Ostium Guides – Part 2

Animals have no choice beyond survival but man does have choice and he must use his unique gifts now to play the role for which he has truly evolved, as responsible custodian of the last wild places, not merely their exploiter. We can never escape the inherent responsibility our genius bestows upon us. We must learn to love and conserve what is inspiring and beautiful, not only what is economically profitable… To love in the universal sense is not the refuge-seeking philosophy of the romantic. It is the necessary ethic of our own survival.

-Mike Tomkies, Golden Eagle Years

Ostium Guides Convert Or Die (1)

The second Ostium Guide, husband to the first, is now completed. Let those who dare to brave the Chapel first follow in their footsteps through the haunted depths of the Albino Woods.

Ostium Guides Convert Or Die (5)

Ostium Guides Convert Or Die (2)

Life in the forest may be harsh, for there are witches and revenants, strange beasts and wood ghasts all abroad. Rain and chill may sap a body of its strength, and what is left of a life reliant on physical prowess when that power is broken by time or sickness? Yet there is still culture to be found amongst the people of the forest, still music and laughter, still joy and the capturing of passion in art. Those who dwell beneath the stark white boughs do not do so as guttering candles, battling against the gale. Instead the forces that might snuff them breathe life and delight into them, energising brief lives spent far from the misery of Imperial toil and servitude in the great hives.

Ostium Guides Convert Or Die (4)

Ostium Guides Convert Or Die (3)

Just a week to go now before the disparate warbands brave the Chapel itself. For those not yet in the know (where have you been?!) the Chapel is a narrative driven game bringing together a plucky band of hobbyists and bloggers, all put together by Mark of HeresyOfUs. Sadly, real life being what it is, I won’t be able to make it but fear not, this isn’t the end of the road for Inquisitor Morix and his grim faced agents of the Ordo Mors. Mark has already hinted that the Chapel will call once more to those caught in its web and though Morix may have found himself diverted upon the road he knows that the path of his destiny leads straight into the archotech heart of that strangest of worlds. The will of the Imperium will not be denied.

7 responses to “Ostium Guides – Part 2

  • Alex

    Brilliant again mate, and I love the writing! So sorry I won’t be seeing you next weekend, but like you said, we are all caught in the web now – I feel sure our paths will cross 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, it would have been good to meet in person but these things happen, hopefully everything will be a bit more settled before Chapel 2 (plus it gives me more time to finish off my warband!)

  • Azazel

    Great work on these models. I wonder how Xenos races will fit into the overarching narrative of The Chapel when you guys have your game. Hope to see your perspective on it after your get-together…

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Well Alex of Leadballoony is bringing some Eldar exodites so there will be some xenos present. I’ve often wondered about making a suitably gritty, Blanche style Ork warband for Inq28 (not for the Chapel specifically I just think they’d fit nicely into that kind of setting). Another of those projects that’s filed away semi-permanently under “some day, when I get around to it…”

  • Azazel

    Gunfight at the Chapel, so it seems?😉 I know the feeling of “When I get around to it” projects all too well…

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