Ostium Guides – Part 1

We have suffered from loosening our roots in the natural world and loosing the sense of wonder, deepened intuition and perception that naturally occur when we see nature’s most extraordinary and beautiful phenomena. We are humbled by such glimpses of glorious creation and the mind opens, the soul becomes inspired at last.

– Mike Tomkies, Golden Eagle Years


Finished at last; the first of my Ostium Guides ready to lead intrepid explorers through the twisting paths of the Albino Woods and into the heart of the Chapel itself.

Ostium Guide Covert Or Die (1)

Ostium Guide Covert Or Die (2)

Ostium Guide Covert Or Die (3)

Divesting herself of all technology but for that which she can carry on her back she becomes one with the groves and glades of her forest home, attuning herself to its moods and reawakening instincts stifled by millennia beneath the Imperial yoke. Yet agents of the Imperium must beware for although she will not renege on a deal or break a solemn promise she does not forget the generations of persecution that her kind have suffered, or the horrors perpetrated against those of abhuman stock which drove her people into the forest in the first place. The wilderness has made her kind strong, and she will not risk her own survival for those who cannot rise to its challenges or heed its warnings.


7 responses to “Ostium Guides – Part 1

  • imperialrebelork

    Her face scares me and this, I assure you, is a good thing. Nice paintwork. She looks both earthy and not so earthy haha. Kudos for the Tomkies quote. I’ve read some but not enough of his work. Cheers. IRO

    • Wudugast

      Aye, I grew up reading Tomkies, he’s excellent isn’t he? Wanted to be him when I was a teenager, and he’s definitely been a big influence on my lifestyle and work, although I’ve rarely lived in quite such isolation as he did.

      As for her scary face, I really struggled to get her looking a little more friendly but in the end it just wasn’t to be so I went the whole hog with making her a little bit more weird (wyrd?) and frightening. After all she’s a mutant that lives in the depths of the woods and distrusts outsiders (she’s probably only one step away from playing the banjo) so perhaps it’s right that she doesn’t look too friendly.

  • Alex

    That is spot on mate – I love the colour palette here, such a good choice dude, it complements the mood of the mini perfectly!

  • heresyofus

    Excellent! It’ll be great if you could send me your Ostium Guides so I can take a few pics of them in the Albino woods. Good work mate.

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