Our Rage Won’t Die – Part 1

Few kits currently available in the chaos range can conjure such disgust and disappointment from fans  as the Khorne Berserkers. First released over a century ago, the fact that the Berserkers remain on sale today makes a mockery of the company’s proud boast to make the finest toy soldiers in the world. Only the most perversely deranged of the pantheon’s followers find even the slightest glimmer of pleasure in these lumpen, ill-proportioned horrors, and even they wholeheartedly agree that even unconverted Blood Warriors from Age of Sigmar make infinitely superior Berserkers. Indeed some suspicious souls would go so far as to suggest that GW has held back on releasing new Berserkers in order to boost sales of the AoS range (do remember however that although a suspicious mind is a healthy mind to question the wisdom of They-Who-Art-In-Nottingham is to invite the scrutiny of the Inquisition…).

Now on a more sensible note it’s safe to say that, in the wake of the Thousand Sons and the Death Guard, a full release for the World Eaters is probably not too far away. A reasonable man would crack on with painting the dozen or so projects already demanding his attention and wait for Angron’s legion to get their moment in the sun. Patience however is anathema to the followers of Khorne who prefer to rush in (chainswords revving) where the (Emperor’s) angels fear to tread, and I’ll confess I’m no different. With modern space marines reaching the proportions they’ve always deserved I’m not about to let Khorne’s followers miss out for a second!

Khorne Berserker Khornevert Or Die (2)Khorne Berserker Khornevert Or Die (6)Khorne Berserker Khornevert Or Die (3)Khorne Berserker Khornevert Or Die (4)Khorne Berserker Khornevert Or Die (5)Khorne Berserker Khornevert Or Die (1)

The Death Guard may have new models to enjoy but at least the warriors of Khorne can still look them in the eye!

Khorne Berserker Khornevert Or Die (7)

Although my old berserker conversions are looking a little on the short side now…

Khorne Berserker Khornevert Or Die (8)

As a first shot I’m pretty happy with this chap, although there are a few things I’d change next time round. For one thing the smooth, clean lines of the loyalist armour doesn’t exactly match up with the jagged styling’s of the Blood Warrior, although hopefully that will become less obvious after he’s painted. The model also has a sense of the weight concentrating in the upper part of the body so next time I might try using the slightly more heavily armoured legs from the Hellblasters rather than the slimmer Intercessors. I’m planning on making a few more soon though so any feedback at this stage is especially welcome.

33 responses to “Our Rage Won’t Die – Part 1

  • Warburton

    That looks good mate; nice work!

  • Thomas

    Great mix of HH, AoS and Primaris bit. Well done, mate. The boots was always the worst part of the AoS Blood Warriors. This looks so much better.

    Once I finish my TS I’ll …

  • Mike Nogle

    Looks great. The one thing I’d say after using berzerker in about 20 games with my world eaters is go chainaxe/chainsword. The pistol will be out of range or in a rhino turn one. So will only get 3-5 shots possibly putting you out of range if too effective before a charge. The chainsword will end up with possibly double digit extra attacks in a game.

    • Wudugast

      That’s a good tip. Mind you I’m much more of a convertor/painter/modeller than a gamer so for me it’s much more important that he looks like a berserker than that he wins games. Your tactical advice makes a lot of sense though. My suspicion is that when GW get’s round to a full World Eaters codex we’ll see some kind of specialised transport to get those angry lads into combat faster. I still have a temptation to build something based off the Space Wolves stormfang but with a huge saw mounted on the prow and a troop compartment that’s basically a gaping maw. Think that description makes it sound terrible but it’s awesome in my head!

      • Mike Nogle

        I’ll hit you from the modeling side then. A raptor chainsword would look cooler on the model than that little pistol 😉

      • Wudugast

        You know, I really can’t argue with you there… Very well, the next one is shaping up quite differently to this one but the one after that I’ll try to arm as you’ve suggested 🙂

  • Paul

    I tried that some time ago with Terminator legs, wich came out nice but was quite some work. Cool idea to use the Primaris´legs and he really came out cool and menacing!
    I put in the link of mine to show, they do look nice, if you swap shoulders as well…allthough those are nice as well.

    • Wudugast

      Wow – those are excellent, good idea using the terminator legs they work really well here. Nice idea on using the standard shoulderpads, they do fit nicely with the Blood Warrior bodies and might help smooth the transition between the clean primaris parts and the warped blood warrior parts. Then again I do rather like the spiky blood warrior shoulder pads. One to consider when I’m working on the next one. 🙂

  • Eric M Wier

    Wow, he looks fantastic, a very good selection of parts that fit together remarkably well. The choice of using a primaris marine as a base was a good one; their improved proportions over all other Space Marines helps this model tremendously. It would be awesome to have a squad of these!

  • imperialrebelork

    Nice one pal. Great choice of bits. He’s fearsome

  • Alex

    Superb mate, much more imposing, and very nicely proportioned – I actually like the slightly top-heavy look with this guy!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate – and you know, the more I look at him the more I the top heavy look grows on me, he looks like he’s about to ram through someone or something with that great Khornate helm. I’ll see how the next one turns out.

  • heretic30k

    Now that does justice to Khorne Bersekers – great job!

  • FirBholg

    I suppose that makes me a perversely deranged follower of the dark powers then (I suspect I never entirely got over my joy at – for the time – posable plastic chaos marines, same with the original multipart chaos warriors. Some of those original berserker heads were sweet, though!)

    Seriously though, that conversion rocks! I think the tassets work really well with the Primaris legs, there’s a palpable sense of potential violence to the pose, almost like he’s just spotted the next person to kill, maim, and/or burn. I look forward to seeing him if you paint him up, particularly how the Khorne details you placed to his lower legs come out.

    Looking at him next to the plague marine makes me think he’ll scale up well with the newer figures, almost makes me wonder if the Primaris reivers (or at least, their helmets) would be a good base for World Eater Assault Marines (if you could find appropriately scaled bare arms, at least).

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – good suggestion regarding the Reiver heads, I was just looking for a suitable bonce to go with one of the AoS blood warrior bodies that I’d decapitated for a previous project (it’s not Khorne without a little decapitation right?).
      Have you seen these by the way? https://maleficdesign.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/the-night-is-dark-and-full-of-terrors-night-lords-true-scale-wip/ Goes to show how well the Reiver helms work on Night Lords as well.
      I have to admit that although I’m no fan of the Reiver bodies or concept those helms/heads have a million uses. As for suitable bare arms I’ve always thought the Catachan arms were way too big for the models – wonder how they’d look on someone a little a larger… After all every Khorne berserker has the right to bare arms…

  • Azazel

    Great work here! The two kits you’ve used (plus weapons & backpack) come together really nicely for a modern take on Khorne’s nutters. Can;t wait to see the rest of the squad as they come together!

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  • Prometian Painting

    I was on the brink of buying some blood warriors when Dark Imperium came out, and have managed to restrain myself so far. Articles like this tempt me, though.

    I think one of the places the berserker kit is redeemable is the heads, or some of them anyway- I managed to make an okay Exalted Champion out of one of the AoS khorne heroes and one of the aforementioned helmets (link below). I think the ‘mandalorian style’ helmet in particular might help 40k-ify the design a bit. 🙂

    Just my tuppence worth though, I love the conversion either way!

    • Wudugast

      I think there’s not a lot worth saving from the old Berserkers kit nowadays but I do like some of the helmets and shoulder-pads. There’s an austere quality to them which is very in keeping with Khorne. I’ll definitely mix in some of those helmets as I work on the squad further 🙂

  • Kharneth

    Sorry I’m a little late to the party, but I just ran across your Berzerker conversions and wanted to tell you just how in awe I am of their glory. You’ve done a magnificent job modernizing their look, while remaining true not only to their old mien, but more importantly to their spirit. These guys look SO fierce!! If it’s not too much bother, would you mind giving us a breakdown of the bits you used to create this gorgeous model?

    Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

    • Wudugast

      Let the galaxy burn slaughter-brother!

      Thank you! 🙂 Once again this has reminded me that I really must paint these, and perhaps make a few more.

      In terms of the bits used there’s actually not a lot to it, the legs are from the Primaris marines, the torso and head is from the Blood Warriors from the last AoS starter set. The weapons are from the Khorne berserkers set on this one, on some of the others I’ve used Raptor weapons instead. The backpack is from the Mk III armour from the Burning of Prospero set, on some of the others I’ve used Primaris backpacks decorated with chains etc, although I think I now like this one the best. Runes of Khorne, skulls, chains and other bits are just gathered from the bits box and distributed as seemed appropriate. For some of the others I also nabbed a few bits from the Skullreapers/Wrathmongers set although, nice though some of those bits are, for my money you get a lot more mileage out of the Blood Warriors.

      • Kharneth

        Simple, yet brutally effective – like the World Eaters themselves. Thanks for the tips, Wudugast.

        And yeah, slap some paint on these bad boys!

  • Gio

    Hi! May I ask how did you join blood warrior s torso with primaris legs?

    • Wudugast

      Nothing terribly fancy or complicated to be honest. I can’t actually remember if the legs were attached on this blood warrior but if so it wasn’t any bother to trim them away. Then just cut the top of the Primaris legs to make a flat join at the waist, put a smidge of greenstuff in there to help create a smooth join and then stuck the two halves together. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Kralgor

    Absolutely fantastic looking! Great insperation!

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