Inquisitor Morix – The Beginning

Inquisitor Morix has devoted a lifetime to his Ordo’s cause and the weight of his years is an iron chain upon his neck. The whispers that reach him from his superiors on Terra tell of a terrible darkness gathering; of the dead going unburied across a thousand systems, of tomb worlds lost to the ruinous forces of the alien, of a terrible act of necromancy that seeks to raise a Primarch from his Emperor-given rest. His duty, however, lies elsewhere. Spirits are abroad within the occluded world of the Chapel, making havoc where there should be order. A ghost has no place spreading mayhem or disturbing the work of the living. The reward for a lifetime of righteous toil is the Emperor’s Peace – and those who reject such a boon must be purged!

Convert Or Die Inquisitor WIP (1)

Right, here we are at last – a WIP model of Inquisitor Morix of the Ordo Mors, preparing himself for his journey to the Chapel. He’s still just tacked together at the moment, the big gaps under his armpits will need filled and there’s still some other greenstuff work to do, plus various inquisitorial widgets and flourishes to add. As ever however feedback is really appreciated, I want this warband to look the best it can so if you have any thoughts or suggestions I want to hear them. Do keep in mind though that some bits are still only tacked on (so for example in some of the pictures the head sits further back than intended – minor tweaks like this will be fixed as he’s finally stuck together).

Convert Or Die Inquisitor WIP (6)

Convert Or Die Inquisitor WIP (5)

I toyed with the idea of giving him a scythe but discarded it as it seemed a little clichéd (just because Death is often portrayed wielding farming implements doesn’t mean everyone has to join in). Instead I thought an axe served to reinforce the idea that he is an executioner, dispelling judgment upon those who disrupt the Emperor’s peace regardless of whether they are living or dead. Death does not unburden the guilty!

Convert Or Die Inquisitor WIP (2)

Convert Or Die Inquisitor WIP (4)

For the model itself I was keen to have him clad in power-armour, after all what venerable inquisitor wouldn’t want the best that money (or raw authority) can buy when it comes to protecting himself on the battlefield. On the other hand I didn’t want him to read too much as a space marine; partly for aesthetic reasons and partly on the assumption that their armour relies on all kinds of internal modifications linked to all the astartes organs, and simply wouldn’t work for an unmodified human.

Convert Or Die Inquisitor WIP (3)

Thanks to Black Earth for the base. Now get that feedback off your chest and let’s see if we can improve him!

21 responses to “Inquisitor Morix – The Beginning

  • imperialrebelork

    He’s a beast. Is it just me or does he look BIG? Very cool mate. He looks powerful and oozes authority. I like his sidekick too but would like to see more “talon” like claws. Other than that he’s bad arse mate. You should be proud. My Inquistor Malice will look like a hobbit next to your bad boy haha. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll create.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, I wanted him to look bulky and brutish, it fits the character and to my mind power armour needs to look massive and unwieldy at the Inq28 scale. I’m all in favour of true-scaled power armour but, although my hat is off to anyone who’s willing to true-scale whole armies, I think in a collection at that scale one can get away without it as each miniature is mostly going to be compared against others of the same faction. In an Inq28 warband however the power armoured model is immediately comparable to lots of other non-power armoured figures, so if they’re not bulked up a little they start to look out of scale.

      As for the skelliebird, good suggestion on adding some clawed feet (just need to have a think about how to achieve this now…). A possibility, which may or may not come to pass, is to magnetise it. That way it can be removed from his wrist whilst it’s flying around the battlefield. I may even create a branch or heap of rubble to serve as a perch. Again this is all based on me having the modelling skills to pull it off but I’ll give it my best shot.

  • Remnante

    Wow he’s a lump! I can’t imagine anybody will be able to take him down.
    His pet is great, and is definitely the sort of thing that comes to mind when you describe the Ordo Mors.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks – I wanted him to look solid and brutish, a bit of a bruiser but still controlled and thoughtful, he’s not a berserker but he is a double-hard bastard. Hopefully I got the balance right.

      Glad you like the skelliebird, he was one of those serendipitous creations that came out of messing around in the bits box – as soon as I saw the parts together I knew he had to be part of the warband.

  • Alex

    Looking good man! The head is lovely, as is the choice of the axe – I agree that a scythe would be over-egging the pudding a bit 🙂 That is a great choice of legs, but I particularly like profile of the shoulders – he has a really powerful look about him, but is also a tad primitive compared to Marine PA… just perfect really!

    The skellibird is a brilliant idea – and a unique one as far as I’m aware. I love that it is looking off in a different direction to the Inquisitor, giving an alternative focal point for the mini and adding an extra layer of interest… That is some really clever modelling mate 😉 I’m assuming that you will finesse skellibird as you progress, and I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve.

    I do have a couple of observations – the waist looks a little waspish compared to the hulking shoulders right now, (though I suspect that will cancel out as you gear him up). Also, will those hydraulic-looking crossbars above the shoulder line connect to anything? They look a bit redundant at the moment, and it would be nice to incorporate them a bit more because they really do make the silhouette stand out. Finally, a have you thought about using a servoskull for the skellibird instead of a regular skull? It would be a pleasing nod to your blog logo 🙂

    Other than those very minor points, I think you are on to an absolute winner mate!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – such a positive review is always very welcome! Regarding the waist, yes – it should look less waspish once he’s got a bit more gear on him, it just needs to stay clear at the moment whilst I get in about greenstuffing his armpits. Good point on the hydraulics, I’ll explore that and see what I can add. I’m looking forward to getting a proper look at the new dwarves, they look to have all kinds of mechanical exoskeletal gubbins that might be useful. Good idea re the servo skull, will dig one out and see how it looks on the skeliebird.

  • Orfeo Culzean

    I like his pose, head and the skellibyrd. It’s always tricky to make power armour read as something other than space marine – you said you were going to gubbinz him up and that’s always a good idea. I’d suggest turning the centurion roll cage bars into exhaust pipes and put a couple of venting pipes on his back. A robe or tabard from his waist down would look good and would also help cover up his slightly too-thin waist. Maybe some sort of hat would be an idea, to take the head away from space marine – the cliched buckled hat would work but I’m sure you could think of something better – a skullcap like the Empire Wizards maybe?

    • Wudugast

      Good points re the armour, I want it to look a bit more industrial and chunky so it doesn’t read too much like a space marine, equally though I want it to look like a customised suit rather than some industrial kit that he happens to be wearing. Originally I planned for lots of exhausts and vents at the back but I toned it down a little in the actual build, will try dry-fitting a few and see how it looks.
      Tabard is a good suggestion, somewhere there must be the one that originally belonged with those legs (probably in the very bottom of the bits box under everything else I own…). Will have a think about hats (and heads) – the trouble is I rather like that bruiser’s face. Again though I’ll try a few options and see how he looks.

  • heresyofus

    He’s going to have to be one hard bastard if he’s going to survive what I’m about to throw at him! Awesome work mate and a few tweaks here and there and he’ll be ready to take on the Chapel. The skillibird ( I like that name ) is a great touch and I’m glad you found a use for one of the base toppers. Bring it on! 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Luckily, a double-hard bastard is exactly what he is. Come on, there’s nothing about him that suggests he spends his weekends flower arranging is there? My aim was to create someone that looked like you could punch his face and not achieve anything other than hurting your hand. However I also reckon there’s a cunning and tactical brain under that brawn so do your worst, whatever the Chapel throws at him he’s ready for it!

  • heretic30k

    Cool work – I’m struggling to do justice with a suitably characterful Inquisitor kitbash at the moment which balances badass, but not space marine looking. I think you really nailed getting that right with this piece.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks very much. It certainly wasn’t easy and he’s not done yet but at last I feel like he’s turning into the character I want to see. Good luck with your own inquisitor.

  • Marcus

    That bird is just teeming with blanchean goodness!
    Love it!

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