We Come Up Wiv War! – Part 1

The first Ork (and indeed the first Games Workshop miniature) I ever painted was a Meganob. At the time I knew next to nothing about the setting and picked the model based purely on its wonderfully belligerent aesthetics. Here was an Orc/k, a creature I’d grown up with through Lord of the Rings, stamping around in a suit of armour it appeared to have made by ripping up a tank – probably with his bare hands. The codex that I bought to accompany him describes how, so great and unwieldy is his bulk, a Meganob hit by a shell is likely to be found on his back, unharmed but struggling to right himself, often with the help of his straining comrades – something I’ve long wondered about converting.

However, in spite of my love for the model, it was also a little on the small side (given what it was intended to represent), heavy, rather expensive and prone to break (his jaw has to be glued back on every few weeks). Thus I refused to buy another until there was a decent boxset of plastic miniatures available. Even then I’ll confess it took me a while to get around to it but here we are at last with the first of a new mob.


And here he is with the first of his kind – demonstrating that GW’s model making and my painting have both come on a long way!


10 responses to “We Come Up Wiv War! – Part 1

  • imperialrebelork

    Excellent mate. He looks clunky, dusty and deadly. The rust style and colour is a Wudugast signature look and I like it.

  • Alex

    Cracking job mate – that old one looks so dinky!!

  • Joe B.

    Fantastic work Wudugast, the rusty armor looks great, especially in contrast to the yellow cables.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers Joe! I’m really getting into the idea of combining bright, showy yellows with rusty metal. I first spotted how well they worked in concert with my Skaven but I feel the addition of the green Ork skin really adds something 🙂

  • Callum

    Excellent work as usual. Would you welcome a suggestion though?

    I was looking at the rust effect as I’m a big fan of weathering and have been trying to find a way of doing heavily rusted metal for some scrap terrain I’m planning and noticed that you have the rust “in the wrong place”. By that I mean you have it round the edges with clean metal in the middle where it would actually be the other way round. The outsides would see wear that would clean away any rust while the flat sections wouldn’t. The best way I have seen but not yet tested to get the effect better is to simply paint the metal areas in the rust colour then highlight with a metal colour.

    • Wudugast

      That’s a great point. I tend to treat rust like grime, building it up in targeted areas of greatest wear – which makes sense for something like Chaos Marines where well-kept power armour has fallen on hard times. However the Ork armour is all bare metal, and much rustier, so may need an alternative approach. Essentially the process has progressed further, everything is rusty and the formerly grimy edge areas have been scuffed clean by use. I’ve only had time for a quick bit of experimentation so far but early results based on your suggestion look good so I’ll have more of a play with it and see what I end up with 🙂

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