The Unforgotten – Part 3

Good news – the missing flesh hound has been found, and what’s more he was almost finished! A few brushstrokes here and there and he was done. To recap for those new to the story, I was given a set of flesh hounds back in 2013 by a colleague after taking care of his dog whilst he went on holiday. Unfortunately he wasn’t the most pleasant person to work with and the more people he was rude to in our office the more I took it out on the poor fleshhounds by shoving them further and further back on the shelf.

However, when all is said and done, I actually rather like the models – and when fellow blogger Azazel suggested May as “Neglected Model Month” I decided the hounds’ time had come at last. Again, for those not in the know, Azazel has been setting a series of monthly challenges to hobbyists and himself, and the one for May is simply to finish a neglected model that’s been sitting unpainted for far too long. Or, if you’re like me and far too enthusiastic, many models.

Unfortunately by the time I came to that decision one of the hounds had gone astray but a hunt through the drawers and boxes surrounding the painting desk turned him up and in miraculously undamaged and already fairly well painted condition too.

Fleshhound Convert Or Die (1)Fleshhound Convert Or Die (2)

And here’s one of his packmates.

Fleshhound Convert Or Die (3)Fleshhound Convert Or Die (4)Fleshhound Convert Or Die (5)

I’m rather pleased to have snuck the rune of Khorne onto his base twice, wherever he walks the Blood God clearly approves.

Fleshhound Convert Or Die (6)Fleshhound Convert Or Die (7)

So there we have it two hounds done, three more to go by the end of the month.

Fleshhound Convert Or Die (8)

12 responses to “The Unforgotten – Part 3

  • imperialrebelork

    Bravo my friend. They are really well executed and kudos for getting stuck into the challenge. Whatever happened to the chap you worked with? I worked with a guy, years ago, who was an absolute douche so one day I told him and he left me well alone after that haha.

    • Wudugast

      Oh, he was just an arse – did as little work as possible, was grumpy all the time, would throw temper tantrums and start yelling at people who disagreed with him. Suspiciously he never did this when senior management was within earshot and I get the feeling they just can’t be arsed to deal with him, which of course means he now thinks he’s a broken arrow (doesn’t work – can’t be fired). He tried his yelling routine on me once or twice but I’m six-foot four and he’s about five-two, and at heart he’s quite a cowardly person so it never really worked, I think he knew I was just desperate for an excuse to put him in his place. Instead he tried complaining about me behind my back but my boss and his boss both like me and saw straight through him so it was a wasted effort. Anyway, I don’t work with him any longer so now he gets to be a knob-end on someone else’s time. Pity he turned out like that though because I used to get on with him (and I still like his dog!). Overall I think your answer was the right one, nobody wants to deal with aggression at work, if someone is being a dick tell them so and nip it in the bud. Trying to be nice to the guy just created an environment in which he could fester and in the end he probably will get fired for it but not before pissing off a lot of people – which means it doesn’t work out for anyone.

      Anyway, enough about him – I’m really enjoying the challenge and it’s great finally getting these unfinished models complete and into pride of place on the shelf where they belong. 🙂

  • Alex

    Very cool hounds mate – refreshing to see these minis done in not-red!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – yeah, I’m not sure red actually works that well for them, it’s ok I guess and it can look great if done well but I prefer something a bit more “natural”.

  • Azazel

    The hounds are coming along really well. Similarly to Alex, I don’t think I’ve ever seen ash-grey Fleshhounds before, though I probably wouldn’t have the balls to go with anything but red for them. 😉

    • Wudugast

      Yeah it’s always a bit of a gamble trying a scheme that isn’t traditionally associated with a certain range or model. Sometimes it can really stand out and look original, sometimes it’s just a bit jarring. First time I saw golden Necrons I was so impressed, they were ancient and regal when all the others I’d seen had been tarnished metal. The first time I saw neon-pink Necrons… not so much… 🙂

  • Faust

    Very cool looking, and I love those metal collars. The runes on the bases are a nice touch. With their color scheme, they could probably be used in a variety of games.

  • FirBholg

    Hounds are looking great! Love the colour scheme, are you planning on using it on any other Khornste models?

  • heretic30k

    I really like the muted grey colour on these guys – nice departure from the typical red.

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