DreadTober 2017 – Part 1


It’s October, which means of course that it’s also Dreadtober – a phenomenon which I’ve become rather fond of in recent years. For those wanting to keep up with all the action, or who feel that this blog just isn’t enough for them (how dare you!?), should head over to the official Dreadtober website for all the latest shenanigans. Essentially however the idea of Dreadtober is simple, to paint up a dreadnaught (or similarly sized vehicle) by the end of the October. The fact that lots of other people are doing the same thing, and that one has publicly stated one’s intention to paint said model, acts as a great motivator – for me at least – and has helped me finish off two Helbrutes which would otherwise undoubtedly be lingering in dusty shame on the shelf where unpainted models go to die. Back in 2015 I produced this angry Khornate fellow…


Whilst in 2016 it was the turn of this Slaaneshi sonic-ironform.


This year however I don’t really have a suitable Dreadnaught or Helbrute to work on. I do however have the foetid bloat-drone from the Dark Imperium boxset which will hopefully fit the bill. To me models like the bloat-drone are perfect fodder for Dreadtober. It was one of the stand out models from the boxset, one of the reasons I bought it in the first place in fact, and yet one that I always suspected I would end up putting off whilst I lived in the moment, flitting like a butterfly from one project to the next. With a deadline to meet however I’m not going to allow it to slip to the corner of the painting desk in favour of whatever else takes my fancy. Now I know that this isn’t really a dreadnaught, however Dreadtober is a broad church and equally welcoming to carnifexs, dreadknights and dunecrawlers as it is of dead space marines in stomping up-gunned coffins, so hopefully this buzzing disease infested daemon engine will be equally acceptable.

Blightdrone Dreadtober Convert Or Die (3)Blightdrone Dreadtober Convert Or Die (2)

However just in case the lack of stamping legs is just too much heresy for you I’ll also be returning to a project from the first Dreadtober, the flail-waving, Khorne-loving helbrute berserker. The trouble with all those flails is their tendency to snag on things and snap off every time he’s moved and by this point they’ve been reattached more times than I care to admit, leaving him slightly spiky and lopsided.

He’s also not as well painted as he deserves to be so a bit of a touch up seems in order – and what better time of year to tackle him than this?

Of course I couldn’t sign off without wishing all the other Dreadtober participants the best of luck in our joint endeavour – and for those of you who’re still on the fence I recommend you go for it. Grab that unpainted and under-loved ‘dread from whatever corner you’ve shoved it into and get to work – by this time next month a shiny new creation will be ready to impress your friends and terrorise your enemies!

16 responses to “DreadTober 2017 – Part 1

  • novafix

    If only I had time to paint all the stuff I wanted to paint. I have a nice Hellbrute conversion sat in my ‘to paint’ pile that’s very low down on the priority list. Maybe next year!

    • Wudugast

      Aye, tell me about it! I remember years ago when I was young and arrogant and I looked down on people with loads of stuff sitting around unpainted. How could they afford it? Did they have no self control? Why didn’t they just crack on with it? Alas age has humbled me and now I can barely see across the room for the pile of unfinished models. I keep thinking “That’s it, I’m not buying anything else until I’ve finished everything I’m working on – I can barely afford this as it is”. Then another idea comes bubbling up out of the dark corners of my brain and I think “Well, this one is too good not to make, I just need to buy this model and a few bits to go with it, but after that – no more!” It’s the typical addict’s lament though – I don’t have a problem I tell you, I could stop any time I wanted!

  • heresyofus

    I have all the bits but I don’t think I’ll manage to get it done so maybe next year for me to.

    • Wudugast

      I must confess I thought I would be a Dreadtober non-attendee this year right up to the last moment, and for exactly the same reasons as yourself. I have the bits for at least one planned model, and the ideas for about a dozen more, but I knew I wouldn’t have the time to build and paint them without rushing them and that’s not something I want to do. Then I realised that I could still use it as motivation to paint something that is already waiting for attention, and which doesn’t have the automatic boost up the queue that being a fun conversion gets – and here we are.

  • Alex

    Yeah, I’m in the ‘maybe next year’ camp too – my lead pile is obscene as it is!! If I were to go for Dreadtober, it would almost certainly be Oldhammer ork dreads 😉

    • Wudugast

      Ah see for me Dreadtober is about reducing the unpainted pile, not adding to it (that’s the other 11 months…). Good shout on the old ork ‘dreads – reminds me that I’ve got a couple of (newer and plastic) ork dreads collected from the great online bargain hunt and crying out for attention. At this rate they’ll probably end up being next Dreadtober…

  • imperialrebelork

    Loved the first two so I have high expectations for the third instalment son

  • bigbossredskullz

    Cheers for reminding me about this! I’m so in this year 😅

    So you aim high with two entres?

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