😉

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