The Unforgotten – Part 4

What’s this? Four neglected models in one week? And the long overlooked bloat-drone finally finished to boot? Surely some madness is occurring?

Bloat Drone Convert Or Die (6)

Although I ended up taking a lot longer over this model than I intended to, I’m still glad I took my time and didn’t rush it. Even with a range of vehicles now available for the Death Guard the quirky strangeness of the bloat-drone means it remains my favourite.

Bloat Drone Convert Or Die (2)Bloat Drone Convert Or Die (3)Bloat Drone Convert Or Die (1)

The bloated, fleshy back was a real joy to paint.

Bloat Drone Convert Or Die (4)Bloat Drone Convert Or Die (5)

In the long term I’d like to add a couple more of these to the collection to create a suitably Nurgly triumvirate, and of course to allow me to model all three weapon options. Before I even think about buying any more of them however there are plenty more neglected models to deal with before the end of the month.

16 responses to “The Unforgotten – Part 4

  • Alex

    Brilliant mate – it’s a cracking mini, and you’ve really nailed it with the brush work! Lovely 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    This, by far, is the best Bloat Drone I’ve seen. Well done mate.

    • Wudugast

      Surely you praise me too highly?! There are some gorgeously painted Bloat Drones out there. I mean, I’m complimented, I just think you’ve not been looking at as many Bloat Drones as I have!

      • imperialrebelork

        Haha possibly but that’s like saying I should look at more women but NO my wife is the best and that’s it. Errrr yeah weird analogy I know but few beers in to my Saturday night

  • Faust

    Really nice paints, love the weathering on this one. I don’t know what a Bloat Drone is, but 1) I don’t want to mess with it. 2) It’s a super cool looking model!

    • Wudugast

      Thank you! Basically a Death Guard Warpsmith summons a daemon of Nurgle but instead of allowing it to create merry havoc in the mortal universe he instead cages it inside a construct of metal and flesh (the bloat drone). Naturally the daemon wants nothing more than to kill him for this indignity but can’t, for the moment, because of the wards placed on it. Instead it floats around the battlefield spitting out toxic goo all over the enemy, firstly to take out its rage on the only people it’s allowed to and secondly in the hopes that one of them will actually destroy it, allowing it to escape back into the Warp from which it can plot it’s revenge on the Warpsmith that shackled it in the first place.

      Basically it’s a floating vehicle for the Death Guard. Glad you like it 😀

  • Azazel

    Excellent work. And I mean that in the most disgusting way!

  • patrickwr

    This looks great! I’m working on my very own Bloat Drone this month as well, with a custom fleshmower conversion. Really nice to see what you’ve done with yours.

  • Ann

    A very nice bloat drone indeed, and like many others here I can certainly appreciate a good drone!

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