Disposable Heroes – Part 14

Inspired by the old Catachan I painted last week I found myself looking again at my small, rag-tag Imperial Guard force. Blame Azazel and his increasingly compelling Junit challenge but I found myself unwilling to leave them at just eight when a couple more would make for a full squad of ten. Of course I know this is just an excuse, as minimum squad sizes hardly matter in the shadowy Inq28/Necromunda world these chaps inhabit, but that wasn’t going to stop me breaking out the brushes for a quick recruiting drive.

Press-ganged as part of a routine purge to combat overpopulation this former agricultural worker has traded the pesticide fug of the fields for the battle-ridden hellscape of the Imperium’s warzones.

Convert Or Die Imperial Guard (1)Convert Or Die Imperial Guard (2)Convert Or Die Imperial Guard (3)Convert Or Die Imperial Guard (4)

Not so sure on the background for this one; could he be a fanatic who believes his shots are guided by the skull of the martyr he carries, or a man blinded by a malfunctioning lascannon who’s been ordered by his commander to man up and get back out there.

Convert Or Die Imperial Guard (5)Convert Or Die Imperial Guard (6)

This makes them the third unit I’ve tackled for Junit and the first one I’ve actually finished (with – gulp – not a lot of month left to play with). Still, the end is in sight for the other two squads so here’s hoping I can turn around the rest this week.

35 responses to “Disposable Heroes – Part 14

  • imperialrebelork

    Nice mate. I like the backpacks on both a lot.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers dude. Cadians are really improved by adding backpacks I find. They have those little nubs on their backs where a pack should sit but nothing goes there which seems odd to me. Plus it makes them a bit more sci-fi and archaic (that is to say both less and more high-tech than modern soldiers – very 40k).

      • Alexis West

        Yeah, their Vox Caster bit fits on there, and I think the Heavy Weapons Teams come with backpacks that will do as well, but no where near enough to really make them work.

      • Azazel

        Nice work – and I agree with IRO and yourself that the Cadian torsos look so much better with packs – these two specifically are enhanced quite a lot by them – and how odd it is that they have a nub for them but nothing supplied as standard.

      • Wudugast

        I have a pet theory that they planned to release something to hang on those nubs and for whatever reason it was cancelled. Screw up works as a fine explanation for many of life’s oddities in my experience. And of course they did release the backpacks separately in the end, and they come with flying dwarves for free!

      • Azazel

        Those particular Dwarves are one of the projects I *really* want to get working on once I clear a whole lot more of this half-painted stuff out. Sadly, I failed this month on the Skaven front. While they won’t be “valid” for July, they fit well into both the Neglected and Squad months, so hopefully still for completion this year. If only they weren’t such terrible models to paint…

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I’m pretty sure my monks won’t get done this month either (just looking at the amount of non-hobby stuff that needs to happen over the next few days and it doesn’t look hopeful for the rodents). That said they’re almost there so I’ll round them up in the first few days of July. At least I’ve got the Space Marines done, I’ll post something about them (maybe tomorrow morning?).

        Out of curiosity why are you painting the plague monks if you don’t like them? For me I want them for my Skaven army and, in some weird, stubborn and ultimately probably pointless way, I want my collection to work “by the book” for 8th Edition Warhammer, just as I originally envisioned it (before the march of time rendered that somewhat moot). I want to get my plague furnace painted, so I want a unit of plague monks who can push it, and that means a minimum of ten rats (which happens to be how many I own). This makes them one of the very rare examples of me painting something I don’t particularly like, usually I’m only interested in painting models that I like the look of with their suitability for gaming not even getting a look in. I’ve not noticed a Skaven army on your blog though (although of course I may have overlooked them) so what’s inspired you to want to paint them? Why not just put them aside, finish the stuff you do care about and then get stuck in about those flying dwarves?

      • Faust

        Obviously Azazel wants to steal “my” idea of using Plague Monks in a Blood Bowl Underworld team!

      • Azazel

        They’re not actually the monks, but Plague Censer Bearers. I think the sculpts date from 5th or 6th when they started replacing Jes’ sculpts. They’re models that fit into that weird category where they looked like they would be easy then turned out to be a bitch to paint, but will undoubtedly look pretty nice once completed. (Compare them pretty directly in that way to the Conan Black Dragons).

        They’ll then be a nice little unit for both KoW (once I make a unit base for them) and AoS – I’ve got a decent sized Skaven army. It’s just unbuilt and unpainted!

        Something I really want to do is finish off all of (or almost all of) the part-painted models I’ve accumulated and put aside over the years, so then I can have a nice Tabula Rasa moment, and then start painting lots of “new” stuff. Whether that’s Squat Dwarves or Stormcast or that old metal Screaming Bell… 😉

      • Wudugast

        I know the ones you mean 🙂 No way I’m getting my monks done in time either so we can fail on our Junit Skaven together (and blame our respective underlings of course).

        Like you I’ve got a bunch of old half-finished projects I’d like to see done by the end of the year, nothing I’m losing sleep over but all things it would be nice to get off the painting desk so I can start some new things. It’s all stuff that I started out enjoying, and probably will again once I get back to working on them, but which for now just hack me off by sitting there like the Emperor, gathering dust and judging me damningly with their silence.

      • Azazel

        Well, August is Neglected Models again, and September will probably be Units, so there’s a good chance I’ll get them done for one or the other of those two months.

      • Wudugast

        Hmmm…. That’s useful to know, I’ll try to plan ahead and factor those challenges into my schemes, cheers 🙂

      • Faust

        September sounds like it should be an assembly month…Septembler?

      • Wudugast

        Assembling models isn’t something I need any further encouragement with. 😉 Getting them painted however…

      • Faust

        Haha, it’s a good thing Azazel is running these challenges! Ever since “Junit”, I keep trying to think of catchy names.

  • Pandoras Bitz Box

    These guys look wicked. Ha ha, if you have already completed one unit, why are you so desperete to complete 2 more for the challenge? XD

    • Wudugast

      Because I’m a sucker for punishment! Nah, the main impetus is for the plague monks. The space marines I’m really enjoying so I know I’ll get them finished soon one way or another. The monks on the other hand I’m finding a real slog so I’m trying to use the deadline as a goad to push me into getting them done once and for all.

      • Pandoras Bitz Box

        Ooo, thats a good idea… I have a load of projects, some of which im not really motivated to complete… So mayby i should save those for Azazel. Good idea!

      • Wudugast

        Go for it – I’m finding it’s a great way to clear my desk of unfinished projects 🙂

  • Alex

    Brilliant mate – I like the idea of the blind one! As a long-term Guard player, I’m convinced his accuracy won’t be negatively impacted 😉

  • Alexis West

    Looking great there! What’s that first backpack made from? I sort of get a Kastellan vibe from it, but I’m not sure that’s right.

    I’ve always liked using blind heads for Models with guns. I tend to go even further with it, giving them Special or even Heavy Weapons, particularly in my CSM. I have one Black Legion Plasma Gunner who I’m pretty sure lost his eyes to his own Plasma Gun overheating on him. Maybe the Chaos Gods guide his shots?

  • heresyofus

    They are wonderfully characterful and the monochrome paint job works a treat.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate 🙂 I actually toyed with adding some red to these to tie them in with the space marines and my future adeptus mechanicus project but in the end I stuck with the old scheme. Without wanting to sound too up myself I want it to drain some of the life out of them, to emphasise the fact that these are dead men walking, that they are mortal and transient in the face of the Imperium’s vast scale; in territory, time and the magnitude of its wars.

  • Faust

    Nice, not sure why, but the “former agricultural worker” is my favorite one. Other than a hated Summer job on a farm, never been a farmer type. Can’t grow a plant to save my life. Love the models and the colors.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 😀 I like doing space peasants for my guard, so I’ll undoubtedly be making more like him. I’m a country boy, not from farming stock but I grew up surrounded by farmers and livestock. Sadly we never got to dress like these guys though…

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