The Dread Pestilence

Like a lot of you I’m currently waiting impatiently for the arrival of Dark Imperium and with it the  chance to really get to know the new 40k universe, as well as finally getting my hands on the kind of Space Marines that I’ve been waiting for since I found out Space Marines existed. Most of all though it’s the followers of Nurgle that have excited me, enough that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new kits and instead decided to cobble together something of my own to paint in the meantime.

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (3)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (4)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (5)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (1)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (2)

For me this feels like the last hurrah of old fashioned plague marines, built from converted chaos marines with bloated, greenstuffed guts. Soon enough we’ll have new models to play with, at least from the contents of Dark Imperium, hopefully bolstered by a full kit for plague marines. The days of having to make Mortarion’s sons ourselves are coming to an end and with this model I wanted to wave them off in style, a salute to the many hobbyists who first discovered their sculpting skills by crudely mashing hideous loops of intestines onto Nurgle’s foot soldiers. Not that I imagine for a moment that the release of new kits will stop Nurgle fans from sticking greenstuff everywhere…

10 responses to “The Dread Pestilence

  • Azazel

    Lovely(?) work here. The Axe in particular looks great!

    • Wudugast

      Thanks 🙂 The axe was a lot of fun to paint but also something of an experiment; it’s the first time I’ve tried painting rust without starting with a metallic paint. Instead I started with a coat of dark brown then started sponge-weathering up to orange. The metallic shades only went on at the very end. As rust is so prevalent on my models I wanted to experiment with something even grimier than usual to help my Nurgle models stand out a little.

      • Azazel

        It’s clearly an effective technique. I’ve read/heard about it before, but never had anything with that much rust to paint. Now you’ve reminded me of it – and how effective it can be, I’ll have to put it to good use once I get to my Death Guard…

  • templeofthutmos

    I’ve really enjoyed the theme of these recent posts. I’ll admit I’ve felt oddly wistful about my old kit-bashed and green-stuffed Plague Marines with the impending release of Dark Imperium, like my guys are about to become the Cowboy Woody to the new Buzz Lightyear of the new models. But I’ve set a goal for myself to see if I can cannibalize/convert the new models enough to blend them in with my old (who’ll receive upgrades themselves) and have a hideous, uniform (or as uniform as Nurgle gets, anyway) force that looks like it belongs on the table together.

    • Wudugast

      I know what you mean, much as I’m looking forward to new models I’d be sad to see some of those old, well-loved conversions pushed to the back of the shelf. I’m even more concerned about my normal chaos marines, if only because I’ve painted so many of them now (not to mention all those that are still waiting for paint). I’d love to see a new chaos marines kit but I worry it’ll make my lovingly corrupted models look old before they’re even finished.

      Still, I’m sure minds of our calibre will find ways to resurrect our old models! Looking forward to seeing what you do with yours 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    Very sick and repulsive. I love it.

  • Ann

    Very nice model. It is true: now everyone will have Death Guard; I certainly am one of the burgeoning crowd happily mucking about with the new models, but in a sea of production filth your converted guys will certainly stand out.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you 🙂 I’m still rather proud of this one but he is quite short compared to the other new plague marines. I wonder if I could swap out his legs for those from a new death guard model – something to take a look at as soon as I get home…

      • Ann

        He is very good; the shoulder pads are particularly nice and I like your alternative method for extremely rusty weapons of starting from dark brown and building up to metal rather than starting with metal, which is how I’ve been doing it. I’ll have to give the way you talk about a try. 🙂

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