In the Service of the Gods – Part 8

I tend to steer away from topknots on my models, primarily because – for a while at least – it seemed like every model Games Workshop produced sported one. Usually these also blew to one side, regardless of the flow of the model’s other garments or items. However as the creators of the background fiction have incorporated this hairstyle into the culture of old Cthonia – homeworld of Horus the first Warmaster and his successor Abaddon – I thought it only fitting to incorporate the odd one into my chaos army. I have a theory that the Cthonian-born take a fairly dim view of others wearing topknots in imitation of their Legion, but that more recently fallen Space Marines might adopt the style as a mark of allegiance to the Black Legion, or even as a fashion statement – copying Abaddon in the same manner as ancient Terran aristocrats would copy the styles adopted by royalty.


20 responses to “In the Service of the Gods – Part 8

  • Alex

    Haha – yeah, top-knots were definitely a ‘thing’ for a while, weren’t they? Looks good on this guy though, nice job mate 🙂

    • Wudugast

      It was the Space Wolves that proved too much for me. Up until then I’d not been too bothered one way or another but when they were working on the Wolves they really didn’t know when to stop. At least the wave seems to have passed now, leaving plenty of material for Black Legion/Sons of Horus/White Scars fans.

  • imperialrebelork

    I don’t mind a top knot on Orks and occasionally on Marines. Where I live they’re all the rage for blokes in the real world which I think look ridiculous. No offence if you’ve got one mate haha. This model is a real stand to me among the collection. I really like the shoulder pads and choice of weapons, especially that mean looking Mace. I like the small splashes of blood too. Still, my favourite thing, above all else, is the colour scheme for your models. Great job.

    • Mark

      The problem with topknots these days is it make people look more like an onion. If anyone could actually pull off an Abaddon style topknot I would probably be slightly impressed!

    • Wudugast

      I actually wear my hair in a huge topknot so I’m terribly offended! I’ve modelled my look on Abaddon (personal hero and all that). Nah, I’m messing – although as nobody round my way has a topknot I’d actually be fairly impressed to see one (especially if it added an extra foot and a half to their height in the GW style).

      As usual cheers for all the complimentary feedback!

  • Iron Commander

    I used to cut them clean off when I was building an Ork army a few years back- sometimes they looked daft or just plain got in the way! Looks great on this guy though- I think the odd Chaos Space Marine is allowed to have some bizarre hairstyles. Fantastic work, mate

    • Mark

      The weird thing with Ork topknots is that they’re actually a type of squig attached to their heads..

      • Iron Commander

        Ahhh of course, I forgot about that. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything Orky…

      • Wudugast

        That’s actually one of my favourite bits of the Ork background. A squig for everything and for everything a squig.

        When I started on my Orks I set myself the challenge that no two would look alike. One or two kept their topknots but all the others went, otherwise it was just ‘top-knot’ overkill. A trick I found that I quite liked was snipping off the to-knot then cutting it in half horizontally. Stick the top half back on and you’ve got a stylish mohawk.

      • Iron Commander

        That’s a great idea actually, would suit them perfectly. I miss working on the Orks, really fun models and plenty of customisation options…

      • Wudugast

        Likewise. Orks were my first love amongst GW’s models and I’ve always been planning to go back to them ‘soon’. Hopefully the time isn’t too far away when I’ll stop talking about it and actually get on with it!

      • Iron Commander

        I’d be interested to see what you would have in store for those Orks. I do miss those Kommandos and the Burna Boys, some of the weaponry and fluff was outstanding.

      • Mark

        I just wish they would make a few variations of the topknot. I swear they’re all the same? In fact, I think the whole head is the same..

      • Iron Commander

        I think it is, was it not the head that had a scar and was missing an eye? That had a topknot from what I can recall…

      • Wudugast

        Just had a quick nosey through my own collection and as far as I can tell you’re right, there was only one with a tall topknot, plus another with a shorter topknot that fell over his eyes (which looks rather daft as no Ork would spend so much time thinking about style as to leave himself half-blind in a fight (with the possible exception of a flash git of course…).

        As for what I’m planning to do next with my Orks there’s a few shoota boys sitting in the corner of the painting desk, a box of meganobs I need to make a start on, a very old metal weridboy and my squad of black orc based ‘ardboys. Enough to keep me going for a little while anyway.

      • Iron Commander

        Nice, can’t beat an ‘ardboy unit! Very cool, they would have been my next in line project for the Orks before I stopped. Funny you should mention the Flash Gitz, they were probably my favourite of the Ork codex, just because of how brilliant their fluff was and the fact that you had to build your own (at the time)

      • Wudugast

        Likewise – I remember flicking through the Ork codex and as soon as I came across the Flash Gitz I thought ‘these are the boys for me’! I loved the name, the fiction and the fact that – at the time – I had to push myself to make them. This may be why I’ve yet to get around to buying the new kit, I’m still rather proud of my old Gitz, even if they do show their age a bit now. They’re here if you fancy a look at them:

      • Iron Commander

        Wow, they’re amazing! You’ve been really creative with the snazzguns and the unit as a whole looks properly frightening. Something you create yourself tends to hold better sway over the kit, I was the same with my Kommandos (I might get round to painting these guys one day). But yeah, the Flash Gitz are one of the most interesting units I’ve come across, love them

      • Wudugast

        Cheers! I’m not ungrateful to GW for the range and quality of kits they’re producing these days but I do feel a little nostalgia for the days when you’d come across a unit in the codex and have to work out how to build it for yourself. Would be cool to see your Kommandos someday too (when you’re not so busy making cool looking Skitarii!)

      • Iron Commander

        Ditto, it kind of gave you a surge of excitement knowing that you’d have to make the effort to build them from the ground up because no kit actually existed. I’ll get around to those Kommandos one day, maybe as a break from painting the next batch of Skitarii haha

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