Wicked Mystic

The release of Silver Tower has me rather excited about all things Tzeentch at the moment. However with a pile of partly painted plastic roughly the size of Mount Everest currently occupying my painting desk – plus the financial strain of upgrading my computer ahead of Warhammer Total War – I’m trying to reign in my desire to shell out on more models. With this in mind I’ve tried to use my resurgent allegiance to the Changer of Ways for good, and finished off this Sorcerer who’s been sitting part-painted for longer than I care to admit.
Chaos Sorcerer ConvertOrDie (1)

Chaos Sorcerer ConvertOrDie (4)

Chaos Sorcerer ConvertOrDie (5)

Chaos Sorcerer ConvertOrDie (2)

Chaos Sorcerer ConvertOrDie (3)Of course, every Sorcerer needs a daemonic familiar to help him in his work (although exactly what assistance this chap could offer beyond biting people remains unclear).
Chaos Familiar ConvertOrDie (2)

Chaos Familiar ConvertOrDie (1)As usual, any feedback is much appreciated.

7 responses to “Wicked Mystic

  • imperialrebelork

    Love the carved markings on the armour. The familiar looks like a nasty little biter! Great work my friend, as per usual. Also, great minds must think alike today as I just posted my Warlock. Keep up the good work. Oh and spending money from time to time on something you love is totally acceptable in my opinion. Go for it!

  • Alex

    Very cool, nice to see a change from the usual Tzeentch colour riot! The gem is spot on, and changes the tone of the whole piece for me. Bang tidy 🙂

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Aye, even Tzeentch needs to fall into line with my colour-scheme! The trick with the gem by the way – a tiny bit of Blood for the Blood God painted over the top to give it a bloody shine (although I’ve undoubtedly inspired Khorne’s rage by using his colour on a magic-using model).

  • Argentbadger

    No constructive feedback from me, only praise. That sorcerer looks great, and I’d second Alex’s comment about the muted tones compared the usual garish Tzeentch colours. Lovely work.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of the over-bright Tzeentch colour schemes (those pink horrors! *shudder*). I also prefer an army that looks cohesive and tend to find that Chaos armies with a mixture of gods end up looking a bit all-over-the-place, hence my efforts to find a scheme that can be adjusted to suit each of the gods whilst still tying them all together.

  • Dust No Longer | Convert or Die

    […] always better when it contains a Chaos sorcerer or two so the arrival of a boxset to make them with can only be a good thing. Packed full of mutations, […]

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