Robbing the Grave

Long before GW provided us with a (rather fancy looking) plastic necromancer the only options, if one wanted one’s collection to include a mad reanimator of the dead, were the (prehistoric and duff looking) metal models, or making one yourself. As every good necromancer enjoys cobbling things together from bits of other people I naturally went for the latter option.

Like the Vampire Count himself, a model of a very similar vintage, there’s a lot of elements to this model I wanted to keep in recognition of their significance to my development as a hobbyist. As with most of the other models in my Vampire Counts collection this necromancer is at least six or seven years old now, and in that time it’s fair to say I’ve come on a great deal both as a painter and a convertor. Nonetheless I wasn’t keen to make many changes to him in recognition of his impact on my development as a hobbyist. Much like the vampire this was a model which, in spite of fairly radical conversion work, ended up looking rather impressive. Time has shown me a lot of his flaws, of course, but when I first finished him I was inordinately pleased with myself – here was proof that I could actually convert models to be proud of. Thus, after considerable humming and hawing I’ve decided to leave him alone (bar a slight tweak to the colour of the base to bring him into line with the rest of the collection). Thus he looks now pretty much exactly as he did when he was first finished.




This face stitched into his cape (never miss out a good cliché!) may not be the finest example of greenstuffing I’ve produced but at the time it was a revelation.



Now I’ve secured the services of this necromancer I’m hoping to raise a shambling mass of skeletons in short order = perhaps even by the end of the week.

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