In The Service Of The Gods – Part 3

I’m a big fan of this painting by Adrian Smith. To me it does an excellent job of capturing the sort of thuggish mutants that would be drawn to the banner of chaos. No wonder the Imperium purges them. I don’t fancy that poor Guardsman’s chances much in the next few minutes, and going by his rather hang-dog expression neither does he. Well that’s what he deserves for failing in his duty to the Emperor. aspiring_championObviously, as a treacherous heretic myself, I’m rather fond of all of them, but on this occasion the one I’m particularly interested in is this good looking chap.Chaos Marine from Adrian SmithI’ve been wanting to improve my greenstuff skills recently and spotting his ugly mug in the rear ranks of this image gave me just the inspiration I needed to add another chaos marine to the new squad.

Possibly not the kind of chap you’d invite round to meet your mum but I’m rather pleased with how he’s turned out. As ever your thoughts are welcome.

18 responses to “In The Service Of The Gods – Part 3

  • imperialrebelork

    Wow, a great example of what can be achieved with Greenstuff. My mind is racing with possibilities. I think once I start with Greenstuff I wont stop haha. A fine job you’ve done here mate. He looks even more ghastly than the portrait. It’s a great picture. I haven’t seen it before. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw the, soon to be dead, guardsmans face. Poor fella.

    • Wudugast

      I know, he looks so down-at-heel doesn’t he?

      I think the big difference sculpting as opposed to normal kitbashing is that with the latter I look at the range of bits available to me and think “what can I use these to make – if I use these differently to how they were intended, what can I imagine them being?” Whereas with sculpting I think “What can I imagine? Can I create it?” Given that both obviously going to be limited by personal skill, and that this can be improved with practice, it then becomes a choice between being limited by the materials available and being limited by my fear to try. And if I try and it doesn’t work what have I lost really? A little bit of greenstuff. Why is that harder to do than to cut up a rare and (relatively) expensive bit that I just hunted down online? It shouldn’t be but there we go.

      At the moment I’m trying to make another face (trying to improve every time) so we’ll see how it comes out. Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your own experiments, I strongly encourage you to give it a go 🙂

      • imperialrebelork

        For me, it’s just a matter of time. The Nurgle project will be in the second half of the year. At the moment I have more than enough to go with hehe.

      • Wudugast

        That’s some impressive planning ahead there mate. I know in theory that I have too many projects on the go and it will be months (or years) before some of them are finished, but actually admitting it to myself takes more self-honesty than I possess! 🙂

  • heretic30k

    Nice work with the greenstuff – my skill in that department is strictly limited to gap filling. This does actually resemble one of the Blight King heads – which is an interesting kit if you want a source of some different looking Nurgle bits for your Chaos marines and I have seen quite a few good truescale Chaos marine kitbashes using them as a starting point.

  • Alex

    Cracking job mate, he looks superb!

  • Thomas

    Great work with the green stuff. It’s quite easy to envision a sculpt but an altogether diffrent monster to execute.

    He kind of reminds me of a deep sea fish with that skin colour and mouth of teeth.

  • Poitre

    From the painting to the miniature, very interesting idea and a nice work with greenstuff.

  • Marcus

    Great job mate! Chaos dudes with white armour is a personal favourite

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – mine too (hence why I went for it). I think it works nicely as a blank canvas to put the character of each god onto – grimy for Nurgle, clean and bright for Slaanesh and so on).

  • Carlo

    Sure depends on the mum… nice work, a promising start for greenstuffing!

    • Wudugast

      Well he wouldn’t get on with my mum anyway – last time I lived at home she had a nightmare my models were chasing her around the house!
      Glad you like the greenstuff work there – my experiments continue so there’s more on the way 🙂

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