Old and Sick

So today is the day and, following considerable build up, the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is being launched. New plague marines will soon be stomping their foul authority across painting desks and gaming tables everywhere and what better way to celebrate the newest recruits to the Plague God’s armies than with one which is very, very old indeed?

Oldhammer Plague Marine Convert Or Die (2)

Much like the old ork I painted recently I wanted this model to sport a gritty modern paint scheme, rather than the brighter, flatter schemes that were preferred when he was first released. He’s also rather short in comparison to the outgoing plague marines, and will be dwarfed by the new Death Guard models.

Oldhammer Plague Marine Convert Or Die (3)

Oldhammer Plague Marine Convert Or Die (4)

Oldhammer Plague Marine Convert Or Die (1)

I went for a very quick and dirty paintjob, this wasn’t a model I wanted to pour too much time and effort into but rather a quick and enjoyable distraction whilst I wait for the new release to arrive. A quick glance at the top photo will also reveal that I did not attempt to drill out the (rather fragile) tip of the gun barrel and indeed the whole model is hardly my best work. A few special effects like the gunk seeping out of his armour and the freehand on his shoulders should help to balance that out though.

6 responses to “Old and Sick

  • imperialrebelork

    Nastylittle fella. Very nice

  • Torva Tenebris

    Nice little old school mini. I am half toying with the idea of adding spacers to the legs and torsos of some of my older, shorter marines (Death Guard included) to help scale them up a bit, so the new fellas don’t tower over them. Could be way too time consuming though. I reckon I’ll do a couple and see I find any enjoyment in the process.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, I’m in exactly the same boat. I’ve got at least fifty-odd Chaos Marines of various types who’re all going to be looking distinctly short now. Think I’ll do the same thing as you’re suggesting and scale up a couple of them, then see how well that works and whether the effort is worthwhile before trying to tackle the whole army.

      Even if I do go down that road I’ll be doing it in blocks, taking on everything in one go would be a herculean task. Good luck brother – think how good our armies are going to look if we stick it out and triumph!

  • Krimdar

    Love the old spiked helmet design, recently traded some Reaper miniatures for 15 of these plus the old plague champion with power fist.

    Not sure what to make out of them, but the offer was way to good.^^ Unfortunately they are just outright tiny compared to the new plague marines. 😀

    • Wudugast

      Aye, they’re going to be looking titchy now – I’ll admit part of the reason I dug him out of the bits box was so I could do a size comparison between him and the newest plague marines. I’m sure with 15 of them though you could make a squad, plus converting a couple of them into characters for some seriously old-school gaming 🙂

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