All That’s Left Is Blood – Part 3

A productive weekend has been had tackling the Khornate horde that’s still waiting angrily on the painting desk. No radical conversions here (those will come later), just an irascible man with a big axe.Berserker Axe 1

Berserker Axe 2

Berserker Axe 3

And his battle brother, an equally irate chap with a dangerous looking sword.

Berserker Sword 1

Berserker Sword 2

Berserker Sword 3

The completion of these two got me thinking that the Khornate squad is now getting rather large (thirteen models to be precise) and although I have a predilection for hordes of Chaos Marines I’ve decided to appease the Blood God by dividing the squads into two groups of eight warriors each. Truth be told this is almost entirely an excuse to make a new squad champion without having to retire old Magok Bloodcaller, the current squad champion. The idea has revitalised my interest in Khorne and a new champion is already half-built. Naturally I’ll need some more warriors to fill out the new squad as well so watch this space!

5 responses to “All That’s Left Is Blood – Part 3

  • Alex

    Tidy – what’s better than a hoard of blood-crazed maniacs? A bigger hoard of course 🙂

  • imperialrebelork

    Haha Alex took the words right out of my mouth (errr but not while he was kissing me).Brilliant work. I like your work on shoulder pads across all your models. I really should pay more attention to these in my own horde. I’m just so damn eager to paint blood though hahaha.

    • Wudugast

      Mate – what happens between two grown-up bloggers is nothing to be ashamed of 😉
      I’d say putting a bit of extra time into the shoulderpads is always worthwhile, it can help to make two similar models unique from each other, or help bind differently equipped/styled models into the same squad. With these it was relatively easy (everything was already sculpted on) but if not it’s still worth freehanding something on. Not that I’m decrying your enthusiasm for painting blood – it’s an admirable and sensible interest! (Indeed now I think about it, a bloody handprint would look great as a recurring heraldic device on a chaos warband).

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