The Year of the Rat – October

After a few quiet months things have been a lot more productive for my Skaven over the last few weeks. For those who’re new to this project, I’ve been collecting Skaven for a number of years (since the release of the most recent army book for Warhammer in fact, which was quite some time ago now). However the actual painting was proceeding at a snails pace – something only exacerbated when I purchased a friend’s collection and the pile of unpainted plastic grew overnight into a mountain. In order to remedy this situation I’ve challenged myself to paint something new for my Skaven army every month in 2017 – even if only a single clanrat. Truth be told some months I’ve come pretty close to achieving only that minor goal but, I’m pleased to announce, this month wasn’t one of them.

Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (1)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (2)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (3)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (4)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (5)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (6)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (7)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (8)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (9)

This brings the current clanrat total up to sixty – which means it’s high time for a celebratory group shot.

Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (10)Skaven Clanrats Convert Or Die (11)

That’s not all however, this month I also managed to reinforce my stormvermin squad with four more of the rat elite.

Skaven Stormvermin Convert Or Die (1)Skaven Stormvermin Convert Or Die (2)Skaven Stormvermin Convert Or Die (3)Skaven Stormvermin Convert Or Die (4)Skaven Stormvermin Convert Or Die (5)Skaven Stormvermin Convert Or Die (6)

Now much as I like the models I’m not sure I find stormvermin that much fun to paint – they’re jagged, vicious little things that fought back almost constantly, jabbing me painfully in the fingers with their various spikes every time I tried to handle them. That said I’m already planning a second squad, this time made up of the albino guards of the Council of Thirteen. Before that however this squad will need a command group to finish them off.


14 responses to “The Year of the Rat – October

  • Azazel

    Nice job – the relentless march of the Skaven was clearly a little more relentless this month. Now treat yourself to a copy of Vermintide and get your revenge on those dastardly Stormvermin!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 🙂 Well, I’m already throwing away their lives in a desperate attempt to keep my fledgling realm from being savaged by the Orcs in Mortal Empires – I’m not sure I need more distractions! Of course given my flagrant disregard for the wellbeing of my digital Stormvermin no wonder their plastic counterparts were out for revenge…

  • LeVermenarque

    Nice rats! And great idea to get motivated for large projects (may steal it).

    • Wudugast

      Thanks! And yes, this trick has worked really well for me as a way of keeping the ball rolling, even if only slowly. I’d highly recommend it. I find high pressure deadlines are counterproductive (if I’m going to drive myself into the ground on a tight turnaround I prefer to get paid for it rather than allowing it to invade what it supposed to be my leisure time). Often I find if I set myself the challenge of finishing model X by date Y it starts to stress me out and the pleasure of the project is gone. This way is a bit more gentle, but still keeps the project growing. And of course after a year I’ll have made significant progress, whereas if I’d not done this I’d most likely have made no progress at all.

  • Alex

    Excellent output mate, and they are looking really good too! Love their wormy little tails 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Glad you like the tails because I’ve been struggling with them until now but this time I think I nailed it. Instead of just applying a wash to the whole thing I used different colours, including reds and purples that are richer than I’d usually use, and put them on in stripes. Makes them look a lot more fleshy I reckon.

  • Ann

    I like your horde of mice too, and it seems fair enough that they fight back against your tender fingers; after all you should know what you are getting in for when you deal with the likes of Skaven!

    I was going to suggest that you get some poster putty and mount them on bottle caps to spare the sensitive hands, but after thinking about it a bit and now I think that is a bad idea. Art comes out better if the artist suffers for their art, and the cunning little vermin would probably find some other way to bedevil you if you took away their current method. Better the pain you know than the unknown pain to be concocted.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, that’s true enough – when it comes to the Skaven the best plan isn’t to try to outwit them but to play along with their scheme and watch them bedevil themselves through their own treacherous natures. Plus the more time they spend stabbing me in the finger the less time they have to build a doomsday device on the corner of the painting desk (where it would undoubtedly go unnoticed in all the clutter). That said I may try your suggestion of mounting them on something whilst I paint them. That way when they discover some new and interesting way to injure me it’ll give me something to write about in next month’s update.

      • Ann

        I find Diet Mountain Dew caps work well. 🙂

        Yes, it sounds like you are cognizant of their ways through long experience. I suspect one doesn’t remain Clan Master for long if one isn’t. On the other hand, perhaps you should let them think you don’t see them building a doomsday device on the corner of your painting desk, because at the last moment you could pretend to see it, co-opt it and add it to your army to bedevil your worthless but regular opponents in their turn.

        Then again, that might not work too well because I wouldn’t be surprised if you have already done that in the past, Skaven players being how they are. They probably have a contingency worked in for that and it would all come to no good end and then where would I go to scratch my itch for more evil rats and their evil hijinks?

  • imperialrebelork

    Fantastic sir. The quantity and the quality are both impressive. I still really love the yellow you’ve gone with it really does make the nasty little finks stand out.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers. Yeah, the brightness of the yellow is a real bonus to it I reckon. It makes the rats stand out, both individually and as a horde, whilst at the same time looking nice and grubby. 🙂

      • imperialrebelork

        I’ve been using a bit of yellow lately on a secret project and I’ve got to say I quite like it. Yellow, in general, isn’t a colour I like but I’m slowly coming around to it.

      • Wudugast

        Secret project? I await with interest. As for yellow, I think it’s quite a circumstantial colour, it wouldn’t work just anywhere. That said it’s a lot of fun to use from time to time. At some point I think I’ll paint an Imperial Fist or a Howling Griffon just for an excuse to practice working with yellow more.

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