Forgotten Heroes and Killer Robots

Many of you will know the feeling of stumbling across a miniature you were once proud of but which you hadn’t seen for ages; the mixture of fondness for a well loved piece, joy at its rediscovery, pride in the way that your skills have improved and faint embarrassment that it’s not quite as good as you once thought. Indeed it was with exactly this mingling of emotions that I found myself looking at these next two models whilst sorting through boxes of old stuff (read; junk) at my parents’ house.

Inq28 Priest Convert Or Die (1)Inq28 Priest Convert Or Die (3)

This battle-preacher has reappeared at quite a fortuitous moment, representing as he does another of my past forays into the world of the Imperial Guard. He may be very much a product of his time (my painting standards have come on I’m pleased to see – and why did I once insist on painting every rivet red?) but my idea of the Imperial Guard hasn’t changed radically. I still see them as medieval by necessity, a lack of resources rather than cultural affections giving the majority a ragged appearance. Like the murderous medic I showed earlier in the week I may well return to this model in the future as I think he’d fit in nicely with an Inquisitorial retinue. As it stands my Chapel retinue is far too esoteric for him but perhaps a more traditional Inquisitorial warband will come together in the future?

In the meantime here’s the “Hammer of the Emperor” gathered for battle – my complete collection of Imperial Guard models so far (plus a skullcrab from HeresyOfUs) standing ready to strike fear into the hearts of Ork warbosses and Chaos lords everywhere.

Inq28 Priest Convert Or Die (4)

Whilst the preacher has a promising career ahead of him (following a few improvements) I’m not sure the same can be said of this killer robot. Finding him was a bit of a trip down memory lane for me – he’s one of my earliest conversions and clearly very much the product of a hobbyist whose imagination outstrips his skills by a considerable margin. I think I was aiming for “deranged mechanical killer” and instead ended up with “cute, and perhaps a little worried”.

Cute Robot Convert Or Die (1)Cute Robot Convert Or Die (2)

So with these two rescued from life in storage it’s time to turn my attention to the future of my Imperial Guard endeavours, specifically the kind of men that the Imperium would send to do battle on the Thorn Moons as part of the Iron Sleet Invitational.

The road from Terra is long however and the journey only just begun…

10 responses to “Forgotten Heroes and Killer Robots

  • imperialrebelork

    They’re both great. The rivets are a little odd but I like odd. That robot is brilliantly cartoony!! He is a cross between Wall-E and number five is alive from that movie with the police academy dude in it haha. I love it. I was very tempted to delve into the ThornMoons extravaganza but I have too many projects on the go as it is. I still want to finish the Chapel Project even though the event has come and gone. Plus my own whacky imagination doesn’t ever stop saying “Hey… why don’t you join this with this and then add this and then make it an army or a Warband or a piece of terrain” hahaha you know how it goes. Sighhhh… I need a cider or White Russian, or both yayyyy. Thanks for listenening.

  • Alex

    Dude, that robot is flippin’ amazing. Build more & make a Necron warband… the gods demand it!!!

    ( oh, and I like the priest too 🙂 )

    • Wudugast

      Hehe – well, thank you very much mate. Who knows, I have entertained the idea of building something similar using my current (hopefully considerably developed) modelling skills so perhaps something will come of it. Or how about a bunch of mini-killakans for grots masquerading as ‘ard boys. Another project (or two) to add to the list…

  • Azazel

    Yeah, I have to echo the others – that robot is actually very cool!

  • Ann

    Yeah, the robot is pretty awesome. Perhaps he should be called Gestalt Mk I? 🙂

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