The Emperor’s Angels – Part 5

My plan to make some truescale space marines dates back roughly a year now, to the release of Dark Imperium, the arrival of the Primaris Marines and their crude shoehorning into the background. Suddenly truescale marines could be build without all the blood, sweat and tears that it used to involve. No more carefully inserted spacers or hacked up primarchs, proper space marines for the masses have arrived! Naturally I tore open my copy of Dark Imperium, starting frantically assembling and then… stalled. My enthusiasm for the project remained high but somehow I never quite got around to actually painting anything. I poured over possible chapters, I worked out potential colour schemes but my models remained stubbornly grey and unlovely. Then, quite by chance, the gears of fate began to grind into motion once more.

It started when I was looking at KrautScientist’s awesome truescale Deathwatch. Once again I found myself looking at my own Astartes and tragically unpainted state. Picking up the test model I’d been using to explore my latest colour-scheme idea I realised he was a)almost finished and b)I liked the way he was looking. A little more work and he’d be done and sure enough after another quarter of an hour here he is. The first of the Knights Mortis is ready to serve his Emperor

Space Marine Convert Or Die Knights Mortis (1)Space Marine Convert Or Die Knights Mortis (2)Space Marine Convert Or Die Knights Mortis (3)

Of course there’s a galaxy full of xenos and heretics out there and no hero should stand against them alone. With the righteous enthusiasm of the God-Emperor burning in my veins I set brush to model and painted another one.

Space Marine Convert Or Die Knights Mortis (4)Space Marine Convert Or Die Knights Mortis (5)Space Marine Convert Or Die Knights Mortis (6)

At this point I may have become a little carried away. After all, I thought, I only need to paint three more models to make a unit. Azazel’s Junit challenge began to whisper to me in the back of my mind. Now every space marine knows that a whispering voice that no-one else hears is more often the temptations of hungering gods than the righteous voice of Him Who Is On Terra but I’ve flirted with Chaos long enough that I’m willing to take my chances. Three more battle-brothers by the end of the month? Let’s give it a shot shall we?

26 responses to “The Emperor’s Angels – Part 5

  • theimperfectmodeller

    You may have taken your time to come up with the right colour scheme but it was worth it, these look great.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 🙂
      Time well spent I reckon, it’s a bad feeling looking at a big heap of painted models and realising you hate the scheme you’ve painted them in. Whereas now I’ve got a scheme I like I’ll be inspired to paint more (he said optimistically!)

  • savageddt

    I love the colour schemes you used looks bad ass. Good job

  • Alex

    Very cool mate – kick-ass livery & name!! Those lids are spot on too 🙂

    • Wudugast

      I know this sounds egotistical but it’s a beast of a name for a space marine chapter. I can’t believe they’re not an official chapter. As soon as I thought of it I had to google it but as far as I can tell they’d don’t exist, either in the official cannon or as someone else’s army (at least not one that’s well known enough to show up on google). Anyway the name is mine now – anyone else wants it they have to fight me and a thousand battle brothers on a big flying space fort.

  • Ross

    Great work, dude. Cool scheme, and the old helmets on the new marines always look ace. I’m strongly considering doing Primaris guys myself once we get back into 40k.

    • Wudugast

      In my opinion when they designed the primaris to fit with the existing range of space marine heads and shoulder pads it was a stroke of genius. The range of options that suddenly become available to customise your models is just amazing.

      Naturally I’m already looking forward to admiring your beautifully painted marines with a combination of envy and bitter jealousy, but only after you’ve similarly inspired me with the Nighthaunt. 😉

      • Ross

        Ha, well it’s a good way off yet. Yeah part of my love of the new Primaris is how many new bits there are to play with. Got a lot of spooky ghosts to get through first though!

  • Thomas

    Great job! The simple headswap goes a long way.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 🙂 I really like the way the primaris have been designed as a blank canvas so you can be exactly as adventurous with them as you want to. Start swapping in heads, shoulder pads and weapons and you can transform them very easily. It would be good to see Iron Armour and Terminator variants at some point but these are a very fine start.

  • imperialrebelork

    These are a bit of a surprise mate and I mean that in the nicest possible way. I always associate your work with the more grim side of things. I’m not up to date with all the SM legions. Is this one of your own imagining? Is it inspired by Star Wars? Really great work.

    • Wudugast

      Well you know I like to surprise you! It’ll be High Elves dancing with Stormcasts in a field of rainbows next and no mistake!
      Serious Space Marines are supremely grim-dark mate, you just have find the right chapters. Some of them like the Carcharodons, the Minotaurs, the Executioners etc are very dark indeed. Look at the Flesh Tearers or the Blood Drinkers (both loyalist Blood Angels successors) – neither of them got names like that from hugging bunnies.
      I’m putting together a blog talking about exactly this but as it’s not written yet here’s a couple of quotes from other, more erudite, people instead. I used to be pretty dismissive of the Space Marines but these two quotes changed my mind pretty much by themselves, hence why I have them noted down for when I’m trying to get the vibe right for my own marines.

      “Beyond their martial trappings and the endless roll of glorious victories, doomed last stands and courage in the face of a hostile universe, a Space Marine fundamentally is a superhuman engine, built bred and trained for war; an Angel of Death – a monster by any other name”.
      – Alan Bligh, Imperial Armour 10 The Badab War – Part 2

      “Army troopers were clearing the dead from the entry halls and casting them into the gorge, but still Vipus had to steer the iterator past many crumpled, exploded corpses. He kept saying such things as, ‘I’m sorry you had to see that, sir,’ and, ‘Look away to spare your sensibilities.’
      Sindermann could not look away. He had iterated loyally for many years, but this was the first time he had walked across a fresh battlefield. The sights appalled him and burned themselves into his memory. The stench of blood and ordure assailed him. He saw human forms burst and brutalised, and burned beyond any measure he had imagined possible. He saw walls sticky with blood and brain-matter, fragments of exploded bone weeping marrow, body parts littering the blood-soaked floors.
      ‘Terra,’ he breathed, over and again. This was what the Astartes did. This was the reality of the Emperor’s crusade. Mortal hurt on a scale that passed belief.
      ‘Terra,’ he whispered to himself. By the time he was brought to Loken, who awaited him in one of the fortress’s upper chambers, the word had become ‘terror’ without him realising it.”
      – Dan Abnett, Horus Rising

      To give that second one a bit of context (if you’ve not read the book) although there’s fighting in it it’s not massively gore heavy because it’s all from the space marines perspective and to them being in battle is a day at the office. Then the iterator Sindermann is walked through the middle of the battlefield and suddenly you get a fresh perspective on what these “heroes” are actually like. You want humanity defended from the depredations of a hostile galaxy by psychotic warrior-monk giants? Well then things are going to get very messy indeed. Suffice to say, whilst doing my best to avoid spoilers, a whole fortress of rebel humans is torn apart by the space marines without a single casualty on the Imperial side.

      As for the Knights Mortis they’re a chapter of my own devising. I did wonder about painting one of the official chapters for a bit of a change of pace but in the end I wanted to do my own thing and keep things as close to my own vision of 40k as possible. Again once I’ve put together my thoughts on their background I’ll make a post out of that too. The Star Wars connection hasn’t clicked for me yet (much as I enjoy Star Wars) – so you’ll have to explain where the similarity lies because it wasn’t intentional. 🙂

      • imperialrebelork

        I’m a big fan of doing your own thing so Kudos brother. I love the excerpt. I seem to recall knights mortis having something to do with star wars. Maybe the animated spin off sagas. Will you have vehicles etc? Who knows, maybe one day they’ll meet my Purge Cardinals in the battlefield one night. 😉

      • Wudugast

        I had another rummage on google, apparently there’s a “Knights of Mortis” in the expanded universe (Mortis being a place I think, rather than anything to do with death). Should be obscure enough . I loved the films (with the obvious exceptions!) but never got into the spin-offs etc.

        Vehicles wise – we’ll see. There’s always room for a dreadnaught or two and drop-pods are rather lovely in my opinion, but I’ve never felt the desire to paint a tank or anything.

        Aye, perhaps the Purge Cardinals and the Knights Mortis should form a league of Chapters with really cool names and go around roughing up chapters with rubbish names. Dark Angels and Sillymanders are first on my hit list! 😉

      • imperialrebelork

        Haha sounds like a plan! 😉 Before coming up with my own name for the SM I looked through lots and lots of chapter names and had a bloody good laugh.

  • Azazel

    These guys look great – the scheme really works well. I also *really* like where this is going…

  • Alexis West

    Nice work, dude! The Primaris really do have a lot more potential than their kits indicate, precisely because of being able to use the same heads and shoulder pads as regular Marines. You were spot on when you said that was a stroke of genius on the part of the designers.

    Also, I love the use of that Berzerker head with the bunny ears trimmed off. A lot of people disparage that kit, but I love mixing parts from it in with the regular CSM kits after cutting away the explicitly Khornate stuff. Especially for Iron Warriors, who look great with the bulkier, more solid look.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 🙂 I must confess I’m a leading disparager of the old Berserker’s kit but, that said, there are a few components on there that are still great, especially the helmets and chainswords. I’m trying to nab a few of those useful bits and squirrel them away against the day when GW finally sees the light and replaces that old kit with something new.

  • krautscientist

    First of all, so glad to have inspired you! Cheers for the shout out! 🙂

    The colour scheme on these guys is indeed great! I also really love the use of more archaic looking helmets — extra kudos for sneaking in a berzerker helmet 😉

    If I do have one suggestion, it would be that you could really take these guys to the next level with just a bit of extra detail: I’d suggest the application of some decals (the armour plates at the hip, shin armour and, obviously, shoulder pads look like the perfect area for that) — or, indeed, more freehand symbols, if you’re feeling adventurous. And maybe just a tiny bit of sponged-on mud/battle damage? And one thing that works really well on my Deathwatch is to paint those little, recessed nubs on the forearms as though they were some kind of keys/instruments (I use a blue glow, so that’s what I’d suggest, but anything goes, really).

    In any case, keep up the excellent work! Three more Primaris isn’t that much, given that they are fun to paint! 😉

    • Wudugast

      Great idea regarding the little nubs on the forearms, I’ll double-back and do those 🙂

      My plan for these first two was just to get back into the swing of painting power armour (especially relatively clean loyalist power armour which I do find a bit tricky) and then amp up the gothic elements on later models. That said a bit more livery and flourish would actually help cover up some of my struggles with the power armour so in many ways it would be making my life easier. Good suggestion to sponge on some battle damage and mud etc, I want these to be real “working men’s astartes” – none of those clean-living, haughty Ultramarines for me!

  • Faust

    Damn it, IRO told me check out the blog post on “High Elves dancing with Stormcasts in a field of rainbows”. I don’t see any of that here! Duped again!

    I like the looks of these guys, sadly I’m not familiar with them at all, so I don’t know how much conversion work went into them. They look nice though.

    I also had a good laugh at your ‘Azazel’s Challenge whispering in the back of my mind’ comment. Pretty much everything I look at nowadays, I immediately start thinking ‘Is there an upcoming challenge I could use that in?! I heard a rumor Azazel used to work street corners in the past “Hey buddy, come over here…just a taste…a dime will get you 10…”. Now he deals in unpainted plastic. 😉

    • Wudugast

      “High Elves dancing with Stormcasts in a field of rainbows”. I can feel a diorama coming on! Luckily this sounds well beyond my skill set so I don’t need to worry about making it. The thought of sculpting all those little bunnies and ponies though..!

      No major changes here compared to the base models, however they do (in my opinion) look very different just from changing the helms and shoulder pads. With some of the future models I’m planning though I’ll really go to town. Ultimately a Primaris intercessos (which is what these are based off) is just a tactical marine but bigger (i.e. the size that tactical marines are actually described as being, rather than being oddly squashed little guys). The real conversion work comes in creating things like devastators and assault marines which are staples of the space marine range but which haven’t been translated to the primaris yet.

      Plus, not making light of heroin addiction, but those guys have nothing on us. The struggle not to end up buried beneath a pile of unpainted plastic is very, very real…

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