Any Spare Change – Part 2


Do you think Princedom tempts me? The Changer has offered me that and more. It is not enough. Do you think that I would labour ten thousand years simply to claim that which was offered to my father as payment for his ignorance? No – my destiny will be so much greater. When the hour of my ascension comes it is Magnus and his brothers who shall kneel before me!




Let there be a sacrifice! Long has humanity known the power invested in the spilling of blood. Force and influence can be bought this way, gifted from the Gods of the Warp. Even the crudest of Khorne’s dogs knows this. The greater the kill the greater the reward and so whilst they work their axe arms raw upon the weak I pursue a prize far grander.


mazzakim-the-liar-convert-or-die-6We are bound together, Kell and I. That alone has remained true through every vision and prophecy. Be it cast in the bone runes of feral world shaman, drawn in the crystal tarot of the finest spire tops or spread in the steaming entrails of my slaves, that remains a stable nexus of fact in the shifting currents of the future. Without me he shall never live to see Terra. Without him I shall never reach the throne room in time.



Surely this is the honour we all seek above every other now? In his hearts what warrior of the Nine Legions has not dreamed of this moment? Many believe it should be Abaddon’s kill, that he has earned it. Others think that one of the Primarchs shall take it, placing themselves forever above their brothers as Horus never could. Some even think it shall be Kharn, brain buzzing to self-destruction, racing up the steps against all exertion and agony to tear his grandsire from his throne at last.

Let it be me! Every warrior within the Eye has thought it once! Without that Abaddon could never have overcome the inertia of ten millennia spent licking our wounds and the Angel of the Abyss would be doomed to remain there.

The others would waste this kill on spite or personal glory. I shall use it to ascend. Let Abaddon take the throne of mortals when I am gone. The death of the Emperor will birth a god. Let that god be me!


So here he is; Mazzakim the Liar, leader  of my Tzeentchian hosts. Overall I’m rather pleased with him, although I’ll need to turn those Sigmarite sigils on his wings into eyes at the painting stage. Once again though your thoughts and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

23 responses to “Any Spare Change – Part 2

  • Alex

    Oh wow! He looks amazing mate – so much detail, and those wings are spot on! Awesome job 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    Brilliant my friend. Impressive wingspan. Love the black and white and your scriptures are elite.

    • Wudugast

      Thank you very much! Originally I planned for him to be flying on a disk but the wings gave him much greater presence. Likewise the back-story, I wanted a reason for this megalomaniac to be hanging around with Kell – otherwise why would they fight together? Each is a cruel and ruthless egocentric monster, utterly incapable of trusting another human being – and yet they find themselves forced into helping each other. It’s almost comic to imagine the lengths Mazzakim will go to in order to protect Kell, his future ambition pitted against his current selfishness. He’s never cared about another living thing since he was a child on Prospero and now he lies awake at night worrying about a man he probably hates. It’s all very Tzeentchian and complicated! I even considered the possibility that it was Mazzakim who led Kell to Chaos in the first place.

  • heresyofus

    That’s a cool model dude. Really well thought out character in both writing and modelling. Thumbs up!!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate! He’s a character who’s existed in my imagination for long time so it’s great to see him realised at last.

      • heresyofus

        Cool. I bet those new tzeentch bits were a god send then? The changer of ways must have heard you. Nothing like selling your soul for your hobby 😝

      • Wudugast

        Oh I think I’ve been involved in a Tzeentchian plot for a long time – I just didn’t realise it!

        Often when people have looked at my collection they’ve assumed (understandably) that I had a predilection for Nurgle or Khorne and I’ve had to explain that this is just because they have the best models. Once Tzeentch and Slaanesh get the same treatment, I’d say, they’ll have their place in the collection too. Now I feel like GW are holding me to my word…

      • heresyofus

        I would love Slaanesh to get some love. Hopefully She who thirsts has such a massive part to play yet in 40k and we’ll see some awesome mini’s.

      • Wudugast

        Likewise! I’m fairly certain it’ll happen though. If you look back a couple of years ago there was a sizeable wave of Nurgle miniatures came out with the Warhammer End Times, then for about a year it was non-stop Khorne, then the past nine months or so since Silver Tower they’ve been releasing more and more Tzeentch, it makes sense to assume Slaanesh will be next. Plus Slaanesh has always been described as “missing” in AoS. They had their chance to get rid of him in the setting with the change from Warhammer – they certainly gave plenty else the chop at the same time (Bretonnians, Tomb Kings, etc). I’m guessing she’s going to make her return in about a year or so, alongside a big AoS campaign around the reinvented Elves and the arrival of the Emperor’s Children in 40k. This year will probably be more focussed around the human factions in AoS, probably dwarves as well – the whole rise of Tzeentch seems to be setting that up with lots of talk of growing civilisations being sabotaged by cults – as opposed to the fortified bastions attacked by Khornate hordes that we saw before.

        Just my theory though – I don’t actually know any more than the next man!

      • heresyofus

        Sounds like a good theory to me mate.

  • Thomas

    I fly, therefore I am.

    Great sorcerer and brilliant megalomaniac.

    • Wudugast

      Thanks! In many ways the wings really defined him. When I was planning for him to be riding a disk I couldn’t work out how to give him presence above and beyond his acolytes – as soon as I had the idea of making him fly it lifted him up (figuratively and literally) above his underlings.

      • Thomas

        I think it’s a cracking conversion. One can tell that he is the big boss of the crew. The wings onto themselves really complement the Sorcerer.

        Too bad that Exalted Sorcerers can’t have jump packs like regular Sorcerers. But that’s a rules issue and nothing too do with the conversion.

      • Wudugast

        Agreed – rules should open up new options, not limit them. I used to try to keep all my models strictly “within the rules” but ultimately I didn’t enjoy the restrictions this placed upon me. My hobby is creating models that describe characters, not gaming pieces. Were I to play a game with Mazzakim one could ignore the rule about not allowing them jump packs, or say the wings count as a disk, or – if those options didn’t suit me and the other player – I have other sorcerers who could step in. It would be different if I was a competitive gamer but ultimately that isn’t me now and I doubt it ever will be. Rules change but cool models are always cool – a lesson I wish I’d learned earlier in my hobby career but one I live by now.

      • Thomas

        Agreed, the rule of cool always win!

  • FirBholg

    Woah! Great use of parts, and I love the dynamism of the figure, looks awesome! It’s also really nice to see a few of the parts from the exalted sorcerer kit in a bit more detail (definitely one for the wishlist).

    Loving the fiction & background too!

    • Wudugast

      Thanks very much!

      I have to admit that the Sorcerors was the weak point of the Thousand Sons release for me but, as I’ve become more familiar with the kit, I’ve found there are so many excellent components in it that I’m revising my judgement – it’s definitely the one that rewards modellers and convertors the most.

  • Azazel

    Brilliant work on this guy. I do wonder about the Khorne and Nurgle elements of the model, at least in terms of what you’ll do with him when he’s painted. I guess I’ll wait and see… 🙂

    • Wudugast

      To be honest I’m more worried about getting the wings to tie in that anything else. I worried over the helm a little as I could be taken to be a Khornate crest, but equally it looks very similar to a corrupted version of the Thousands Son’s crests and this, combined with an appropriate paint job and Khorne’s hatred of wizards, should see it through. As for the axe I wanted it to give him an appropriate sense of physical power to match his arcane abilities. After all he is a space marine. The sorcerer in Talon of Horus (well worth a read IMO) wields an axe and I like the effect of martial power it creates. I think we tend to think of the wizards as the physically weak ones standing at the back in the robes but, as a friend of mine is fond of reminding me, Darth Vader was a wizard too. After that it was just a case of finding a suitably twisted axe on the Skullreapers sprue that didn’t have any Khornate runes on it.

      As an aside I originally planned for him to be casting a spell with his outstretched hand but that made him look like he was flailing around (more like he was falling over in comic-prat-fall style than flying majestically through the air). The axe was a way of balancing that out.

      Anyway – hopefully it’ll come together in the painting!

      • Azazel

        A good point on Darth Vader, though I’ve never had an issue with my Librarians being heavily armed. Probably something to do with the power armour. FWIW, the axe looks suitably twisted and mutated to fit in well with Tzeentch – most of it will be in the painting there. Likewise, the wings are recognisable, but I didn’t give them a second thought on working with the model as they very much fit. In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing the painted outcome!

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