Never Enough Dakka – Part 1

Waaargh! and all that… It’s been far too long since my Ork boys got any proper attention. Back in 2014 I slogged through the whole collection, touching up paintwork that was already several years old and turning the collection into something I could be proud of once again. In many ways it was an exciting project but by the end of it I was a little burned out with all things green and rather than leaping into the (then new) Ork releases I’d been planning to purchase I returned to the realm of Chaos and the boyz were left to grumble on the shelf. However every dog has its day and the hour of the orks has returned at last.

On the principle that, when it comes to Orcs, more is always better, I want to add another unit of boys. I’ve already got a fairly large collection of slugga boys so decided to set things rolling with a new mob of shoota boys, replacing some of the heads with a set of gas-mask heads from Spellcrow.ork-1



ork-3Of course I couldn’t resist a bit of Ork quirkiness on this boy’s back…orc-7And lastly, not a group shot as such but a taste of things to come!ork-6

6 responses to “Never Enough Dakka – Part 1

  • imperialrebelork

    Yayyy!!!! I’ve been waiting for your Orks and you have not disappointed. These are cool. The new heads look great and, I don’t know, seem to give them more of a theme. Spellcrow have some awesome gear. I’ve got a nice item coming from them for my March of the Flies project. I can’t wait to see more Orky goodness mate.

  • Joe B.

    I’ve just been picking my orks back up again and have a whole pile of boyz in the backlog, always dreaming of making the Great Green Tide! I like the rust look and the spell crow heads look awesome

    • Wudugast

      Cheers mate – I blame my Ork collection almost entirely on a compulsive desire to paint rust! Good luck with the Green Tide – I’ll be keeping an eye out for them 🙂

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