The Unforgotten – Part 8

At times it seemed like a desperate flight with a deadline snapping at my heels, at others like a heroic last stand against a rising tide of unpainted models, but with the end of the month upon us I’m pleased to say that victory has been achieved!

Convert Or Die (3)

For those coming late to the party, blogger Azazel has declared May to be Neglected Model Month, challenging himself and other hobbyists who wanted to take part to finish off some of those old, unfinished models which have been left to gather dust. I took on a rather ambitious goal, by my standards, and at the time worried a little that I might have bitten off more than I could chew. In retrospect however I’m pleased not have stinted in my efforts and to have managed a sizable addition to my chaos collection.

The forces of Khorne for instance grew significantly with the return of an old helbrute, a pack of ravenous flesh hounds and an ogryn berserker.

Convert Or Die (4)

Meanwhile Nurgle gained  a bloat-drone and a heap of happy nurglings.

Convert Or Die (1)

Even Tzeentch got in on the act with this unplanned “stretch goal” – a converted tzaangor.

Tzangor Convert Or Die (1)

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that the nurglings have had a little update since I first showed them. That’s right – I forgot the nasty green gunk on the bases. Hopefully the plague father will forgive me this transgression and won’t bestow any of his gifts upon me.

Convert Or Die (2)

In spite of the pressure I felt at times not one of these models took me more than an hour to finish – with the arguable exception of the ogryn where I found myself hating everything about the banner and repainting it from scratch when it was almost finished. Nonetheless, even in what was, for me, a very busy month at work I still managed to complete ten neglected models – plus the additions* to my Skaven that I’ll show you tomorrow.

*”Additions” being an ambitious plural right now as only one is actually done at the time of writing, however there are at least a couple more I’d like to finish off to join it if times allows.

Still, with none of these taking more than an hour to finish, and with a whole day of May still to go, a dedicated person could shift twenty-four models from the shelf of shame (although the last few would undoubtedly be of variable quality…). Silliness aside though it goes to show what can be achieved if one just breaks the deadlock, picks up the brush and a half-painted model and just gets on with it. All too often they just sit there, unfinished and shameful, and it doesn’t need to be this way.

Huge thanks once again to Azazel for creating the challenge, without which I would never have been inspired to finish these – at least not this decade. Now back to your brushes the lot of you, you could have finished another model in the time you spent reading this!

27 responses to “The Unforgotten – Part 8

  • theimperfectmodeller

    We all need motivation at times and these monthly challenges are great inspiration. It’ll soon be June!

    • Wudugast

      Agreed – and I do find that the motivation feeds on itself. When I see a collection growing, and looking good, I want to add to it. When it all sits there dusty and unpainted it’s hard to get excited about it.

  • imperialrebelork

    Well done mate. I’ve decided to take part in Azazels “JUNIT” for June 😉

  • daggerandbrush

    Excellent work and I feel some of my miniatures could be finished in an solid hour of work, too.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, it’s surprising when you actually pick up some of the unfinished models that cause so much wailing and gnashing of teeth (at least in my house!) how little time it would actually take to get them done. Sometimes we just need a push though 🙂

  • Alex

    Tidy haul mate – nice y done!

  • technasma

    Great idea! I’m amazed at how many minis you’ve finished in such a short time, nice work! Funnily enough I’ve been doing the same thing and have painted up some old models myself. A new edition of Age of Sigmar is nearly here and I’m still working on models from the 8th edition Island of Blood boxset 😂😩

    Might have to get involved in more community challenges like this as I beee the motivation!

    • Wudugast

      Good old Island of Blood, I bought it as soon as it was released and thought “This is it, I’m going to learn how to play Warhammer!” As it stands I haven’t even rolled a dice for it, or finished painting all the Skaven, let alone made a start on the High Elves. Really like what you’ve been doing with your High Elves actually, very inspiring, who knows I may even get around to painting mine at some stage!

    • Azazel

      Did you get them done in May? Post ’em up and send me a link and I’ll add you to the monthly wrap-up if you like…

      • technasma

        Hey yeah I did the rat ogre and spire guard – head over to for pics! Feel free to use if you like, would be great to be featured. 😄

  • Faust

    Excellent work Wudugast, and such a nice bounty of minis to show off. In the time I spent reading this post, I would have maybe found and decided which color to paint a mini, haha! I’m still so slow. Maybe it’s an old man thing. I finished one model last month and 1 this month. But I’m feeling it in Junit. I think it will be my best output yet. As long as I didn’t just jinx myself!

    I’m not sure which of the minis you painted up this month, I like the best. They all have something. I guess it would be the bloat-drone. It’s another cool looking mini, and I like the colors on that one quite a bit. Keep em coming!

    • Wudugast

      Honestly, in the time it took me to write that post, I could have searched my entire house for the one pot of paint that I really, really need and suddenly can’t bloody find, only to discover it’s right in the middle of the painting desk but I couldn’t see it under all the other junk. They say that geniuses have untidy desks so I sent a picture of mine to Mensa in the hopes they’d let me join. I assume that they never got back to me because I’m clearly too clever for them…

      Anyway, good luck with Junit and yes, I’d be hard pressed to pick a favourite from this month but if it came right down to it I might go for the Bloat Drone as well.

  • heresyofus

    Nice work my friend and well done on getting it all finished. I will have to have a look at JUNIT 🙂

  • Azazel

    You’ve done WONDERFUL work this month, mate!

    Seriously, you’ve done yourself and the challenge proud – exactly the kind of thing I designed it to motivate myself to do.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – and thank you once again for creating the challenge, I think it’s fair to say I wouldn’t have touched any of these if you hadn’t and I’m very pleased indeed that I did 🙂

  • Ross

    Great work, dude! Seriously impressive warband you’ve done up there, and they’re all *big* models too, so extra kudos for that!

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