The Emperor’s Angels – Part 1

Starting work on a little foray into throne-loyal power-armour. Although historically my preference for astartes has always leaned heavily towards the servants of chaos the chance to start a small collection of truescale marines was too good to pass up. Probably won’t do much more for a little while as so many other projects are jostling for attention but wanted to do a little kitbashing to test the waters, starting with this assault marine. As ever feedback is more than welcome.

Truescale Assault Marine Convert Or Die (1)Truescale Assault Marine Convert Or Die (2)

16 responses to “The Emperor’s Angels – Part 1

  • Frothing_Muppet

    He looks great buddy. Didnt even twig that it was based off a Primaris until I re-read the truescale bit and went looking for the plasticard extensions – seamless integration of bits.

    Now when i look back at ‘old’ Marines I cant help but see how squat and poorly proportioned they are compared to the Nu-Marine stuff.

    • Wudugast

      I know just what you mean about the old marines, I’ve always been a bit uncomfortable with the proportions of them but somehow I was able to trick my eye and convince myself that they were good enough. Now that the primaris marines have been released though I just can’t take the old marines seriously. Giving GW credit where it’s due though the primaris chassis accepts older marine bits very neatly in my view. I knew that they’d kept heads and shoulderpads at the same scale but I was pleased with how well the jump-pack fitted. From my early attempts at tacking bits in place devastors wouldn’t be so straightforward, they’d need some greenstuff to make everything fit, and instead of truescaling tactical marines with spacers I’ll probably end up having to do the same with terminators but that sounds like quite an interesting challenge.

  • Alex

    Lovely balance to this pose mate – converted?

    • Wudugast

      Thanks and nope, the primaris bit of the model is straight out of the box – in fact he’s one of the ones from Dark Imperium. He just looks like he’s striding forwards if built as standard but swap round the arms and change the angle of the head and suddenly he’s charging, probably having just touched down.

      It’s the nice thing about the sense of weight that the astartes have – I don’t imagine them running like a normal human would (they’re too heavy and heavily armoured) but instead maintaining the same steady striding pace. It’s just that sometimes they’d be striding faster than you or I could run. Thus a running space marine doesn’t look too different to a walking space marine from the waist down. Adjust the legs too far and it starts to look odd – see the old Khorne berserkers for instance.

  • imperialrebelork

    Nice man. I’m just nit a big fan of those big chunky jet pack things

  • Eric M Wier

    This is an excellent looking assault marine! I like the smaller shoulderpad you use from the Reiver set. It gives the model a more compact and maneuverable look.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks – that was my hope. I still wanted him to look solid and, for want of a better word, heavy, but still a little more slimmed down and manoeuvrable than the Tacticals. To my eye the Reivers are a little too light and slim for astartes but I liked the idea that someone who hurtles through the air to get to his enemies would be slightly less weighty than someone who slogs his way on foot or rides in a Rhino. Then devastators would – if all goes to plan – look a little heavier still, as they’re the ones who have to stand still and soak up any return fire the enemy manages to muster.

  • Azazel

    Looks fantastic – the parts really work well together!

  • The Emperor’s Angels – Part 2 | Convert or Die

    […] amuses me that the last time I showed one of these assault marines I received three key pieces of advice. 1. The jump-pack is too small. 2.The jump-pack is too big. […]

  • Jeffrey Roy

    so I want to convert my Reivers into Jump pack that being said..keep the reiver profile but add the jump pack profile..meaning move becomes 12 and they cost 1 to 2 points more?

    • Wudugast

      So let me say first off that I’m not, by any means, a “rules guy”. That said I’m very much in favour of converting rules to match converted models – I just don’t have enough experience with this to speak as any kind of expert. What you’re describing makes sense though, jump pack reavers sound amazing and would definitely fit in with the nature and aesthetic of the unit. I just had a quick nose through the current space marine codex and yes, other units which can take jump packs then gain a move of 12 inches and they get the “jump pack” and “fly” keywords, plus a 2 or 3 point increase in cost, so I reckon what you’re suggesting is about right. Only way to be sure is try them in a few games and see what happens – I’d play against them certainly and I’m sure anyone else who was fairly laid back about the game would likewise. 🙂

      • Jeffrey Roy

        Thanks. I did the math and my reivers would have to add 4 point per model to get grav chutes and grapnels yet jump packs when compared to vanguard vets only increase my points by 2 and are more versitile.

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