What Is Best In Life?

With so many projects on the go I’m trying to keep my focus and avoid veering off into any more new territory, at least until I’ve cleared my desk a little. However I couldn’t resist painting up at least one of the models from the Greenskin Wars kickstarter, the barbarian hero. Something about him reminds me of Hirad Coldheart from the Chronicles of the Raven (well worth a read if you’re in need of some old-school cheese) more than Conan.Then again, when it comes to recognisable blog titles Hirad just isn’t as wonderfully quotable.

Greenskin Wars Barbarian Convert or Die (1)

Greenskin Wars Barbarian Convert or Die (3)

I went for a dark, tanned skin tone – I figured a man who lives almost exclusively outdoors and fears nothing except wearing a shirt wouldn’t be particularly pasty or pale.

Greenskin Wars Barbarian Convert or Die (2)

Fan’s of old-school greenskins take note; Greenskin Wars is currently having another kickstarter. There’s still a few days to go before it runs out and in the meantime there’s the chance to pick up several of the models from the last round alongside new stuff like the hobgoblins and bugbears. Speaking from my own experience the service I’ve received has been excellent and the quality of the models is outstanding so if you were on the fence about this one I really do recommend it.


9 responses to “What Is Best In Life?

  • Alex

    By Crom, he must work out! 🙂 Nice job on the skin tone mate, his face is superb!

  • imperialrebelork

    Crush your enemies! He’s great mate. Nice work on the skin tone. I like the sculpt but the hair is a bit Cock Rock Thrash Metal hehe.

  • daggerandbrush

    Noice! A classic barbarian, well painted and based, that is what is best in life! I like the miniature overall, but his sword. I feel if it would be a tad smaller it would look better.

    Did you consider adding eyes to the model? I feel that would add lots of character to his face.

    • Wudugast

      Aye, the sword is ridiculous isn’t it? Normally I’m not a fan of disproportionately outsized weapons like that but I’ll make an exception here, it’s part of the charm and character of these old school barbarians.

      As for the eyes, I agree with you, and I did try. He’s actually very small though, a little bit shorter than you’d expect in 28mm scale (especially nowadays where every model released is bigger than the last) and the eyes were just too tiny to pull off. Instead I darkened the skin around them which creates the illusion of eyes, it works well in the hand but these pictures blow him up a little too big and it’s a little more obvious.

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