The Unforgotten – Part 1

Azazel and his monthly challenges strike again! For those not in the know fellow blogger and hobbyist Azazel has been setting himself, and anyone else who fancies joining in, a different challenge every month of 2018. Some I’ve taken a shot at, some I’ve let pass by, but this one has me very interested indeed. Azazel has called for May to be Neglected Model Month – a chance to clear our desks of that miniature that’s been sitting half-finished and gathering dust for far too long (Azazel suggests six months as a minimum – sadly I’m sure I’m not alone in having a few contenders that are much, much more neglected than that!)

Something I’ve been wondering about since I decided to take on this challenge is why some models end up becoming neglected. I’m not thinking about spur of the moment purchases that end up looking less appealing after a day or two but well loved models that grab your enthusiasm and then, as the paint goes down, your interest wanes. It’s hard to put my finger on exactly why this happens, and perhaps that’s because the specifics will differ from model to model, but ultimately you end up putting the model down and never picking it up again.

Once this has happened the problem becomes self perpetuating. Life beyond the hobby is often busy and stressful and we turn to our collections of models for pleasure, not for more work. A neglected model however hardly conjures up good feelings, we feel ashamed of them, guilty that we’ve not been more diligent in painting them, irritated to see them still sitting on the painting desk. No wonder we don’t rush to pick them up at the end of a long and difficult day, who wants more bad feelings in their lives? So we grab the new thing that we’re excited by and crack on with painting it instead and the neglected model continues to gather dust. Now in spite of our tendency as hobbyists to ascribe personality and spirit to our models, and to treat them as little household gods, a more materialistic outlook would insist that these are just little lumps of plastic or metal which, although artfully sculpted, don’t feel particularly bothered one way or another if they have an outer layer of brightly coloured plastic applied to them in semi-liquid form. My models don’t care if they’re painted or not but I do, it matters to me, and it upsets me slightly to see them unfinished. In this regard Azazel has done me a great favour by setting this challenge and encouraging me to get to work painting up some of those incomplete models once and for all.

Thus instead of taking on just one neglected model I’ve dug out a whole pile. Here’s what I’m hoping to have finished by the end of May.

Convert Or Die Neglected Models (1)

Let’s take a look at them individually.

Convert Or Die Neglected Models (2)

I tackled this Bloat Drone as part of DreadTober last year. By the later part of the month it was almost done, I was happy with it, and I didn’t want to rush it to meet someone else’s deadline. Why not just take my time and enjoy it, I thought. Yet here we are, in May and it hasn’t see a brush stroke since.

Convert Or Die Neglected Models (3)

Another DreadTober victim, this Helbrute with flails was first built in 2014 – then took a whole year to get painted. By the time Dreadtober 2017 rolled around however he was looking distinctly worse for wear and in need of some repairs. Did he get them? Did he hell!

Convert Or Die Neglected Models (4)

These fleshhounds are so neglected that one of them has gone into hiding. In theory I own a squad of five but when it came to setting up this group shot I could only lay my hands on four. Never mind, as soon as I find the fifth he’ll join his pack. I got them a few years ago now as a gift from a colleague for looking after his dog whilst he was on holiday (see what he did there?). We weren’t terribly close mates even then (although I always got on well with the dog) but since then he started acting more and more like a recalcitrant ass at work and generally went out of his way to make everyone’s lives tough. The result; I never did sit down and finish painting his hounds. It’s not their fault they were purchased by a tool though – they just want to devour souls for their master Khorne.

Convert Or Die Neglected Models (5)

Also rather a fan of Khorne is this ogren berserker. The blood god’s favour will be a long time coming however if he doesn’t get properly painted – the Taker of Skulls may not care from whence the blood flows but he takes a dim view of anyone who doesn’t take the time to finish painting his banner.

Convert Or Die Neglected Models (6)

I started working on these nurglings at the same time as the others, back in January 2015. Look at their happy faces? How can I have failed to show them love for so long?


So there we have it, my challenge to myself for the next few weeks. My thanks once again to Azazel for coming up with this challenge and of course, best of luck to everyone else who’s taking part. Your models may not thank you for it per se but you’ll be happier once they’re done.


18 responses to “The Unforgotten – Part 1

  • Ross

    That’s quite a challenge you’ve set yourself. Best of luck :/ Love the colour scheme on that drone and hellbrute though.

    I find the best way to deal with the Box of Shame is to not think about it 😀 I’m pretty sure mine has an Imperial Knight in it, who was Blu-tacced together for posing, and has slowly fallen apart piece by piece. Very tragic.

    • Wudugast

      Don’t talk to me about Imperial Knights! I’ve got one (suitably tainted by chaos of course) strewn in bits all over the shelf of shame. I’m promising myself I’ll finish it this year though – but don’t hold your breath, I said that last year too…

  • Alex

    Good man – the painting gods will be pleased!

    • Wudugast

      They’d better with such a worthy sacrifice laid at their feet! The question is though, are they the kind of gods who roll up their sleeves and help or the kind who sit in judgement on high? Based on my experience I’m suspecting the latter.

  • Faust

    Nice job on those minis, and normally I’d probably blather on about them, but I was even more taken with your blog post!

    It’s a really good question as to why. For myself, I don’t currently have any ‘neglected’ minis as I’ve been focused on getting one team done. Maybe if I was hopping around more. In the past I did that, just so we could play. I found that as long as I had the minis painted up in in base colors and that were playing with them, it really didn’t bother me so much.

    • Wudugast

      It’s true, long ago when I did play (semi-) regularly I didn’t have nearly such a problem with neglected models. It was a big deal to me to play only with miniatures I’d painted to the best of my ability (which wasn’t great back then I’ll confess) and because I wanted to get them on the tabletop I’d crack on with them. Plus I had even less disposable income than I do now so I had fewer things to paint – and fewer responsibilities eating up my time. I’m still not sure why certain models end up abandoned though – and often not the ones you’d expect. Sometimes the ones I’m most excited by (like the Ogren, Bloat-drone and Helbrute in fact) are the ones who’re left behind.

  • Bonecruncha

    Great idea! I think I might join you. I still haven’t finished that helbrute I started years ago, and I’ve got some plague marines to finish that I started in November which could do definitely benefit from a challenge such as this.

    • Wudugast

      Go for it – the world needs more Plague Marines and Helbrutes in it! Good luck, and mind and let Azazel know that you’re in, he usually does a round up at the end of the month.

  • imperialrebelork

    My trouble is I’m easily distracted and/or inspired. I start something and throw myself into it and then KABOOM someone posts a picture of something that gets my creative juices flowing OR I read or watch something etc etc. Hence why I have a trillion projects waiting for paint. The other problem is that I prefer converting and building much more than painting. I too feel a pang if shame but then I think ah the hell with it I’ll build a gypsy strongman and come up with a mini back story for him. I admire your ambitions on this one brother. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing it all come apart at the seams… errrrr I mean I look forward to seeing all the lovely completed pieces. Especially this happy and terrifying Nurglings!

    • Wudugast

      Oh I definitely have the first problem too (easily distracted – too many ideas). Regarding preferring converting to painting, luckily I go in phases, sometimes I really want to build things, sometimes I want to paint, so in theory it should all balance out. As for it all coming apart at the seams… yes, I think I can probably manage that..!

  • Azazel

    A great selection of stuff here Wudagast – I think many of us suffer from New Shiny Syndrome where the thing that you’re working on gets placed just a little to the side while you work on that new thing, and then further and further, and then just on this shelf out of the way, and then…

    Looking at what you’ve chosen there, I think it’s all very achievable. Indeed, if you’re lucky you might be looking for models for a second round!

    • Wudugast

      My aim was to get together enough stuff that I’d make an impact on the collection by getting it painted, but not so much as to be beyond the realms of possibility. Thanks again for creating this challenge – it’ll be good to get this little lot finished off once and for all 🙂

      • Azazel

        Oh yeah. I mean once you finish these guys off you can look at some more. They’ll make a great set as is – certainly!

  • Azazel

    Regarding your tweet.
    Realm of Chaos-era Chaos Champion, from 1989 (Orange) catalogue. Not in 1988 (Blue) catalogue.
    021911 (Middle right)
    Plus Pink Horror arms.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you – that’s very handy. Whenever I look at those old pink horrors I’m reminded of how good they were in comparison to the new ones. Some ace ideas among those Jes Goodwin Chaos Champions as well.

      • Azazel

        Yeah some great models there. Excuse the C&P – I hadn’t refreshed this page so the last comment was still my one there!

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