Greenskin Wars

Just before I took off on my holidays I received a parcel. Normally I don’t do ‘unboxings’ and I try to avoid banging on about projects I know I won’t be able to start for a few months. This time however I’m going to break with that because time spent showcasing Greenskin Wars is, in my opinion, time well spent.

For those of you unfamiliar with Greenskin Wars the range incorporates the old Crooked Claw models (good news for those like me who skipped blithely through life, unaware that Crooked Claw even existed until suddenly it didn’t) alongside a range of new models courtesy of “Goblin Master” Kev Adams* and spearheaded by Diego Serrate.

*Apparently he thinks being called “Goblin Master” is a bit silly, but everyone does it anyway, Well if it bothers him he shouldn’t make such amazing looking goblins should he?

Late last summer a kickstarter campaign was used to fund the range, sculpt the new models and so forth, although those who missed it should keep an eye on the Knightmare Miniatures store, soon to be home to the range, as well as various Chaotic creatures from the astonishing Pantheon of Chaos range and various Rogue Trader-esque Space Raiders. Those of you who’re on facepuke (and sadly, nowadays, who isn’t?) would also be well advised to join the Greenskin Wars group to keep up with the latest developments.


I’ll confess, I’ve always loved the greenskins. They’re not, as such, an evil race like Chaos, the Undead or the Skaven – although undoubtedly it must feel like that when they’re burning down your village. Rather they’re mischievous, always up for some rough-housing or spectacularly destructive practical humour, squabbling amongst themselves, needing to be kicked into line and living by the maxim “to have a good time, all the time” even if that ends up being horribly violent for everyone else. As Warhammer races go they’ve undoubtedly evolved the furthest from fantasy’s roots. Tolkien would recognise the elves of Ulthuan but Sauron would have been lucky to get out of Mordor if his armies had been made up of the squabbling goblins we know and love today. (Digging back a little further of course a norseman wouldn’t have recognised either of them, but that’s a blog for another day). Likewise 40k may have pretensions of grandeur, as a great, decaying dystopia, but the Orks still go roaring through the middle of it on their motorbikes, scattering the serious-faced eldar and space marines, and making fart jokes in front of all the grandiose fall-of-empire sobriety.

What’s more we let them get away with. No matter one’s attachment to the funereal grim darkness of the far future or the grubby madness of the Old World everyone cracks a smile at the arrival of a thuggish ork or a scheming goblin. Perhaps it’s because they’re all, at heart, naughty schoolboys, and most of us discovered them when we too were naughty schoolboys. In the greenskins we recognise ourselves as we would like to be; carefree and burning with the joy of life, not burdened by duty and responsibility like a Space Marine, not bravely facing the yawning grave like the Eldar, but racing through life laughing, never worrying about hardship or want and when we go, going out with a bang that leaves our mates’ ears ringing for a week.

Until recently however I have pretended to myself that I am above such things as fantasy greenskins. My love of Orks in 40k means I’ve tended to focus all my greenskin tendencies in that direction. The orcs and goblins of the fantasy realms would only serve to dilute my creative energy, divide my ideas and distract me from those projects I should be focussing on. How foolish of me – didn’t I see that goblins thrive on distraction and that nothing possesses more energy and (generally destructive) creativity?

It was inevitable, then, that the odd model would start to sneak in. This one was on sale, this one was a good deal, someone was practically giving this one away, and thus they gathered on the edge of my painting desk, pushing and shoving and flicking snot at the stern Chaos space marines who continued to get all the attention. Somehow, whilst I continued to deny to myself that I was even buying them, a sizeable army accumulated. Greenskin Wars has been the final straw, pushing me over the edge and forcing me to finally face the goblin horde, to stand tall and proudly say “I love goblins and I’m not afraid to admit it!” Now I just need to paint them all…

In the meantime though let’s take a look at what actually arrived in that box of exciting metal figures!

First of all we have this raucous band of feral goblins.

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (10)

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (11)

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (9)

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (8)

This feral goblin standard-bearer prepares to annoy PETA…

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (14)

Whilst his impish-looking mate isn’t much better, he’s wearing a bat!

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (12)

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (13)

As goblins go some of them are quite large, although that’s understandable given the level of detail that’s been packed onto them. I also tend to assume that goblins, and orcs, are all different sizes anyway so it doesn’t particularly matter. Here’s the chief of the feral goblins posing with a GW night goblin and a WIP 40k ork by way of a size comparison.

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (17)

As well as the band of feral goblins I also got myself this catapult, originally sculpted for the Crooked Claw range. I’ve not assembled it yet so you’ll have to make do with this picture of the crew, plus a stock image of the catapult itself.

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (7)


As usual with kickstarters there were a few ‘bonus’ models to sweeten the deal for supporters, including this (decided non-greenskin) clothes-phobic Conan look-alike.

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (1)

On a more goblin-esque note we have this hobgoblin, who’ll probably be serving as taskmaster to the catapult crew.Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (5)

Again he’s a rather big lad, although as the taskmasters are usually orcs that’s actually quite fitting. The hobgoblin was included in the original kickstarter campaign as a stretch goal which, if achieved (and clearly it was!) would unlock a whole new hobgoblin faction and previews shown over on the facebook group show this to be well underway.

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (4)

However my favourite thing has to be these mushrooms. I’ve always liked the mushroom gardening aesthetic of the goblins, particularly the night goblins, and these giant ‘shrooms bring that to the collection with aplomb.

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (2)

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (3)

That’s not all though, we also have these smaller mushrooms, perfect for planting amongst the ranks of the goblins.

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (6)

Now I know I said I wouldn’t be doing anything with these for a couple of months, and I won’t – but I couldn’t resist digging around in the bits box and assembling a couple of additional goblins to join the forthcoming mob.

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (15)

Greenskin Wars Convert Or Die (16)

Now I just need to get some of my other projects finished and I’ll be ready to tackle this rascally green mob. That’s if they don’t steal the brushes and fart in the paint in the meantime…


16 responses to “Greenskin Wars

  • Alex

    Great post mate, and great minis! It is weird how the Greenskins always manage to defy the general march towards grimdark angst, yet they continually get away with it! Long may it continue – can’t wait to see these chaps painted 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate! I think GW can get away with changing a lot of things about the worlds which people may not always like (up to and including blowing one of them up) but making the greenskins serious would probably be the deal breaker for me. Now to get my desk cleared so I can get properly stuck in about these little gits!

  • imperialrebelork

    I like your additions but some cool stuff there. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do sir.

  • Ann

    You are right, they are worth keeping an eye on for their nice miniatures, and enjoyed your observations in general too.

  • Azazel

    That’s a fantastic gang of goblins. A shame I missed that KS in a lot of ways, but I’m trying to avoid adding lots more expensive metal to the pile these days, so maybe it’s for the best…

  • Orfeo Culzean

    Damn, I’m jealous. I missed out an all of the Oldhammer kickstarters and I’m desperately hoping the next Pantheon of Chaos one will let me buy all the miniatures from the previous one as well. They’re fantastic models, I’m sure they’ll be a joy to paint.

    You make a good point about how the goblinoids always provided a contrast to the grimdark – perhaps they are absurdist existentialism to contrast with the nihilism of the rest of the setting?

    • Wudugast

      Well I must admit I was gutted to miss out on the first Pantheon of Chaos kickstarter so, in spite of my regularly repeated intention to paint what I already own before buying anything else, I’ll be keeping a close watch on both lines as they prepare for follow-up kickstarters. Have you taken a look at the Knightmare store – some of the Pantheon stuff from the first kickstarter is available there now (not that I want to enable someone else’s addiction of course!) 😉

      • Orfeo Culzean

        I have had a look over on Knightmare but Diego is (quite rightly imo) waiting for all the backer rewards to ship before putting all the miniatures on the webstore and being the way that I am, I want to buy them all at once just for the sheer dwarfishness of storing my metal treasures where I can see them.

  • FirBholg

    I’ve been vaguely aware of these minis (and the Pantheon of Chaos ones), but it’s nice to see some of the finished figures – very nice! I’m sorely tempted by a few of them (mostly the fish men, ambull and greater daemon of Malal)…
    I’ve always had a fondness for goblins, never really explored it back when I was getting into Warhammer Fantasy back in the day since one of my friends collected greenskins, but I’ve now hit a small (unpainted) force of Moonclan Grots, who also happen to be the only minis I’ve played the AoS rules with (so far ignoble defeats against my o/h’s skaven, though I hope to redress the balance soon!

    Oh, didn’t have time to comment on it, but really enjoyed reading your Bretonnia week!

    • Wudugast

      Aye, there’s some cracking stuff in all three Knightmare ranges. Some very quirky ideas getting explored as well which is nice to see. If it’s of interest they’ve got another kickstarter for hobgoblins coming up soon-ish (about a fortnight away apparently). Glad you liked the Bretonnians and good luck with those moonclan grots (hmmmm…. Skaven vs Goblins, not entirely sure which side I should be cheering for there….)

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  • Diego

    Wudugast Thanks a lot for the review!!

    Indeed they are veery varied and different. By the time we have Feral Goblins , Doom goblins (night goblins style) Hill goblins (the more regular ones) and Black Goblins (bigger and bulkier goblins). The Hobgoblins consolidated as a new race , and they come with bugbear and ogres as allies!

    Oh and for the chaos followers , Pantheon of Chaos 2 will launch on KS second week of June !! With all the models from the chapter available again before they hit the shop forever, stay tunned!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers Diego, that all sounds really exciting. The quality of the models so far has been excellent. Got my order in for the second greenskins kickstarter, had to restrain myself somewhat as money is a little tight and I’m saving up for the Pantheon of Chaos next month but I couldn’t resist adding to the collection a little. Really liked the look of the hobgoblins though and will be keeping an eye out for more greenskins as they appear, especially feral and doom goblins. Keep up the good work!

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