Rodents Of Unusual Size – May

The plague monks really are terrible models aren’t they? Surely by now the Skaven – one of GW’s most iconic races – are deserving of some new miniatures, replacing some of the ghastly sculpts of yesteryear with sharp-looking modern models. Perhaps if I get my existing plague monks painted the seerlords in Nottingham will take pity on me and send some reinforcements that aren’t quite so ghastly. Alas after all my progress last month it’s been hard to maintain momentum now I’ve moved onto the ugly monks.

Skaven Plague Monks Convert or Die (1)Skaven Plague Monks Convert or Die (2)Skaven Plague Monks Convert or Die (3)Skaven Plague Monks Convert or Die (4)

In spite of my complaints about the models I did at least have fun with this banner.

Skaven Plague Monks Convert or Die (5)Skaven Plague Monks Convert or Die (6)Skaven Plague Monks Convert or Die (7)

My hope was that by painting them in a suitably filthy and disease ridden style I’d be able to cover up, at least in part, the fact that the models themselves are so ugly. To some extent I think it worked but I can’t pretend they’ve been a joy to paint. Indeed I’ve been starting to fear that I would soon abandon them all together, shoving them to the back of the shelf in favour of better looking rats. However before it comes to that Azazel’s latest challenge, “Junit“, drew my attention. Now I must admit that I wasn’t planning on taking part, preferring to take it easy and pursue whatever took my fancy after the (ultimately very successful) challenge of Neglected Model May. However it strikes me that there really aren’t a lot of plague monks left to paint. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to try to get them all done in June and I can sail into July free in the knowledge that these hideous miniatures need never trouble me again.

Skaven Plague Monks Convert or Die (8)

24 responses to “Rodents Of Unusual Size – May

  • theimperfectmodeller

    Great banner, great free hand. They might be poor figures but you’ve got them looking pretty good to me.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – I always try to make the most of whatever model I’m painting, even if it doesn’t look that great I want to give it my best shot. I’ve seen truly terrible models painted by those with sufficient skill go on to win Golden Daemon, and although I’m nowhere even close to that level it inspires me not to do a slapdash job just because I don’t like a particular miniature. Plus I did enjoy the banner 🙂

  • Alex

    Mate, the filthy look deffo helps to distract from the generally poor quality of the kits – I also reckon that they’ll take on a new quality when massed together… keep on keeping on mate 🙂

    • Wudugast

      They do look better as a group than they do individually so perhaps I can use that to motivate me with the rest of the squad. That and the fact that my honour now hangs upon getting them finished by the end of June! 😉

  • Azazel

    Good work on bad models. I’ve got a bunch of those things as well, and am in no hurry to start on them. I might manage to get a small unit of related metals done in June, but they’re pretty bad as well.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, the skaven seem to have one of the biggest gaps in quality within their range now, some excellent newer models and some truly dire older ones still on the go. I’m still surprised that with AoS we haven’t seen a bigger cull of old skaven miniatures. I only acquired these because I bought a load of skaven from a friend at a knockdown price and these came as part of the bundle. Good luck with your models – who knows, perhaps we can inspire each other to get both our sets of problem models done. 🙂

      • Azazel

        Yep, I’ve got my eye on a few units for June, so maybe the month and your own rats can motivate me to finish my bad rats. I expect we’ll see some new twist on the Skaven when they release something, as we have with the dwarves and elves.

      • Wudugast

        Yeah, I have rather mixed feelings about that. My Skaven will always, for me, be inhabitants of the Old World rather than the Age of Sigmar but that doesn’t really matter because the rats have always been so numerous, varied and inventive that I’m sure whatever new models appear I’ll be able to fit them into my army in some way or other. On the other hand in the old days you could be fairly sure that eventually they’d get around to replacing old models but now that just isn’t the case. There’s a lot of the Skaven range that really need replacing but there’s no certainty that GW will ever decide to do it. And whilst Dwarves, Elves, Orcs etc are generic enough that other companies are producing third party models to fill those gaps Skaven are a little bit too close to GW’s IP for most of them to touch.

      • Azazel

        Yeah, for me at least – my own headcanon has the AoS stuff being smushed into The Old World where the End Times never happened (or hadn’t yet happened – whatever!)
        The best hope you’ve got for alternative skaven is the …uneven metal range that Harlequin/Black Tree put out in the 1990’s
        Maybe the Frostgrave Gnolls set – possibly needing headswaps?
        Mantic might eventually produce a Vermin Swarm range, though despite the Mantic fanbois’ claims, their figures aren’t on the same level as GW’s (they’ve been improving their plastics to no end, though, and are quite respectable.)

      • Wudugast

        Ah see in my head the End Times will happen, they just haven’t yet. Much like how I can still be enthralled by the hobbits running away from the Nazgul on their way out of the Shire, even though I know that in the future they’ll be in Mordor. However AoS and Warhammer are still two completely different settings to me. I appreciate they preferred the idea of doing some silly handwaving to bridge the gap rather than just scrapping most of their range but somehow the merging of the two just hasn’t clicked for me. AoS is a really interesting, exciting setting where Karodron Overlords and Idoneth Deepkin live, whilst Warhammer was full of dwarves and elves. To me an old fashioned dwarf or a night goblin looks as out of place in AoS as a Stormcast would strolling down the street in Altdorf. The only ones that really cross over with aplomb are the undead – a skeleton is still a skeleton wherever it get’s raised. Skaven would work in both but I don’t really like the way they’re working with Chaos now, it doesn’t fit the core Skaven philosophy and seems like a way to just shoehorn them into a Grand Alliance.

        Good tip with that link, I’ll have to have a proper rummage through but there’s some good suggestions there. Some of the Windmaster stuff looks possible, I’ve never bought anything from them before though so I can’t say for sure what they’re like in the hand.

        Mantic’s stuff never really blew me away, although I’ve got some zombies kicking around that I’ll do something with (they’re nicer than GW’s zombies but then you’d be hard pressed to find anything worse!)

  • Luke

    “Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.”
    Amazing movie. Started reading this post for the title. I stayed for the ace painting. Kudos.

    • Wudugast

      Hurrah! We’ve got as far as May and I think you’re the first person to comment on the quote in the title! So many fond childhood memories of that film, my partner and I quote lines from it all the time 😀 Glad you like the rats too!

      • Luke

        Such a good film! How has no-one else managed to get the references? Some of the greatest lines ever put on the screen come from The Princess Bride –

        “We’ll never survive.”
        “Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.”

        I rest my case 😛

      • backtothehammer

        Stop rhyming I mean it, does anyone want a peanut? My wife and I love that movie, so much so that the name of the top table at our wedding was the princess bride!
        Completely agree that the plague monks are one line that are due a refresher. It was surprising, especially as they have their own battletomb book thing in AoS. You definitely done a great job though. I will name that shade ‘sick yellow’ though 😀

  • imperialrebelork

    Rats are pretty ugly anyway mate so don’t sweat it hehe. Love what you’ve done and that banner floats my boat!

  • Faust

    I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder, as I kind of like those models! I actually bought a bunch of them and some old night goblins to make a custom Underworld team for Blood Bowl quite some time ago. I’m pretty sure I was stealing someone else’s idea. They didn’t cost me much, so no biggie if I screwed it up. Now the scale is a bit different, but it still hasn’t stopped me thinking about it.

    I like the job you did on these, nice icky robes and rusted swords. Sorry it has been a slog for you, it sucks when it gets that way. I usually just find some tunes and hope for the best.

    • Wudugast

      I like the sound of that Blood Bowl team, and there’s no denying that these models are a lot more convertible than the clanrats (which are nicer models I feel but fairly static). I would have thought that the small size of the rats and gobbos would make scale less of an issue than with, for example, a human team. Then again I’m not a Blood Bowl aficionado by any means (although I keep thinking perhaps I should do something about that). I’ll keep an eye out for that team if you do decide to build it. 🙂

  • daggerandbrush

    Really like these guys. The freehands are excellent and the book stands especially out.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – I did really enjoy the book (particularly as I managed to rescue the bit I screwed up and turned it into an interesting stain – sometimes the dirtiness of the Skaven is a real blessing!)

  • Meandering Shade

    I think you’ve done them some justice. Yes they are a bit dated, but your paint scheme more than makes up for it.

    I’ll be working on my own Pestilens soon. I’m thinking some minor reposing and added texture might help a little.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, they’re very flat, some kind of texture might help a lot actually, good thinking. I’ll keep an eye out for your rats – I’ll be needing the inspiration! 🙂

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