Out For The Count

On Friday night I finally finished off the long awaited final models for my Vampire Counts army (not the most rock and roll start to the weekend but even I stop once in a while). On Saturday I uploaded them to this blog with, I’ll admit, very little fanfare. However, all things considered, that’s rather unfair. With one notable exception these are models I bought back in 2010(-ish, my memory isn’t so good) when I harboured plans for a massive undead army of the sort that might pour forth from Sylvania, spread eternal night across the land and so on. Instead they lurked in boxes (not even crypts – the shame of it!) as the years passed. Some of them were painted, to varying standards, many suffered through in nothing but bare plastic. Then, around New Year 2016 I resolved to resurrect them. Cue maniacal laughter and the distant howls of corpse-wolves!

Fast forward a few months and here we have them, a shambling band of wights, ghasts and revenants, ready to trouble the living once more. And all without needing to move into a castle, hire an assistant named Igor or even buy a shovel. How, then, could I let the moment pass without a few glamour shots and a group shot or two?

Let’s start with the finished squad of dire wolves, a kit which is (perhaps rightly) much maligned and yet for which I have a deep affection, in spite of its flaws.

Vampire Counts Convert Or Die (1)

And how about some suitably creepy mood shots as my corpse army advances through the dark-magic saturated gravelands of their Sylvanian homeland.

Vampire Counts Convert Or Die (2) - CopyVampire Counts Convert Or Die (4) - CopyVampire Counts Convert Or Die (5) - Copy

And of course no project of this sort can come to a close without a group shot.

Vampire Counts Convert Or Die (3)

Of course, no army is ever finished and so it should come as no surprise that I’m already planning to return to these. Hopefully it won’t be another seven years before they’re reinforced. Hang some garlic by your window, bury me at a crossroads and watch this space!

12 responses to “Out For The Count

  • imperialrebelork

    Sooooo good brother! Eerily good. The bleak look highlighted with blood red really does it for me.

  • Alex

    Lovely job mate – them’s some fine lookin’ undead!

  • Ann

    I agree with the others, very nicely done.

  • Azazel

    Looking great here, and you’re solidly well set for some Mordheim, Frostgrave, AoS skirmish or even smaller games of AoS!

    • Wudugast

      That’s good to hear – I’m not much of a gamer these days but I do like to have a bit of utility in a collection so if I did get the chance of a game I’d actually have the models I need for it. 🙂

  • ejhenries

    Ah the glorious dead! So, I’m very biased, back in the day of the square bases I had a Counts army and I wish I’d painted it to your calibre. Great use of earthy tones. I like that your vampire isn’t the overly done End Times variant. I always preferred the idea that the monstrous leaders of the undead could pass for human (excluding Strigoi of course, however there story was so tragic!). Damn, I really want a classic Counts army and some square bases now…

    • Wudugast

      Thanks very much 🙂 I did wonder about going with round bases but a Warhammer army, dwelling in Sylvania, was what I’d been planning all those years and I wanted to hold to that (plus I didn’t fancy all that rebasing!). I think the Vampire himself came from a similar mindset. I made him long before the End Times began and, although I love some of the impressive lords of the undead which were released around that time, and will inevitably add a few to my collection eventually, I’d never want them to overshadow the original Vampire (though I imagine that would be unavoidable given their huge steeds).

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