Public Service – Kairic Acolytes

Yesterday, fellow hobbyist Harrison commented that, in spite of their efforts, they was struggling to find any comparison pictures between the Kairic Acolytes released alongside the other Tzeentchian models for Age of Sigmar earlier this year, and those released as part of the Silver Tower boxset last year. Could I, they wondered, provide any images that allowed them to see them side by side? Naturally, as I’ve gained so much from all of you down the years in terms of support, encouragement and inspiration, I was more than happy to return the favour now.

Here we see Kairic Acolyte from Silver Tower (right) alongside one from the boxset (left, doing a fine impression of the Venus de Milo with his lack of arms). You may notice a very slight difference in height between the two but I’d put most of that down to the boxset model having been tacked together for the photoshoot whilst the Silver Tower model is cleanly stuck together with glue. Naturally I couldn’t glue the boxset model together as all the bits are needed for separate nefarious projects (watch this space!).

Kairic Acolytes Size Comparison Convert Or Die (1)

Certainly one could mix and match parts from the boxset to covert unique models for Silver Tower, or throw the Silver Tower models into a AoS warband to add a little more variety. However although they match each other fairly well fairly well for size there’s no denying these are big models. I’m keen to use some of them as Tzeentchian cultists for my forthcoming Thousand Sons, and have already had fun building a few for exactly that purpose, but it’s hard to overcome the fact that they’ll look oddly big in comparison to their power armoured masters.

Here the model from the Silver Tower attempts to get the attention of a stubbornly disinterested Space Marine who glares passive-aggressively in the opposite direction.

Kairic Acolytes Size Comparison Convert Or Die (2)

Indeed, for what should be skinny armed wizards, they’re almost as big as Khorne’s rank and file butchers, the Blood Reavers. From what I’ve been told about their background this is because they’ve thrown off their disguises and bloated their bodies into their warforms ready to do battle in the Changer’s name. There’s no denying however that with their bulging muscles and small heads they look more like beefy idiots than cunning wizards.

Kairic Acolytes Size Comparison Convert Or Die (3)

Once again, thanks to Harrison for suggesting I covered this, hope this helps you out and your own Tzeentchian scheme comes together just as planned. And of course if anyone wants to see a Kairic Acolyte posing next to any other model just let me know – if I own the requested models I’ll be happy to oblige!

14 responses to “Public Service – Kairic Acolytes

  • Laffe

    That’s an interesting comparison. A pet peeve of mine is that in AoS stuff seem to have gotten bigger, but as GW has yet to release an ordinary human miniature for AoS it’s no way to tell if they are supposed to be superhumanly big or if it’s just scale creep.

    It also — in a roundabout way — lends support to the rumours about the new edition of 40k getting larger space marines. Simply because non space marine models are now bigger than space marines.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, I’m in two minds about these supposed new giant marines. On the one hand it seems like a fairly desperate attempt to fix a screw up that they should have dealt with years ago (making marines too small to begin with). On the other hand having spent so long digging themselves and the fans into an ever deeper hole what choice do they really have now? Plus as a source for true-scale marines it would certainly be a godsend. Will have to wait and see what pans out now, at the moment – as is to be expected – a lot of what we’re hearing is wishful thinking reported as fact. Very curious to see what actually emerges though šŸ™‚

      • Laffe

        Yeah, being a Star Wars fan I’m no stranger to the “wishful thinking reported as fact” phenomen.

        I do wish they would fix it though. I guess I have scale OCD…

  • Alex

    Wow, it would be bold if they did truescale future marines for 8th… that’s a big range to overhaul!

    • Wudugast

      It would be bold but I’m not convinced by all the rumours flying around. Partly it’s for exactly the reason you suggestion, overhauling that range would be a big job and would undoubtedly hack-off a lot of people with pre-existing marines armies. Some people are saying it’ll be new giant marines created by Guilliman which would just happen to be the right size for truescale marines but I think that’s just a bit of wishful thinking that’s been repeated so many times that now people believe it (I heard it in five different places so it must be true right?) There was a picture, supposedly of one, kicking around for a while, but it looked to me like a conversion with an ogren’s head. Selfishly I’d like it because one or two truescale marines would be nice to have although the way that’s been suggested to shoehorn it into the background sounds ridiculous (Gulliman succeeds where Corax fails and makes marines that are even more awesome than anything the Emperor managed. Better than Custodes! Less chaos-corruptible than Grey Knights! Buy! Buy! Buy!). Mind you I’m not impressed that they brought Gulliman back to life either… I may of course be forced to eat my words but for now my gut says this one’s bollocks.

      • Alex

        lol – yeah, it would certainly annoy folks with existing marine armies I would imagine… none of their tanks would be big enough for a start! šŸ˜‰

      • Laffe

        I’m hazarding they will do what they did with AoS — all new models will be bigger but the old models will still be produced. Pure speculation on my behalf. Not wishful thinking though as it will annoy the heck out of me. Luckily I don’t play marines.

  • FirBholg

    Are YOU a 98lb weakling? Too busy poring over arcane tomes to hit the gym? Are you tired of having Blood Reavers kick sand in your face? Sick of seeing the way those Blightkings laugh at you? Fed up of seeing those Slaaneshi cultists walking off with all the girls and guys? (Why, they don’t even know where their god is at!)
    The Kairic method has already helped thousands of scrawny scribes and frail elders in double-quick time! Let it help you, today! Just dial 0900-CHANGE-4-U, and for the low, low price of your immortal soul, you too can have a physique even a Blood Warrior would be proud of!

  • Harrison

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Brassman

    These Kairacs would make excellent feral guardsman, just replace the arms with catachan arms and maybe a head swap.

    • Wudugast

      I think they might be a little bit too big for guardsmen without making that part of the effect (e.g. working in parts to make them appear gene-bulked and enhanced). Your suggestion of using Catachan parts might really help with that though and the result would be well worth the effort, a really unique and impressive army. If you decide to do it I’d love to see it šŸ™‚

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