The Year of the Rat – June

It’s time once again to look back over the progress of my Skaven army this month. As it turns out I’m afraid there’s not much to show for June, just a single rat ogre, but still, I promised at least a model a month and this big, ugly brute fits the bill. Now I just need a friend or two for him…


Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Skaven (3)

Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Skaven (4)

Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Skaven (5)

Rat Ogre Convert Or Die Skaven (6)

If I’m honest the rat ogres aren’t easy models to love, they’re famously ill-proportioned and ugly models and, in spite of flirting with the idea more than once (the Island of Blood kit, followed by the Stormfiends and Boneripper) GW never seems to get around to replacing it. Having said that it’s been a long time since the last proper Skaven release so perhaps, if I focus on painting the models I’ve got, the Citadel team will find it in them to supply us with some new ones.

In the meantime it’s the end of June which means we’re now half way through my challenge and – in spite of some months producing fewer models than others – so far I’ve managed to keep to my goal. To celebrate, here’s a group shot of all that’s been achieved so far.

Convert Or Die Skaven Group Shot

As you can see it may not be a huge army but it’s considerably more than I would have painted if I hadn’t set myself the challenge. I’m aiming to churn out quite a lot more in July than I managed in June (wadayamean that won’t be difficult?!) – we’ll find out in a month how well I get on!

8 responses to “The Year of the Rat – June

  • Alex

    Cool beans – yeah, the rat ogre is a problem child… To be honest, I think that the original metal minis are still the best version, (but I bet they are no bigger than a Stormcast Eternal thanks to scale-creep)
    Still, you’ve managed to get this chap looking spot on , and this little force of rat-men is growing nicely!

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, the metal ones were not bad, definitely better than the plastic kit. I do like the IoB ones, it’s just a shame that they don’t really lend themselves to conversion. I always said I’d never buy a rat ogre until they replace that old kit but then I ended up with two anyway, bundled in with a load of other goodies I bought off a mate. I figured that as he was here now I might as well try to redeem him although I won’t deny there were times it was hard to keep up the motivation!

  • imperialrebelork

    I like him. Yeah he’s a bit out of proportion but so is 90% of all GW gear hehe. Nice colour choices man

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate! It’s not so much that he’s ill-proportioned, he could get away with that, it’s the big chunky lumps that pass for details, the crude joins between the limbs, the fat sausage tail and the mould lines that are about a centimetre deep and never really disappear no matter how much one scrapes at them. Glad you like what I did with him because honestly painting him may have actually made my opinion of this kit worse! 😀 Still, I’ve got a second rat ogre from the same kit to finish off (I’ve started so I’ll finish!), then I can reward myself by painting the pair from Island of Blood.

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    […] a little prickling of shame at only finishing one model for my Skaven this month, even if it is a hulking great rat ogre, I decided – before July is upon us – to break out the paints and finish this assassin […]

  • Azazel

    I’ve got (most of?) a couple of these in my bits box that I’ve never been motivated to start, let alone finish, so despite how ugly these models are, you deserve some credit for getting the bloody thing done!

    • Wudugast

      I can’t pretend it was a labour of love – more like a feat of endurance! 😀

      • Azazel

        Honestly, seeing yours done filled me with an urge to dig my bits out and smash them out. Common sense (and already having a unit of Skaven floundering, half painted and sort of filed away) eventually prevailed, however…

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