Disposable Heroes – Part 9

I never knew that space could be so loud! The caged roar of the engines, the pounding of the great ship-heart, the creaking of the vessel as the Warp buffets us, the howling of the sirens that call us to assemble, to drill, to eat, to sleep. For a son of the hive like myself, it is like coming home! 

Invitational Convert Or Die (5)Invitational Convert Or Die (9)Invitational Convert Or Die (6)Invitational Convert Or Die (8)Invitational Convert Or Die (7)

The Thorn Moons loom ever closer. Another hive-born serf takes up arms in defence of the Emperor’s realm.

6 responses to “Disposable Heroes – Part 9

  • mikeland82

    I love your work and as with all your posts this is very imaginative. He looks great, full of character. If I can make a suggestion it would be to attach a gun or sword to his belt, even the drummer will fight in the thick of the melee.

  • imperialrebelork

    I agree with Mike in regards to a weapon. However I also agree with you. I’m a drummer and have injured myself with a flying stick from time to time. Great work on the face. It’s full of character.

    • Wudugast

      You know, I really struggled with the face and in the end I went right back to the start and redid it with a very straightforward basecoat – wash – highlight job. It works well though I reckon, my only issue is that by painting the boils so pale (aiming to make him look unhealthy but not actually Nurgly!) in some of the photos his face ends up looking shiny. Of course it doesn’t really look that way in real life but in a 2d image a little highlight like that tricks the eye into thinking the surface must be glossy. That aside though I’m pleased with the face but really it was the sculpt that did the work – the old Bretonian models may have been chunky, ugly and in dire need of replacing* but they still had some cracking bonces on them.

      *That’s replacing with newer, better sculpts GW, not binning altogether and blowing up the planet into the bargain…

  • Alex

    Very nice mate – I love the anachronism of DRUMS IN SPAAAACE!!! One day I’ll get around to doing some drummers for my Praetorians – I fancy using them as Vox operators 🙂

    • Wudugast

      I was thinking along similar lines for my traitor guard – there’s something nicely low-tech about using them as vox operators which is very much in keeping with the Imperium.

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