The Year of the Rat – February

Back at the tail end of 2016 I promised so add at least one new model to my Skaven collection every month in 2017. Last month I managed just two clanrats (which means, if I keep painting at the current rate, I should get the army finished at roughly the same time as the Horus Heresy actually happens…). This month however I’ve managed to add a whole squad of rats to my army!*

*wadyamean it’s not as impressive as I made it sound? Why are you always so mean to me?!








Fair enough it’s not the largest squad, nor is it made up of the largest models, but the undead have been keeping me busy (not to mention preparing for the Chapel, plus another little project to be revealed next week…).

And yes, I know it isn’t really the year of the rat. But it is for me!

19 responses to “The Year of the Rat – February

  • imperialrebelork

    Haha. Not huge but very nasty looking. Very nice mate. Have you got any Rat Ogres planned? I’ve been eyeing off a couple on eBay.

  • heresyofus

    Nice paint job mate. I do so love the rust in your work.

  • Ann

    More evil rats are always welcome. Who doesn’t love evil rats!? 🙂

    The whip is suitable brutal — wonder if he ever hits himself (accidentally on purpose or otherwise) with it? Also, the rat with the white spines, scars, parasites, whatever’s laying on top of its fur is intriguing … what are they?

    • Wudugast

      Do-gooder cats perhaps?
      I’m sure a few self inflicted injuries (intentional or otherwise) are all part of a day’s work for the packmaster – especially given the way he’s waving that whip around. As for what’s growing on some of those rats – I find it pays not to look too closely!

      • Ann

        Yes, you are probably right about it not paying too look too closely, that’s for sure, when it comes to anthropomorphic giant rat people with whips.

  • Callum

    This post triggered me. I once tried painting a 600 model Skaven force before finally giving up and selling the damn thing. Just keep painting, doesn’t matter if it’s one rat or 20 everything is one step closer

    • Ann

      It is not that the work is finished, is that the work continues!

      • Wudugast

        Cheers both – that’s very encouraging. Not sure I could ever give up my love for evil vermin but some times it does get a little disheartening to see how many are still unpainted. Still, a few (or even just one!) each month and over time the balance will shift!

      • Ann

        I know what you mean; my pile of unpainted plastic never really gets smaller, but I think it is best to ignore that is a dirty little skeleton in the closet and focus on all of the shiny, bright (or in your case diseased and verminous) models you have lovingly completed. 🙂

  • Somet

    Just looking at these miniatures makes me worry about Tetanus and Weils Disease. Splendid stuff!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I’m particularly pleased with how filthy the packmaster’s knife ended up looking. I know they’re all ratmen but somehow it seems like the ratman who hangs around with actual rats would be even grottier. I’ll try to repeat the effect when I get around to some plague monks.

  • FirBholg

    Looking good – to be honest, I’m always impressed when anyone finishes painting any squad (my own track record is not so good in that area!). I really like what you’ve done with the basing on these little fellas.

    Despite my previous comments, I suspect that if you’re a Skaven player, it’s always the Year of the Rat, yes-yes?

    • Wudugast

      Naturally I’d like to agree but sadly if it’s always the Year of the Rat how come more of them aren’t painted?!

      Glad you like the bases, thought it was a good chance to show something of the grotty tunnel environment in which they live, plus it adds a bit of movement and visual interest to the squad.

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