Infested! – Part 7

Recently Big Boss Redskullz called for hobbyists to help out with the developing Nestorian Infestation, a collaborative project between himself, Helge of WilhelMiniatures and Alexander from Echoes of Imperium. The brief; to create a population of genestealer infested civilians with which to populate their world. Naturally my first contribution was neither infested by the genestealers nor technically a civilian, because I like to imagine that I’m somehow special and can cherry-pick what rules I want to follow.  Never mind, here to redress the balance we have a workman who’s quite definitely been corrupted by the xenos.

Genestealer Cultist Convert Or Die (2)Genestealer Cultist Convert Or Die (5)Genestealer Cultist Convert Or Die (4)Genestealer Cultist Convert Or Die (3)Genestealer Cultist Convert Or Die (7)Genestealer Cultist Convert Or Die (6)

Something I’ve found interesting with both this, and the previous Nestorian Infestation model I’ve painted, has been working in what is essentially someone else’s style. This has been both literal – for example following Helge’s tutorial for the bases (painting a base green – what xeno’s witchery is this?!) and figurative, the orange overalls on this one for instance, which again ties in with Helge’s genestealer cultists, and lets me test out a scheme I’m planning to use with my own hidden dynasty.

Genestealer Cultists Convert Or Die
Striking from the shadows an Imperial assassin faces off against one of Efesos VI’s new monstrous inhabitants, but who is the hunter and who is the hunted?

Genestealer Cultist Convert Or Die (1)

Thank you to all those who reassured me when I fretted that he looked too much like a goliath ganger. As you rightly told me at the time he looks a lot less like a goliath now he’s painted.

Goliaths Convert or Die

Indeed, sidetracking somewhat, this reminds me that I need to paint some more goliaths. Although progress has been slow on the gang lately I have at least found the time to build a couple more; the Irondogs aren’t dead yet!

14 responses to “Infested! – Part 7

  • Alex

    Cracking job mate, love the skin tone on this guy, and the conversion works perfectly – nice one dude!

  • Azazel

    Cool work on both the construction and paint of this Xenos cultist. Now burn him in righteous, cleansing flame!

  • LeVermenarque

    Great job. The Goliath look is not an issue. First of all you are right the paintjob dials it down. More importantly imo it is true us hobbyist notice the base you have been using, but the infestation works that way, corrupting the bodies of imperial citizens, hence a successful conversion (as the one you did) should let you see what the guy used to look like and what he is becoming (imo again). I see the Genestealers aesthetic (early stage of infestation subway) as a genetic wip, you should be able to see the character mutating before your eyes.
    You totally succeeded there. The new arm and head blend in perfectly with the goliath body, giving us a former industrial worker slowly turning into…something else entirely.

  • Ross

    Nice work, dude. If he was a Goliath in a previous life he’s now much more mutant scum than loyal servant of the Imperium.

    Painting’s going slow on my own bunch, but I’ll hopefully have them done in time for the deadline!

  • heresyofus

    I’m liking them mate and you’ve given me the push to get mine done. I really need to pull my finger out and get some hobby done 😉

  • daggerandbrush

    Excellent work on those two. The skin turned out really well and I also like your metals. The skin looks suitably degenerated, which I imagine might be an effect of being a Genestealer. You don’t happen to have a spare Genestealer head in your bitz box? I am thinking of using one for a vampire conversion

    • Wudugast

      Cheers. I put his skin down to a combination of being part-xenos and spending too much time lurking in the gloom! Good idea to use a genestealer head for a vampire, I’ll have a rummage in my bits box and if I can find a spare I’ll email you.

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