Get Sick Or Die Trying – Part 4

Lately my poxwalkers have been crying out for more attention (not strictly true – they’ve mostly just been making a low moaning that sounds a bit like the word “brains” over and over). The horde hasn’t been growing as quickly as I’d planned so I may try to rectify that soon by taking some time to just concentrate on zombies. In the meantime here’s two more for the slow-growing army of the undead.

Convert Or Die Poxwalkers (1)Convert Or Die Poxwalkers (2)Convert Or Die Poxwalkers (3)Convert Or Die Poxwalkers (4)Convert Or Die Poxwalkers (5)Convert Or Die Poxwalkers (6)Convert Or Die Poxwalkers (7)

12 responses to “Get Sick Or Die Trying – Part 4

  • Alex

    These are really cool mate – bring on the horde!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate 😀 You really can’t have a few zombies can you – “none” or “horde” are really the only acceptable options.

      • imperialrebelork

        WHOA never heard the song before and it’s heavy as FU#%. I like it 👍🏼

        Great minis my friend. They certainly look dead and I mean that in a happy happy joy kinda way.

        Now, our good friend Alex informed me, when I was putting together my skeleton Horde last year(?) that a 100 is a minimum for a horde. Sadly I didn’t get to that figure. I’m curious though, how many will be in your horde?

      • Wudugast

        It’s a beast of a tune isn’t it 🙂

        As for the hordes, 100 sounds like rather a lot of bodies – even to my slightly excessive outlook. That said I know better than to argue with Alex. At the moment I’m still working on painting up a horde (by the Alex definition) of Orks. Also, if I meet my goal for this month, I’ll have painted 80 clanrats for my Skaven. In old Warhammer 40 models made a horde so that’ll be two full hordes of clanrats, although I’m fairly certain there’s at least 20 unpainted clanrats kicking around to make a third unit and turn the whole thing into an “Alex Horde”.
        As for the Poxwalkers I’ve got 8 painted so far, plus another 20 at varying stages on the painting desk. Then there are 8 more still on the sprue, some of which will probably get used for other things, but at least some of which will end up joining the zombie collective (I can’t say horde anymore – not now I know there’s too few for a full horde!). Shall we estimate a starting squad of 30, and then see where things go? I’m trying to make every one of them unique as well so in terms of sheer numbers I probably won’t progress that fast, but hopefully the visual effect once they’re done will be worth it. 30 is still a lot of zombies if you’re the poor guardsman trying to hold them off. 🙂

      • imperialrebelork

        Hehe 30 is plenty man!! I look forward to seeing all of them. I can’t remember how many zombies I painted but there were lots.

  • Faust

    Nice work, really like how the one is mutating right out of his jacket!

  • Azazel

    Very cool stuff here. I haven’t even started on mine, but seeing these I really need to do so.

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