Use The Force

If you guessed that all those Orks I posted last week were leading up to something you were right. Whilst I powered through the newest recruits to the Ork Boys squads I was also chipping away at what may be my favourite Ork model from the last few years, the hulking Big Mek with Kustom Force Field.

As conversions go he’s pretty straightforward, built almost entirely as Games Workshop intended with a simple head-swap for one of the excellent Max-Mini Orc Tech Freak heads.

Big Mek Convert Or Die (1)

Big Mek Convert Or Die (2)

Big Mek Convert Or Die (3)

The face was a joy to paint, full of grumpy character.

Big Mek Convert Or Die (4)

Big Mek Convert Or Die (5)

Big Mek Convert Or Die (8)

Big Mek Convert Or Die (6)

Of course, one Big Mek is never enough, especially when the Teleport Blasta looks so damn good as well. However it seems that GW aren’t keen on anyone making both Big Meks from a single box of models as, although there are bodies a plenty (well, three to be precise) and the bits to build both pieces of ‘teknology’ the components needed to attach either the Teleport Blasta or the Kustum Force Field appear only once. Not to worry, a bit of rickety looking Orky scrap metal covers the gap and leaves me with enough bits to start cobbling together his new colleague.

Big Mek Convert Or Die (7)

As regular readers will know any feedback is appreciated so feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

9 responses to “Use The Force

  • Somet

    Loved this and the rest of your Orks! Any chance of you sharing your Ork skin paint recipe? I would love to ‘borrow’ (aka steal it) for mine…

    • Wudugast

      Sure thing – it’s nothing fancy 🙂 Over a black undercoat I apply a couple of coats of Waaagh! flesh, followed by a coat of Warboss Green* then a highlight of Skarsnik Green.
      *at this stage, sometimes – but not always, I’ll work in a few light browns on the muscles. It adds a bit of variation and creates a more natural look.
      I’ll also give the deeper lines on his face, and around his lips, a light wash of Druchii Violet.
      Nothing else too it really – very quick and straightforward 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    Fantastic mate. The head is awesome but your paint work on it really brings it to life. Love the beady yellow eyes. Really like this one man, well done.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers dude, must confess I’m really pleased with him myself. There was a little bit of pressure there, I really like the model, even more so after I changed the heads, but he came together like a dream, a real joy to paint.

  • Rory

    He is looking well, I am a real fan of that model and you really did it justice.

  • Cylde Ar

    Great. Lots of rusty as an ork will have. Like it a lot.

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