Any Spare Change – Part 1

Following on from the return of Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons to 40k the maddening schemes of Tzeentch are now reaching into the Mortal Realms of Age of Sigmar. The warflocks are gathering for battle, the flux-cairns are daubed with dark sigils, all kinds of models from the Silver Tower boxset are enjoying separate releases  and there are plenty of rumours (and not a little wishful thinking) that even more is on its way.

Of course, in spite of the fact that I’ve got more than enough projects to be concentrating on, I too am feeling the pull of the Changers of Ways’ insidious influence. With that in mind I’ve started work on a little coven of Tzeentchian cultists, ready to do some of the heavy lifting and pave the way before my Sorcerers finally arrive.

First of all we have this chap, converted from a Kairic Acolyte and ready to spread havoc in the 41st Millennium.




Alongside him we have this shotgun-wielding metaphysician. Who knows what elaborate schemes his masters plan to inflict upon the universe whilst he watches from behind that inscrutable bird mask?



Then we have this beastman, who you may recall I showed before, upgraded to a larger base in keeping with his new comrades.


…and just to prove that I can build a model without converting it here’s a Kairic Acolyte straight from the Silver Tower box.



Last of all here’s a group shot of the whole coven so far. As ever suggestions, feedback and any good ideas that I can steal are more than welcome in the comments box!


16 responses to “Any Spare Change – Part 1

  • imperialrebelork

    Creepy mate! Love it. I’m looking forward to seeing some colour on them.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate – paint will come eventually (although I’ve been saying that about a lot of projects for a long time so they might need to be patient!)

      • imperialrebelork

        You can get the word Paint from the word Patient. Just thought I’d point that out. I much prefer modelling and crafting than painting although I have learnt to love painting too.

      • Wudugast

        So you’re suggesting I should take my models and paints to the nearest hospital and say “right you lot, you’re all just lying there anyway, here’s some brushes – get to work!” It’s an extreme solution but I’ll give you that it might just work! Tell me, did this revelation come about through your own knee-related downtime? Or did you mean a different kind of patient? 😉

      • imperialrebelork

        Haha. Let’s just go with the first one. What a great idea! We can pretend that we’re doing the community a good deed by dedicating piles of unpainted miniatures to the sick but really it’s a sweat shop. I can see you at one end of the ward with a long barbed whip screaming “Paint you heathens!!” I’ll keep pace at the other end of the wars by beating a large pig skin drum, Viking ship style! Hell yeah!

  • Alex

    Very cool, nice & subtle with the conversions – love that creepy meta-physician!

  • Eric M Wier

    These guys look great! The SIlver Tower stuff is really nice, and it is good to see someone using them in a 40k setting! The End Times are here!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! For me I’m much more excited about settings than rules. 40k excites me in a way that the mortal realms have yet to so when I see models I like – such as those in Silver Tower – my mind immediately turns to how I can transform them into creatures of the 41st Millennium. In some ways this is definitely the easier route, I think it would be much harder – although not impossible – to turn 40k models into fantasy equivalents.

      Anyway – glad you like them, let’s hope the End Times keeps producing the quality (without doing too much damage to anything I care about of course!)

  • Thomas

    Those masks are brilliant. Really creepy.

    • Wudugast

      Regarding the masks, I’m somewhat amused by the half-moon mask of the top model, which I took from one of the Silver Tower familiars. At the moment there’s no way to make a mask like that straight out of the box so I thought it was quite a clever touch, however I’ve just spotted in the new White Dwarf that the Kairic Acolytes boxset that’s out next week contains a very similar mask. It seems that whilst I thought I was being clever I was actually just running to keep up with events – but then what else would one expect from an elaborate Tzeentchian scheme? 🙂

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  • ConvertOrBeHurt

    Amazing work mate! Absolutely love the meta-physician, there’s always been something about plague doctor-esque designs…
    About that, where did you get the bird skull from??

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