Pure Hatred Revisited

Since showing my most recent Berserker Terminator (see previous post) several people suggested that what he really needed was more blood on his claws. Usually I’m quite cautious in the application of gore, preferring a ‘less is more’ technique and subscribing completely to the clichéd aphorism that it’s easy to add paint and hard to take it away. On this occasion however I decided that all the voices calling for more blood might have the right idea (not a phrase to use in court I can assure you). After all here we have a man who’s been tearing his way through the ranks of the enemy like an angry whirlwind, not just poking around the edges causing a few minor injuries as it might have seemed from looking at the model a few days ago. I spent quite a while pondering whether I should splash some viscera over the rest of him as well but in the end I decided to limit it to the claws which I feel emphasises his ferocity without overegging it.ConvertOrDie Khorne Terminator (1)

ConvertOrDie Khorne Terminator (3)

ConvertOrDie Khorne Terminator (4)

ConvertOrDie Khorne Terminator (2)

As usual if you have thoughts I want to know about it. Speak your mind in the comment’s box below.

11 responses to “Pure Hatred Revisited

  • 3ldritch

    I do prefer the additional blood to the mid blade splats. You are correct however about overdoing the gore. Ive seen few examples were head to toe carnage looks good.

    • Wudugast

      It’s a product of this modern age we live in *shakes walking stick in proper crazy old man mode* Before GW invented Blood for the Blood God painting gore was quite tricky. I know I tended to be sparing with it just because there was real effort involved in making it look good. Now it’s easy, anyone can blast blood all over any model they feel like, and it’s easy to get carried away. Hence my tendency to go to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum and be overly sparing with it when really I should relax and splash it around a bit more!

  • krautscientist

    I am extremely careful about overdoing blood effects (and I’m a World Eaters player, mind you), but yeah, I was going to suggest the same thing, only the other guys beat me to the punch.

    The added blood is definitely an improvement, mostly because the previous version seemed to have the position of the blood actively contradicting the way the claws would actually be used in battle — at least that was my take. So all is well with the world now 😉

    • Wudugast

      Aye, the good guys have it easier than us; a dab of blood here and there is all they need to make themselves look like they’ve been hard at work executing baddies. In reality an Khorne Berserker would be soaked in gore from head to foot but that would look rubbish on a model.
      Quite agree on the blood effects being misplaced on the model before, something that was starting to bother me a little even before all the calls for more blood focussed my attention on it. Glad to hear my liberal application of gore has brought harmony back to the world (eaters) 🙂

  • Thomas

    Yeah, now we’re talking! Great improvement. Khorne approves.

  • imperialrebelork

    Much better my friend. I’m a big fan of blood and gore. For me, for some models, it looks fantastic to “over do it” with blood. As long as it looks realistic. Some of my models and characters relish being in the thick of battle and covered in blood.

    • Wudugast

      I think for me it partly comes down to the number of Khorne worshippers in my collection. If I soaked them all in the level of gore they would be splattered with in real life the whole thing would just look like a bloody mess. Now if it was only one or two characters in a larger collection (e.g. an argo-flagellant or servitor-berserker in an Inq28 warband) then I’d go mad with the claret with no regrets!

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