The Witching Hour – Part 1

Some of you may recall that I showed this chap, quite a long time ago I’ll admit, back when my traitor guard force was still in its infancy.
rogue-psyker-convert-or-die-1I’ve been intending to add a few more for some time but never really got around to it. Finally, however, my intensions have meshed with reality and I’ve got a couple more of them finished.

rogue-psyker-convert-or-die-5Originally, before I came across the Lost and Damned list from Forgeworld I was intending to base them around the Wyrdvanes of the Astra Militarum. The idea has stuck with me – I don’t image them as lone pyskers but as a coven, working together to perform their rituals. I picture them dancing, chanting and calling out to the gods of the warp with weird, sing-song voices. To add to the feeling that they are dancing (albeit in awkward shuffling steps) rather than just gesticulating wildly, I’ve given this one a rattle to help keep the sickly rhythm to which they move.

rogue-psyker-convert-or-die-7Two more are planned – including a leader – and if real life decides to play ball I’ll get them finished this week.

20 responses to “The Witching Hour – Part 1

  • heretic30k

    Very cool – they have a distinctly occult vibe that I would associated with Dennis Wheatley or HP Lovecraft, which is still an appropriate fit for 40k. Where are the heads from?

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – that’s exactly the look I was going for (I’ve already snuck a few Lovecraft inspired names into my collection – for a mortal human the horror and madness of the Chaos gods must be fairly similar to that inspired by Lovecraft’s elder gods). The heads are from beastmen trophies.

  • bigbossredskullz

    Great unit! Yeah the coven idea makes sense and it opens up for a little leader figure with some proper antlers for example.

  • imperialrebelork

    What a creepy little band. They look like they should be on the set of Conan! Imagine going on a bushwalk and stumbling across these nutty, warped individuals hehe. I like the rattle. Maybe another could be beating skull bongo drums. Great work. The skulls are brilliant and the dark eyes peeping out give me the willies.

  • Poitre

    Very cool idea – l will probably make some sorcerers like this for my own band, painting them while listening some Kadavar or Brimstone Coven EP will be great.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! They’re pretty straightforward to make but there’s a nice visual effect to them, especially as a group. Just googled both those bands by the way – need to check them out properly now, they sound right up my street.

  • Remnante

    These look great, the black magic vibe is so cool!

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! I think they add an occult vibe back into the traitor guard collection, reminding the viewer that they’re not just mutants and barbarians but also cultists whose gods – and the powers granted by them – are very real.

      • Remnante

        Reading this just opened up another level of perception of the chaos gods for me. It’s so easy to forget the humanity behind the colourful mutations and creepy masks, but it’s always there. They have their own drives and ambitions and willingly give themselves to this corrupting higher power. The gods are real and ready to reward and punish. Grim.

  • Alex

    Oh man, they are really good – by good I mean creepy and disturbing! Frickin’ love these guys…

    • Wudugast

      Cheers! They were oddly difficult to paint (or maybe I went into it thinking they’d be really straightforward and then they weren’t…) so I’m glad they’ve had such a positive reaction because I really was tearing my hair at times.

  • ejhenries

    I’m a bit late to the party but sweet work. It’s been said but this coven looks ace, the animal skulls really make the models stand apart and I like that it’s subtle. No need for ostentatious displays of heresy here, just some dark deeds under the anonymity given by the skulls of the dead.
    Also, reminded me of the ‘Wild Hunt’ film, (basically only because of the skull mask). It’s a good but kind of harrowing film about LARP (gone wrong). Might not be your cup of earl grizzle but worth a look.
    Anyways, brilliant stuff as always.

    • Wudugast

      Cheers – glad you like them! I like the subtly of them – particularly in comparison to some of the more wildly mutated characters in my collection – and tried to back this up with the muted colour-scheme.

      As for the film, I’m not much of a horror fan but LARP gone wrong? That’s got to be worth a look! Also reminds me of my long-held ambition to make a wood elf/dark elf hybrid army based around the mythological wild hunt. Another project for when I’m old and rich…

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