Welcome To The Jungle

I’ve spoken before about my love for Warhammer: Total War, a computer game which combines my addiction to the Total War series (which peaked in my early 20’s but to which I’ve recently relapsed) and that weird old-fashioned hobby where you paint your own models and push them around on the tabletop. Today sees the release of the second instalment in the trilogy, this time focussing on the lands across the sea to the west of the Old World. Whilst the previous game covered the lands surrounding the Empire, stretching north as far as Norsca and the fringes of the Chaos Wastes and south into the Orc infested Badlands, this game brings us the High Elf homeland of Ulthuan, the desolate horror of Naggarond, a suspicious stretch of desert in the Southlands that would be just perfect for some undead kings to build a few pyramids on and of course the teeming jungles of Lustria. Naturally this calls for some kind of celebration or recognition on this blog, if for no other reason than that my (already stretched) hobby time is now going to be eaten up by conquering the new world in the name of a verminous empire. Last time round I marked the occasion by waxing philosophical about the fall of the Old World, the dawning of the Age of Sigmar and the passing of the world of Warhammer from the tabletop to the computer screen. This time, in the interests of showing you a painted model rather than just fobbing you off with my words, here’s the famous Tilean explorer, and discoverer of Lustria, Marco Colombo.

Marco Colombo Convert Or Die (1)Marco Colombo Convert Or Die (2)Marco Colombo Convert Or Die (3)

Marco was given to me by my friend Les, long before I’d really discovered the world of Warhammer, and sat unpainted for years – first because I knew I lacked the skills to tackle him, later because a million other projects were demanding my attention (if you’re in this hobby then you know how these things go). A few years ago when Les was planning an Empire army I rescued Marco from his box and started to paint him, intending to give him back as an addition to the nascent force. Alas I failed to get him painted as completely as Les failed to paint the rest of the army and then GW went and blew up the entire Warhammer planet, which rather put the tin lid on things. This, however, is Marco’s hour at last. Now I just need to paint up that Liche Priest that his brother Sam gave me before the release of the inevitable Tomb Kings expansion…


7 responses to “Welcome To The Jungle

  • Alex

    Nice job dude, and nice mini! I haven’t seen this figure before… good candidate for a rogue trader 😉

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – and you know, I thought that myself. A bionic eye here, a steampunk backpacker there, a monkey android sidekick and hey presto! Sadly ebay says he’s not cheap so I shall restrain myself (with some difficulty) for now.

  • imperialrebelork

    I’ve never seen this mini and I want him dammit. Nice paint work

    • Wudugast

      Yeah he’s pretty sweet isn’t he? To be honest the more I look at him the more I think some of the subtleties haven’t come out that well, so I might rephotograph him at some point. Quite pleased with how the skull on the base looks in real life for instance but it looks like a bit of a blob in these pics.

    • poisontail

      I think he is a limited release for Dogs of War – the occasion was GW supporting a Childrens Hospital for Neuroligical diseases in Spain or Portugal if I’ve understood the box correctly. You can find the minis around on ebay every now and again. Due to the fact people don’t know about them they aren’t as expensive as other well known ones.

      Excellent paint job, Wudugast!

      • Wudugast

        Ah, that’s interesting – I didn’t know that. An excellent cause too – well done GW. I’m usually a bit sceptical of all the limited releases GW does but if they were to use them to support good causes I’d get behind them in a flash 🙂

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