Reinventing Nurgle

Nurgle fans may be excused for being a little excited at the moment – and no, I’m not talking about the decay of western society. Whilst there’s been an understandable spike of interest in the Space Marine side of the new 40k starter set the sons of Mortarion are also getting reinforced with series of fantastic plague-ridden models (plus a weird baby with a fart for a hand). Time for me to cast my eye over my old Plague Marines, to decide which are fine as they are, which are too rough around the edges to easily save and which could be redeemed without too much effort. Enter this chap;


Of course, you’ll know by now my feelings about Space Marines holding bolters one handed, especially if they’re doing it awkwardly whilst staring off into the middle distance. What was I thinking? Is he inspecting his knife or trying to remember where he left his keys? Time for a freshen up I think.

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (5)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (1)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (2)

By adjusting the angle of the vents on the backpack I was able to create a subtle reflection of Nurgle’s symbol.

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (3)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (4)

Then we have his colleague who, although a little less awkward in the posing of his gun, is still trying to hold a two-handed weapon single handed and looking daft as a result.


I didn’t do as much with the paintjob on this one but hopefully still managed to make some improvements into the bargain.

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (6)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (7)

Plague Marine Convert Or Die (8)

Then we have this chap who, for the last six months or so, has been waiting patiently for a new base ever since I decided that the little 28mm base he was on was just too small for him.chosen_1 Convert Or Die

Upgraded to a 32mm base he already looks considerably more powerful and should be able to hold his head up with pride next to his new brothers soon to arrive with the Dark Imperium boxset.

Chosen of Nurgle Convert or Die (1)

Chosen of Nurgle Convert or Die (2)

Chosen of Nurgle Convert or Die (3)

Chosen of Nurgle Convert or Die (4)

Of course this means I really must get back to working on the rest of his squad mates – although I’m sure I’ll have plenty of Nurgly enthusiasm to carry me through over the next couple of months. Until then, as ever, your feedback is welcome.


8 responses to “Reinventing Nurgle

  • imperialrebelork

    Excellent mate. I really want the new offerings to Nurgle.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers man 🙂 I’m the same – I know my pre-order of Dark Imperium isn’t due for a few days yet but every time I think I hear the postman I get a little jolt of excitement. It’s a sickness I tell you! (although with Nurgle in play that shouldn’t be a surprise…)

      • imperialrebelork

        Haha. Do you think they’ll release the Nurgly things separately eventually? I’m not too interested, at this stage anyway, in the oversized Marines haha.

      • Wudugast

        Well they’ve as good as confirmed that new plague marines are coming soon, if I was a gambling man I’d put money on seeing a multipart kit within the next couple of months, alongside a bunch of other Nurgly goodness. Dunno how many of the other units in the Dark Imperium box would get a multipart kit in the near future though, and as for getting the exact same models as are in the box set ebay will be your best bet. Should be plenty of them popping up there though, lots of people will be getting the box set and then selling on the army they don’t want.

  • Thomas

    I like the way you changed the backpack. I would try and reinforce the effect by painting thin lines to make the Mark of Nurgle a bit more visible.

  • Azazel

    Great work here. Their Papa will be proud!

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