Cracking The WIP – Dreadtober Part 1

Ah, the first Dreadtober update! I had such plans you know! Such things to show you! Alas my grand vision remains unfulfilled. Between work’s cruel yolk and the loving embrace of Grandpappy Nurgle, wrapping his arms around me, blessing me with his gifts and begging me not to leave him for Slaanesh, my progress has been slower than I might have wished.

Now that’s not to say I’ve got nothing to show you, it’s just that I planned to have the model completely assembled and ready for paint already and it’s simply not got there yet. Still, this is one of the most complex conversions I’ve ever attempted, an amalgam of plastic, plasticard, metal, resin and greenstuff so I shall be kind to myself and remind myself that getting this right is the most important thing, and that’s there’s still a lot of month to go.

Still – enough excuses! I have at least managed to get this monster to a stage where it can be tacked together enough that you can get a feel for how it’s going to look on completion, and get your feedback in. sonic-dreadnaught-convertordie-1



As you can see there’s still a bit of work to do before he’s ready for paint but progress is being made. The claw arm needs a lot of work before it’s ready to be attached properly and will most likely be raised a little, the tack isn’t strong enough to prevent it drooping under its own weight (insert your own Slaaneshi joke here). There’s also a bit more greenstuff work to do, the base needs done and both shin-guards are coming off so it’s easier to freehand/sculpt/whatever I decide to do with them. Here’s a close up of the arm which as I say still needs a lot of greenstuff before it’s ready to roll. sonic-dreadnaught-convertordie-5

And here’s a look at the howling faces on the warp amp. sonic-dreadnaught-convertordie-4

There’s also a few ideas which I originally planned for this dread but which are proving unsuitable in practice. Slowly they coalesce at the back of my brain, drawing in scraps of other ideas and generating fresh ones. After all once I’ve made a dreadnaught for Khorne, Nurgle and Slaanesh then poor old Tzeentch is going to be feeling a little left out…


11 responses to “Cracking The WIP – Dreadtober Part 1

  • bigbossredskullz

    I got tzeentch covered! Dreadtober had kinda slipped my mine until Alex reminded me of it.

    So stick to your guns with this one. It looks positively unhinged 😀

  • Thomas

    Great initial work. I like where you’re taking this Helbrute. The daemon on the sarcophagus look especially fitting and cool.

    The claws look a tad too big, maybe because they’re almost dragging through the ground. I’m sure you’ll make it work.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I know what you mean about the claw, I’ve been thinking the same thing, but I think it needs to be that big to house the sawblade. It does look a little better when it’s raised up so hopefully I’ll get away with it!

      • Thomas

        If you could balance the weight of the claws a bit more, like making some mutation springing out backwards or something. You should definitely keep the over all size of the claws, like you said the saw needs it.

      • Wudugast

        Good idea, I’m thinking of adding some more cables at the back to anchor the claw so we’ll see how that looks. I also suspect that side of the model looks a little light because the shin-guard is missing and once that’s back in place that’ll help. Originally I wanted a blast-master rather than a sonic blaster for the other arm which would have gone a long way to balancing the model overall but alas I wasn’t quick enough off the mark when FW discontinued them.

      • Thomas

        Cables always solve things. Go for it!

        A blastmaster would have gone a long way to balance it.

  • imperialrebelork

    This looks to be made of 100% insanity. Brilliant dude.

  • Alex

    Looking good dude! You know, I don’t think I’v ever seen a Slaaneshi ‘dread before – looking forward to seeing this one!

    • Wudugast

      Thanks mate! There’s one or two out there but not many, and a lot of them are based off the Forge World sonic dread (even my current favourite Slaanesh worshipper David de Abreu went with the FW design!/ ). I think it’s simply the case that there are so many more options available for Khorne and Nurgle and so all the focus goes there. Partly that’s what inspired me to try and do something of my own. We can’t wait forever for GW to get their act together!

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