Never Enough Dakka – Part 2

When I first started my Ork collection (seven years ago now? Longer?!) I set myself the challenge of never using the same head more than once on any of the infantry models. It’s a subtle little trick but it really adds to the sense of (small ‘c’) chaos and lack of uniformity in an Ork army, and helps to maintain that general aesthetic of unruliness in the face of unifying elements like a common colour scheme. It’s also very practical to achieve, there are just so many Ork heads available between the 40k and AoS ranges, without even starting on all the third-party companies out there.

Until now I’ve managed to stick to it. This gasmask from Spellcrow though – just too cool not to use twice!ork-bruvas-convert-or-die-1



12 responses to “Never Enough Dakka – Part 2

  • bigbossredskullz

    Highly ambitious goal that! I have more orks than I can count off the bat but is it even possible? 🙂

    • Wudugast

      I think it is – the biggest difficulty is keeping track of which head’s you’ve used before. I’m also pretty laidback about how strictly I apply it. Grots don’t count (pesky grots!), and I did ‘re-use’ a couple of heads in this shootaboyz unit, just because their faces were hidden by the guns so no-one would be able to tell anyway. Oh and I didn’t even try doing head swaps on the deffcopters – those things were enough of a bane without adding to my work!

      Otherwise though there’s a big range to pick from between all the different sorts of Ork and Orc (feral orcs, orc boys and now the ironjaws) plus just about every single third-party company has a few Ork heads in their range. A bit of converting is also acceptable, I’ve swapped hats around and so on. The biggest difficulty is keeping track of which heads you’ve already used. Ultimately though it’s not so much about the challenge itself, more about the effect it creates, so getting it 95% right is close enough. Plus I enjoy the challenge 🙂

  • Alex

    Cool – that is a nice gasmask! I think Puppets War just released a new batch of armoured heads as well?

    • Wudugast

      Isn’t it? Yeah, I think those Puppet’s War heads must be new, hadn’t spotted them before. Reminds me that I need to be getting on with some more ‘ard boyz at some point – and those might be just the ticket!

  • imperialrebelork

    Excellent approach. Maybe they can be brothers. Highly competitive brithers who harr constantly trying to out do each other on the field of battle. The keep body count scores!! Great work mate. Loving your Orks. More please.

  • Laffe

    Great idea, I wish I had thought of that before. I agree that with all the 3rd party heads out there it’s not only possible, but a shame not to do it.

    Shame on me then… but I do try to vary myself within the same mob, at least the smaller ones.

  • heretic30k

    A fun hobby goal. I tried a similar approach with my Warp Cult 30k army – at the core of that is around 60 figs from the Dark Vengeance plastics – I tried to make sure that no two figures were exactly the same through a combination of head, weapon swaps and mixing around the same colours but to different articles of clothing. I still wish there was a proper multi-part kit, but there are plenty of other human bits in the GW range to add in some variety.

    • Wudugast

      Yeah, I’ve always been impressed by how you’ve managed to maintain variety, especially in such a large squad. I’ve applied the same goal to my Traitor Guard but to make that work I deliberately avoided the Dark Vengeance plastics. I don’t think my cultist squads will grow any larger until there’s a multipart plastic kit available for them – something that’s long overdue in my opinion – but probably won’t appear whilst DV is available.

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