Good Ol’ Boyz

After finishing off my undead I started fishing around for something to follow them with, a pallet cleanser if you will, before getting back to Chaos and my slowly progressing warband for the Chapel. My hand fell on this distinctly Oldhammer Ork, a gift – alongside quite a number of other models – from a friend who was having a clear out.

Old Ork Convert Or Die (1)

Old Ork Convert Or Die (2)

In spite of being a distinctly elderly model I wanted to paint him in a modern, grubby style, rather than the flatter, more garish tones preferred back when he was first released. I reckon it works well, and of course it ties him in nicely with his newer battle-bruvas.

Old Ork Convert Or Die (3)

Of course he’s a little shorter than his new mates but there’s no need to take the mick out of him for it eh!

11 responses to “Good Ol’ Boyz

  • Alex

    Ah, scale creep – you need to find an old RT Ork for him to stand next to to make him feel better! 🙂

  • Laffe

    They old orks don’t look so bad with a decent paint job like you did him. Of course, I painted mine bright red with black and white checkers here and there. (Took ages too…)

    One thing I did when the “new” plastics were released was to mount any spare heads and arms on the 2nd edition figures to give them some variety. It worked surprisingly well.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Have to confess I did wonder about going for a suitably garish old-skool colour scheme but I restrained myself.

      Good idea re kitbashing these old models with the new ones, I think there might be a couple of other old orks kicking around, I might dig them out and see if any inspiration strikes.

  • imperialrebelork

    He’s kind of cute in an ugly orky way. Well done sir

  • Azazel

    Ah, second edition plastics. I love me some Kev Adams, not so much that giant, busy, horny hat! Your paint here works well though, and makes him blend in a lot better with the current ones. Maybe not so much for the same unit, but definitely the same army!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers 🙂

      Yeah, they really didn’t know when to stop with that hat did they? For me it only really works on a single model placed alongside the modern orks, the aesthetic of general absurdity in the army means that a little ork with a big daft-looking hat can fit in (perhaps not that well but well enough) in a way that, for example, a similarly short and silly looking Space Marine or Tau would stand out.

      It also struck me as I was writing this that there is a certain utility to that hat for a convertor; either snip off the horns, the spike or both to get a bit of variety in the unit without the complexity of a multi-part kit.

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