Good Ol’ Boyz – Bonus Grots!

Blame it on painting that old Ork but since then I’ve had a real itch to work on a few grots for him to boss around (after all the other lads are never going to stop picking on him for being short so he’ll need someone to bully in turn). Into the box of old models I go to fish out these two gretchin. Like the Ork (and plenty of other things that you’ll see in due course) these were a gift from my good mate Tom who’s been clearing out, so cheers once again dude.

Old Grots Convert Or Die (3)

Old Grots Convert Or Die (6)

This one’s face seems to have lost some of its definition over the years so I kept the highlighting there to a minimum and put extra effort into other areas in order to draw the eye away. And then I spoiled it by telling you all what I’d done.

Old Grots Convert Or Die (1)

Something about their devious, spiteful little faces made me think of redcaps – the evil goblins which supposedly dwelt in ruins along the border between Scotland and England and make a habit of murdering travellers and painting their hats with the resultant blood. Although I didn’t want to paint this one’s helmet as if actually bloody I did think that giving him a red cap would be a suitable homage to the nasty little bastards. Plus, maybe he reckons it makes his thoughts go faster?

Old Grots Convert Or Die (2)

Unlike the Orks, who’ve grown somewhat in stature down the years, these grots are still pretty much of the same scale as their modern descendants.

Old Grots Convert Or Die (5)

Old Grots Convert Or Die (4)

At least the Ork no longer feels like such a titch!

Old Grots Convert Or Die (7)

10 responses to “Good Ol’ Boyz – Bonus Grots!

  • Alex

    Nice additions mate, really cool 🙂

  • darkfuture

    Great work – the gritty paint job gives them real character. I am very fond of these models; When was about nine years old I remember piercing my foot on the spiky helm of one of those bleeders!

    • Wudugast

      See, look at his evil little face. He wounded you and he’d do it again given half the chance! At least you have the excuse of being a child when you sustained that injury though, I stabbed myself quite badly in the thumb with a Skaven spear the other day and I’m supposedly an adult…

  • imperialrebelork

    A good read and lovely little Grots. I’m off to read about these redcap bastard Ye speaketh off

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate! They’re basically just nasty, gobliny creatures which I’m guessing were thought up on the fly by some bandits looking to explain away the poor sod they’d just killed. “No officer, he was like that when we got here. I reckon the redcaps got him”. Mind you there was supposedly a redcap lived in a castle near to where I grew up (he said, suddenly recognising that he sounds like a Scottish clichĂ© – we have a lot of castles ok!) that didn’t murder anybody and, supposedly, it was lucky if you saw it. Probably you were lucky not to get murdered…

  • Ann

    Yes, indeed. It is not how big and powerful you are in an absolute sense, but how many weedy grots you can surround yourself with in order to make yourself look big … plus having them toadie up to you is an added bonus! From such humble beginnings are warbosses born!

  • Ann

    That is true. You know you are at the bottom of the pecking order though, at least as a humanoid, when you start trying to order about and lord it over your own parasites!

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