Any Spare Change – Part 11

I’ll confess that since building my retro-influenced Tzeentchian cult leader I’ve been itching to do more with my little change-cult. However I’ve also set myself a rather ambitious target with regard to Azazel’s Neglected Model Month challenge and diving off into another sideline, albeit one which is fairly neglected itself, won’t do anything to help that. When all is said and done though I’m only human and as this beastman was already more than half-way painted I didn’t see the harm in finishing the job.

Tzangor Convert Or Die (1)Tzangor Convert Or Die (2)Tzangor Convert Or Die (3)

Now then, with the influence of the Changer of Ways out of my system (hopefully) it’s time to crack on with those under-loved miniatures – probably starting  with the Helbrute. Who knows, I may even have something to show you by the end of the week.

8 responses to “Any Spare Change – Part 11

  • Alex

    A beastly man indeed! Nice job dude 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    A very cool blend of bits and nice paint job Mr Wudu

  • Faust

    Wow, great one. I really like that helm, and didn’t recognize him as a Beastman at first. Maybe Gor Half-Horn needs his own gang of Beasts?! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Well, long long ago I was working on a squad of 40k beastmen for my chaos army but the project stalled and they’ve been sitting around in WIP form ever since. However the background section of the rules for the Venator gangs in this month’s White Dwarf mentions “Notorious abhuman Venators like the Brayhorn Boys” so now I’m wondering very strongly about resurrecting some of those models as a beastmen gang. Watch this space!

      • Faust

        Oh nice, I wasn’t sure what a Venator gang was. I think my sub to White Dwarf might have expired, so I probably need to resub and likely buy a single for this month. Maybe just go digital this time.

      • Wudugast

        Aye, I had to look up what Venator meant (it’s “Latin” for hunter apparently). On one of the Necromunda facebook groups Andy Hoare said the rules were written intentionally to provide Inq28 fans a way of creating retinues and warbands in N17. Definitely worth picking up this month’s ‘dwarf just for those rules alone I reckon.

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