The Year of the Rat – January

It’s almost the end of January – time to come good on my claim that I would add something to my Skaven army every month this year. Not a huge contribution this month (in fact it’s a meagre two clanrats) – blame the undead, Tzeentch and the Chapel for keeping me busy!



15 responses to “The Year of the Rat – January

  • Alex

    Progress is progress mate, and these guys look great! I still love that dirty yellow every time I see it 🙂

  • Warburton

    The yellow looks good 🙂

  • Ann

    Like everyone else I thought the yellow looked good. Also, I liked the small bits of rust you did. I’ve been trying to learn to work more with subtle hints of rust lately so I can appreciate (and tend to look for) examples where it is well done like here.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks! I find that, once I got the knack of it, rust is fairly easy to do – but it’s even easier to do badly. There’s a fine line to tread between too subtle (it just looks dirty) and too stark. Glad you think it’s worked here. 🙂

      Hope they’ve managed to get your road cleared and direct contact with civilisation has resumed?

      • Ann

        Yes, it took about a week but they brought in heavy equipment and cleared out the road. They are still doing some work on the power lines though. Of course with the state of the roads up my way it could all come crashing down again with the next big winter rain. Fortunately we are pretty well prepared with supplies and so on.

  • FirBholg

    Nope, definitely the Year of the Rooster (hence the Stormcast’s new mounts, I suppose).

    Skaven look good, though!

    • Wudugast

      Aye, I was hoping this would be the year of the rat (had to look it up I’m afraid) but even when I found out it wasn’t I wasn’t willing to let a good title go 😉 Glad you like the rats though! 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    Dirty yellow vermin! Love it mate. I love a good cleaver too! I actually just purchased 20 skaven. I’ve vowed to make these my last miniature purchase this year. Unless of course Games workshop release plastic praetorians/iron guard/Mordheim… you get my meaning.

    • Wudugast

      20 rats is just the tip of the iceberg mate. It’s a slippery slope I can assure you! I’m not sure I could bring myself to say “no more miniature purchases this year” so early (still another 11 months to go!) but I’m determined to get paint on more of the things I already own rather than being too profligate (exciting as miniatures are they don’t just grow on trees). Unfortunately GW is continuing to hamper my efforts by churning out raw quality…

  • Azazel

    Nice work. These rats have a very effective grungy look and the dirty yellow clothing works well, both contrasting and blending well with the skeven wearing them.

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