The Unforgotten – Part 7

Glory to Khorne – the ogryn with the banner is ready for battle!

Convert Or Die Ogryn with Banner (1)Convert Or Die Ogryn with Banner (2)Convert Or Die Ogryn with Banner (3)Convert Or Die Ogryn with Banner (4)Convert Or Die Ogryn with Banner (5)

When the Age of Sigmar First Edition boxset was released I loved the look of the Bloodsecrator; a hulking warrior with a huge sigil with which to draw the Blood God’s gaze. At the time many people were still operating in an old Warhammer mindset and thought it would make an excellent battle-standard bearer for a Khorne themed Warriors of Chaos army – and indeed the whole Khornate side of the box could have translated onto square bases quite easily. In many ways the model proved adept at multi-tasking, as well joining armies in both the Old World and the Age of Sigmar it also made a natural step into the 41st Millennium, albeit with some suitable sci-fi tweaking here and there. As an avowed heretic and solider of the Long War I naturally wanted to put him to work in the latter setting. The trouble is, the banner is just too damn big for a human to carry – even a space marine, indeed even a terminator, is going to struggle to lug that great lump around. The original Bloodsecrator suffers not just from having a silly name but from being a model of two mismatched parts, the sum of which just doesn’t work cohesively. How is any warrior supposed to reap skulls whilst also struggling to hump this great, awkwardly shaped banner around the battlefield? The Imperium would undoubtedly employ a servitor for exactly this job but the followers of Khorne are far too practical for that, anything that hampers the spilling of blood or fails to get on with the job of slaughtering of one’s enemies has no place in their austere lives.

For a while I considered mounting the icon on a helbrute but in the end, partly because I’d already seen so many others do a better job of that than me, I decided to branch out and try giving it to an ogryn instead.

Convert Or Die Ogryn with Banner (6)

Seeing him next to my original ogryn berserker serves as a reminder of how much my painting style has evolved and improved over the last few years. Perhaps it’s time to give the first one a repaint too – after all I can’t have the poor old chap being outshone by his younger rival. Plus he’d make a powerful-looking repurposed mining ogryn for a chaos worshipping Necromunda gang…

15 responses to “The Unforgotten – Part 7

  • Alex

    Perfect size for an Ogryn to lug about – good call mate 🙂

  • Ann

    Yes, right size for an Ogryn, I agree; a good decision.

  • imperialrebelork

    I think you made the right choice with the Ogryn man. The dimensions work well. Nice paint work my friend

  • Faust

    Nice job, great to see how far you’ve come along! Looks like you had a quite a bit of brush control back then, you just have a better eye for colors now.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Let me think, I painted the first ogryn in 2016 so by that time I’d been painted regularly for over a decade. Having this blog has really helped to catalogue exactly how much my style and changed and improved even in the last few years though. If I can keep learning, and keep improving, who knows where I’ll get to in another decade 🙂

      • Faust

        You’ll be painting tiny Michelangelo masterpieces on goblin shields! 😀

      • Wudugast

        Oh I wish I could do that kind of thing! It’s like those people who paint John Blanche on shields etc – not that I would do that personally (nothing against the man but I’ve never even met him and it seems a little bit intense and slightly stalkerish to paint a stranger’s face on a model). The level of skill involved is really inspirational though.

  • Azazel

    This guy has come out really really well. It might be another on my list of Models To Rip Off At Some Stage, especially since I have a couple of AoS starter sets around so can afford to convert a Bloodwhatsit guy. The flesh on the new guy is certainly a lot more vibrant – like he’s been eating well on the flesh of his foes, while the other Ogryn has indeed been down a sump mine for some time. 😉

    • Wudugast

      Rip off away – as ever I’m looking forward to seeing how you reinterpret the idea 🙂
      The more I think about the ogryns, the more I wonder about sending the first one down a sump mine to work for my (still very much at the planning stage) chaos gang. In which case his pasty, unhealthy skin tone would indeed work nicely (with a few judicious improvements).

      • Azazel

        I hope to do a lot of ripping, but first there’s a pile of half-painted models for me to get done and out of the way – the challenge of all these challenges, if you will!

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