Infested! – Part 2

A second civilian is ready to join the genestealer tainted population of Efesos VI…

Convert Or Die Nestorian Infestation (1)Convert Or Die Nestorian Infestation (2)Convert Or Die Nestorian Infestation (3)

Of course everyone who falls under the cult’s sway becomes a true believer, regardless of what their feelings were previously, but this chap has become especially devout in his worship of the Children of the Stars and now he’s allowed to walk the streets openly he’s out spreading the good word of the saviours who shall descend in their purifying hunger from the heavens.

11 responses to “Infested! – Part 2

  • Alex

    Nice work mate, and good to see that even the grim-dark of the far future still has Kiss fans 🙂

  • Bjorn Stormborn

    Nice kitbash, there’s a lot of character to the model, the gong is a great idea for the model.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Infested series! 🙂

    (However one question that’s made me suspicious (as a comissar), where are his shoes? His feet must be hurting from walking without protection and lacking effort in work shifts, even a Comissar would suspect a filthy Xenos a mile away with no shoes. I’d suggest giving the Xenos some funky shoes, no one would suspect anything unusual. 😏)

    • Wudugast

      As a commissar you are right to be suspicious of everything, we cannot permit laxness to allow the xenos or the heretic to share our lot! That said he’s not wearing shoes because he doesn’t really have feet, I’ve given him the mechanical legs from a skitarii (in fact he’s mostly made of skitarii all things considered). If I had the skills which alas I suspect I don’t yet, I’d give him some shoes over his mechanical legs. It would play to the idea of a xenos seeing humans doing something (e.g. putting shoes on their feet) and aping it without understanding it (putting nice shoes on durable metal feet before spending the day in a harsh, radio-active forge or wasteland). Of course as the people of Efesos VI have already been entirely corrupted by the genestealers, as far as I’m aware, he no longer has any need to hide either his face or – perhaps more suspiciously – his feet…

      • Bjorn Stormborn

        ((I didn’t realise it’s was Skitarii legs, I’ve somehow got mixed up thinking they were kitbashed Xenos legs. Silly me lol 😁. It would be interesting to see an infected Skitarii faction for 40k, I know the Eldar can be infected, maybe the warriors of the machine god can be infected too…..

        The shoes aren’t a big deal considering the context of the planets environment and location, the infected is an impressive kitbash model 🙂 ))

        I’d suggest wearing standard issues work place boots or Velcro green slippers, made from recycled tin cans and Gretchen skin. I’ll note my suspicions on you in my handbook (writes on an A3 sized notebook).

  • heresyofus

    Good use of bits there mate. Hmmm, you’ve given me an idea. 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    Good one mate. He looks devout

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